Thursday, April 19, 2012

Skyward Sword Chapter 21: Today's Post: Really Short

Yay, a new post! This one will be shorter than usual, unfortunately, as I made a slight miscalculation of how long my last post needed to be, apparently. Well, whatever. On with the show!

Levias had told me I'd need to use dowsing to find the gate to the last trial. But I found it in Skyloft totally by accident. Oh well, dowsing is stupid anyway.

Yay! Well, I guess I should stop taking pictures and strum the harp so I can open the gate.

Sing your horrible song, Fi!

Ooh, she's singing the, uh...Hero Song! Yay!

Sing, my angel of music Fi! I want to get this trial over with already!

And with that, I stabbed my sword into the gate and was plunged into the last Silent Realm.

Well, this is going to be fun.

Look at all those sentries.

This is gonna be fun, I can tell. Just peachy!

Well, at least they're confirming there won't be any more trials after this one. I guess that's good.

I thought I was already recognized as the true hero of legend, since I HAVE THIS SWORD and all...Oh well.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, stop babbling so I can get on with this.

As usual, I didn't take many pictures of that. But look! There's a tear right in front of me! I guess my head is blocking it in the picture.

Cool! The tears are blue this time. Well, let's get this done.

This time the trial area is called, "The Goddess's Silent Realm." Because all the other Silent Realms weren't the Goddess's, apparently.

Yay, success! But only after I failed twice.

And I made my way back to the gate successfully! What's my reward this time?

...Oh. I was hoping to get a cool shield or something. Well, whatever.

And then I got up from the ground. I like how, apparently, I was lying on the ground drooling into the cobblestones and none of the people nearby came over to see what was going on. Good to see you people care.

Thanks for the heads up. I think you already told me it was the last trial, though.

She went on to tell me that the stone I got for passing the trial has a twin "somewhere" that will open the way to the Triforce if I find it and put the two together. Okay then.

No, I'm just going to go hang out in Zelda's room and wait for someone to bring me the stone. That sounds like something Groose would do. Well, anyway, I screwed around on the islands for a while before I remembered that goofy duck statue (or whatever it is) that was missing an eye, so I went to check it out.


Let the cutscene begin!

So the statue's eyes lit up, and the top lifted off and a cannon came out (bwuh?)...

...and the cannon shot a cannonball at the island. The cannonball promptly bounced off the island and fell.

For a minute I was like, "I'm not going to have to go find the cannonball now...or is the cannon broken? Am I going to have to fix it now? Ugh..."

But then, giant chunks of rock started falling off the island!

 the whole thing going to fall out of the sky and drag the rest of Skyloft down with it? I'm scared...

Ooh, is that the Triforce receptacle? Oh, I can't wait to get it!

You know...that looks suspiciously like another temple.

That definitely looks like another temple. Crap.

Well, the Isle of the Goddess definitely looks...interesting with all that extra rock gone bye-bye.

No, really? I thought it would contain another clue as to the Triforce's location. Or maybe just something I can strangle Fi with...

Is it? Okay, well, let's go see what the deal is with this place, then.

I forgot to mention the cannon shot out a bunch of Clawshot targets that just kinda hung there in the air so I could actually get to the temple. Good stuff.

Oh, that is definitely a temple. I suppose just walking into a room and grabbing the Triforce would be too much to hope for. And I found a logic puzzle inside, so I think I'm just going to leave figuring out the temple for another day. Until next time, heroes!

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