Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Skyward Sword Chapter 22: The Robo-Pirate's Back, and Boy, is He Pissed!

It's that time again! Yes, time for a new installment of bloggy goodness! Hopefully I'll be able to come up with some good stuff this time! We're coming up on the end of the game, so I'm not sure exactly how many more posts I'll need to finish. I'm thinking at least two (after this one). So I guess we'll see what happens. Well, anyway, let's get on with the show!

In my last post, I had discovered somebody put another dungeon where I thought my Triforce would be. Joy. And it's some kind of goofy logic puzzle!

What an original name. Apparently the goddess ran out of inspiration right about here. I mean, why not call it Triforce Keep, or Annoying Logic Puzzle, or...something. Especially since we've already had a Skyview Temple. But I digress.

Thanks, Fi. You know, I figured the Triforce would be in the building, but I guess I'd be pretty pissed if it wasn't. You just keep on being worthless.

I guess I didn't take a picture of the building control panel, or whatever you want to call it. So all the rooms in this structure are squares on a grid, with one missing, and the control panel lets you rearrange the rooms in the structure. But the rooms have varying numbers and placements of entrances/exits, so you have to rearrange things carefully to get where you want to go. At first I thought I had to solve the whole dang puzzle to proceed, but it turns out that's impossible because you can't move the room you're in. So I rearranged things so I could just get into a couple of the rooms, and moved on. Here's the first room.

How reminiscent of Skyview Temple. The music from it was even playing. I see how this is going to go.

The goal in these rooms was to make it all the way through them to the door, which would have a convenient switch nearby to open a gate that leads to a shortcut through the room. It's like they expected you to have to backtrack. Interesting.

I had to use at least three of my items to get through this room. Yay for innovation, or something!

Here's the gate and switch I mentioned earlier. Now I can just take the handy shortcut if I need to go through this room again, which I probably will.

The next room I was able to access hearkened back to the Lanayru Mining Facility dungeon, complete with music. Or was it the pirates' lair mini-dungeon? Hmm, confusing. Well, anyway, yay for more Time Stones.

Look! That thing behind the gate is another control panel. Hmm, so you can rearrange the rooms from different rooms? The plot thickens.

And here's a neat little conveyor belt that activated when I put the Time Stone on it, and transported the stone to the other end of the room. And once I finished the room, I opened the shortcut gate and the gate blocking the control panel, so I could get into one of the rooms with a piece of the Triforce in it!

Oh...that looks fun. Why am I thinking of the Ancient Cistern's basement here? This is going to end badly, I can tell...

That looks cool. But I couldn't get the Triforce piece, because the door leading to it was locked and I didn't have a key. So I rearranged the temple rooms some more so I could get into another new area.

Yay, one of the volcano dungeons. Fun stuff.

Sounds interesting. Thanks, Clue Tablet.

There's the middle gemstone, but apparently I didn't bother to take any pictures of the other ones or how I got to them, so suffice it to say I found them and moved on to the next room. And here's a terrible picture of what was waiting for me in the next room!


Yeah, so, this guy was a total jerk. Way harder to beat than last time (probably because he was so mad). I used up two fairies and 1 1/2 of my fully upgraded heart potions. Ugh. But, at long last, he was defeated, and located in a chest at the other end of the room was the key I needed to get to the first Triforce piece!

Oh. Looks like I have to defeat a couple of Moblins. Well, that shouldn't be too hard. Is the Triforce in the next room?

Oh. Looks like I just got set on fire by a bunch of Bokoblin snipers, and there's a couple of Stalfos in this room to boot. Well, that's a little ridiculous. Is the Triforce in the next room?

Oh. Looks like a tougher Stalfos. Wait, are those undead Bokoblins coming out of the ground behind him? OH, COME ON, THIS IS BULLSHIT.

Defeated! And I didn't even die. But, so help me God, if Ghirahim is behind the next door, I'm going to straight up murder someone.

Oh. That's it? I thought I was going to have to fight off an army of Chus this time. You know, because nothing could be more annoying. Well, whatever. Gimme my Triforce!

I thought Fi said I was done with trials...

Oh. I see, it's just hanging there in the air waiting for me to grab it.

Cool. When do I get to start making wishes? I suppose I have to get the other pieces first. Fine, whatever.

By this point I had seen most of the rooms in the dungeon, so it was just a matter of rearranging things and backtracking to get to rooms I hadn't been to yet. Here's the next Triforce room!

Well, that doesn't look so difficult...

Here's a slightly amusing picture:

Huh. I didn't know you could pull switches backwards. I did that totally by accident.

Getting through this room basically required a lot of careful timing (and riding on solidified magma blocks).

Ah, the joys of standing there on your magma chunk as it slowly traverses a river of lava. Nothing like knowing you're basically standing on molten death, but whatever.

Well, that looks fun. I'd better be ready to jump onto that chunk of molten lava before the one I'm standing on melts.

Looks like I made it! Yay. In the above picture, I was waiting for a lava chunk to go under the grate so I could jump on it and ride it to the end.

And then I found the next symbol on the floor!

Yay! Let's see what my prize is!

It's the Triforce of Power! I guess I could have figured that out simply because the symbol on the floor was red, but whatever.

RAWR. Here I am showing off my muscles in a totally pointless attempt to find something heavy enough to hold a switch down in the last Triforce room. Apparently that barrel there, while heavy enough that Link struggles to lift it, can barely walk while he's carrying it, and runs out of stamina quickly, isn't heavy enough to hold a switch down. Who knew. But it all turned out to be pointless effort, because I didn't need anything to hold the switch down at all, other than myself.

I guess I didn't take any other pictures of this room. Well, it was another desert room. 'Nuff said.

Yay, I got the last Triforce piece! Do I get to make my wishes now? I could really go for a roast beef dinner right about now.

Oh, right, Demise. Fine...

And then everything started glowing!

And then we were being teleported somewhere else!

Oh. We're outside. Okay then. Can I have my roast beef dinner now?

See? I'm all hungry. Gimme my dinner.

Oh, right, the Triforce is doing its thing. Well, get on with it then.

Right. Roast beef it is.

DAMMIT. Okay, fine. Triforce, please destroy Demise for me, kthx.

Oooh, look. IT'S A TRIFORCE.

Whoa! I think you've blinded me!

You've done it. I'm blind. Okay, I take it back. I want a steak dinner.

Whoa! Are we moving? I think we're moving!

We're falling! We're falling back to earth!

Well, this is unexpected.

Looks like Demise is breaking free again. I'm not going to lie, I'm not really in a position to fight him again right now...

This thing doesn't look like it's going to stop anytime soon. Are they just going to crush him? Why would that work?

I think they just defeated Demise by crushing him. I...uh...well...that doesn't really make a lot of sense at all, really...

I think he's definitely dead. Weird.

And with that, I'm out of time. I'll have to continue this in my next post. Woo! Until next time, heroes!