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Okami Chapter 3: Sun + Crystal Ball + ???? = Profit!

Hello and welcome to yet another blog post about Okami. I'm hoping this post is a little shorter than the last two were, since I managed to take fewer pictures this time.

So, after Issun's pronouncement last time (famous last words), we headed for Shinshu Field. But not before I could check out the insides of all the houses in Kamiki Village, steal all the food lying around, and hear Mr. Orange say something along the lines of, "I'd sure like to see Konohana bloom again someday." Patience, grasshopper. Konohana will bloom again soon enough.

So, anyway. Yay, Shinshu Field!

But why does it look so weird? This clearly needs to be investigated.

What, that gateway-looking thing, or the curled-up thing right behind it that I can barely see? Come on now.

There we go. Now I can see what you're talking about.

You do have a point there, although I don't think I've ever seen a tree that was curled up that much. But this game is supposed to take place in Japan, so maybe Japanese trees do that, I dunno. In any case, I can't be bothered to do any research to find out. Let's continue on!

Thanks, Issun. I never would have guessed that myself. Perhaps the land is infested with demons, too?

How unfortunate. Perhaps we could look into fixing this terrible problem.


Yes, maybe it would. Could you shut up now? Let's go talk to this Nameless Man (no joke, the text box says he's "Nameless Man").

I suppose it would help if I took non-blurry, non-slanted photos that don't cut off part of the picture. It would also help to take more pictures of the conversation. Oh well. Basically, Nameless Man was doing his thing, minding his own business, when he heard the Plot Roar shouting about something, and a dark cloud came from the direction of the lake, and then he passed out. When he woke up, Shinshu Field looked all weird, and the water from Hana Valley was all brown and polluted-looking.
Plus he saw someone running away from the scene of the crime at the lake. Hmm, interesting. Well, let's go see where this fouled-up water next to Nameless Man is coming from, shall we?

Well, that looks like a fun place, indeed. I hope I don't get attacked.

And what do we have here? A demons' party?

Interesting. Well, it looks like this party done got crashed.

Hey, is that Keith Richards on the right? No fair, I want to do some blow, too!

So I fought some demons, and when I was done, the little area where they were sitting tried to revitalize itself, like so.

But instead of staying pretty and green, the ugly black stuff just covered it back up again. Clearly, shenanigans are at work here.

I guess whatever's doing the evil here is pretty strong. Welp, let's keep moving.

Who's that up ahead? Is that Susano? What's he doing here? Well, I guess we'll find out in a second. But first, what's this thing on the wall over here?

I guess we'll also find out what that is later, since Susano is trying to talk.

Yeah, I'm making such a racket over here with my paws and everything. Give me a break.

Well, who pissed in your Cheerios this morning? Geesh. Why are you here, anyway?

He went on to accidentally say it would be a great place to hide. Subtle, guy! What are you trying to hide from?

Okay, whatever. Keep doing whatever it is you're trying to do, man. Looks like you're trying to move a giant boulder again. Well, good luck with that.

Aside from words explaining what the deal is? Yes, I believe the area in the upper right corner is missing a sun. How do I know that? Because it looks like there should be a sun there, but isn't. Actually, how did that even happen in the first place? Why would you paint that but not put a sun there? Well, maybe somebody rubbed out the sun part or something. Whatever. So I drew a sun, which momentarily became a real sun, or a bomb or something, and blew up the giant rock Susano was trying to move.

Look at that! The rock is gone - again - and you didn't have anything to do with it - again. Glory hallelujah!

Dude, if you're trying to hide something from us, you're doing a terrible job.

You do that. I'm sure we'll find out what you're up to soon enough, when we follow you to your hiding spot. I mean, training grounds. Whatever.

And this is what we found behind the boulder. A sapling and some kind of altar with a puddle of water in it.

Fun stuff. Let's keep moving.

Oh, wait, I forgot a picture of the sapling. Sorry, this one's blurry.

Do you see anything else growing normally in this area, Issun? Maybe that has something to do with it. Idiot.

So we explored the cave some more, and found a small area behind the puddle of water where the camera perspective changed so we could see the sky. Interesting. But there was nothing else we could do, so we Power Slashed our way through some boards off to the side and went down the handy little passageway we found.

And what was at the end of the passageway? Susano and...a bear.

A sleeping bear, balancing on top of some kind of crystal ball. Okay then...

But the poor bear was only trying to take a nap...

Uh oh. What are you going to do to the poor bear?

I agree! Don't hurt the bear!


Uh oh. This is going to end badly, I can tell. I'm going to have to intervene.

So, I slashed all of the torches for him and then....


Noo! Is the bear okay?!

Right. I hope you're proud of yourself. Poor bear.

That's...better, I guess.

And then he ran off laughing. What a jerk. Well, let's go inspect this crystal ball thing.


Gee, I wonder. Well, looks like we need it for something. Looks like we get to use our nose to push it down the hall, into the room, up the ramp, and into the puddle of water.

Tell me about it. So I'm guessing - from the mural you keep showing me over and over - that I'm supposed to draw a sun in the sky now. On it!

And the sunlight comes down and shines on the crystal ball...

And the light goes through the crystal ball and shines on the sapling...

And suddenly the sapling grows to full size! MAGIC!

Woo, it finally grew!

You're being obtuse again, Issun! Stop it already!

Hmm, I'm going to have to do something about this, aren't I?

Ooh, it's another constellation! Issun, stop being dumb.

We drew in our two stars, and...

It's a dancing monkey, apparently. Okay then.

Blah, blah, blah. Give me my brush power already.

Brush power?

YES! Now I can Bloom stuff!

Yeah yeah yeah...

Yay! I mean, crap, now I have to draw circles on stuff! It's harder than it looks sometimes, people.

So I Bloomed the now-grown sapling, and Hana Valley returned to normal!

I forgot to get a video of the transformation, but I did get the next one.

Yay, everything's so bloomy and pretty! Whoo!

So we made our way back to the entrance of Hana Valley, Blooming every withered tree we came across and defeating more demons. There were a lot of withered trees. When we left Hana Valley, we came across Nameless Man again.

Yay, it's not all muddy and brown anymore! Doesn't that make you happy!

Anyway, so then we Bloomed the other guardian sapling, and this was the result.

And then Shinshu Field became all pretty and bloomy again too! Yay!

Yay, everything's back to normal! Take that, evil spirits!

And then we both looked at Konohana/Sakuya's withered tree for some reason...

...and then all its leaves grew back!

Interesting. Not sure why she chose now, of all times...

Well, we did revive not one, but two saplings...

Of course, I wanted to go talk to Sakuya, but Issun wasn't having it.

Okay, fine...

If you say so.

And that brings me to my stopping point today! Yay, I'm making some progress!

Until next time, heroes!

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