Tuesday, November 25, 2008

In This Post: Wearing A Helmet While Horseback Riding Is A Really, Really Smart Thing To Do Even If You Aren't Hugh Jackman


Hugh Jackman dodged death during a horse-riding stunt on the set of new movie Australia, thanks to the stuffy rules set by the film's safety officer.
Jackman was left red-faced when the officer, on-set on the insistence of the film's insurers, forced him to wear a helmet and padding for a training exercise with a bucking horse.
But the precaution saved him from a certain death, when the horse violently threw him on the ground.
He explains, "Six months into training they brought in a rearing horse.
"The safety officer happened to be onset. He's always a chump. He's the guy nobody wants around. He came over with a motorcycle helmet and a padded jacket. He was like, 'Please wear it, please. For insurance.' All the horsemen were sniggering, saying, 'Wuss'.

There's a reason you're supposed to wear a helmet when you ride a horse, dumbasses. It's so if the horse bucks you off, your brains don't get splashed on the ground. Especially if you're riding an unfamiliar horse. I'll admit I'm guilty of not wearing a helmet when out riding when I used to have a horse, but that doesn't mean it's not a really good idea. Good for that safety guy, because he was doing the right thing and didn't back down. And what happened? Jackman got bucked off the unfamiliar horse and he was wearing a helmet. And we can't be losing the newest Sexiest Man Alive to something so stupid now, can we?

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