Friday, April 6, 2012

Skyward Sword Chapter 19: The Water Dragon's Horrible, Horrible Idea

Hello, everyone, and welcome to yet another chapter of my Skyward Sword playthrough. In this installment, we'll learn why flooding an entire area is generally Not A Good Thing! Woo! Let's get this party started.

After my volcanic adventures were over, I decided to visit the forest next. Surely nothing could be going wrong there, I thought. Boy, was I wrong!

I figured out something fishy was going on as soon as I tried to descend on the forest. Fi popped up and started babbling about how I could only descend to two areas - the Sealed Grounds and the area right outside the temple. So I descended to Outside the Temple, only to find the way to the forest had been blocked by a gate I couldn't open. So I made my way to the temple, where the old lady told me to go talk to Groose. And as soon as I got outside...

Ugh. Again? Really? I get that the seal is weak, but this is ridiculous. Okay, I'll go kick The Imprisoned's rear again...

I wasn't panicking. Were you?

Well, anyway. This time the boss's new gimmick was some kind of flaming black crown thing that allowed it to fly. Here's a blurry picture.

Somehow that thing allows the boss to psychically fly, or something. I don't know, it was kind of lame.

I'm right behind you, Groose. Nothing that big and ugly should be able to fly (without even having to flap anything).

Not sure what's going on in this picture. I think I hit him with a bomb, but what's this?!

Oh, this is going to end well.

Hmm, I didn't take any pictures of this. Well, Groose had the great idea of putting ME in the catapult and throwing me onto the beast. I wasn't exactly thrilled about the idea, but what else were we gonna do? So I jumped in the catapult and got myself shot onto The Imprisoned. Where I proceeded to hammer in the spike once and for all, at least until next time.

He didn't like that at all, but we're not worried about what he does like. Get back in the ground, you ugly fiend!

I'd say something sarcastic about the seal getting increasingly complicated as the game goes on, but I guess it does make sense, if you're trying to make it better able to, you know, do its job. Let's hope it works this time.

You hear that, monster? You show your ugly mug again, I cut you.

Whatever. I totally had this handled.

Of course, then Grandma had to show up and ruin the party.

I kinda figured that out, but thanks. What do we do now?

Of course it is. How did the forest get flooded? This is a disaster. So you sealed the gate to the woods to keep the temple from getting flooded too? Well, how am I supposed to get in there then?

Oh. I...I think I'm going to be sick.

This is going to end badly, isn't it?


Well, look at that. The entire place is under water. How did this happen? Let's find out!

Eerie. Everything is underwater...

...and here I am, floating in the middle of it.

I decided to swim over and talk to the head Kikwi guy.

Out of the tree? That's weird. Well, I guess the tree did have water in its base. So I went to check out the inside of the tree. Being flooded, the bomb fish and the swings were gone, but it was suspiciously easy to swim up to the pathway at the top of the tree...

Uh oh. I'm being watched...

Ahh! The Water Dragon's back and she's pissed! RUN AWAY!

Oh. You're not going to eat me. Maybe the Fire Dragon was just joking.

Sorry for the blurriness of the above picture. But yes, I am here for the song. Why do you ask?

 decided the best option was to flood the whole place? Is it littered with the corpses of the forest creatures who couldn't get away from the water in time? Not to mention the massive mess and cleanup that'll be required once the water goes away. Oh, wait. This is a video game, so it doesn't matter. Well, it still seems like overkill to me.

And on top of that, she's not going to give me the song. She thinks I need to be tested again first. I hate you, Water Dragon.

This is going to be fun...

...Did I mention I hate you, Water Dragon?

I see.


So I jumped into the water and encountered one of the fishmen hanging out near my first group of Tadtones.

Ugh. Sounds tedious to me.

So I started swimming around, catching Tadtones. True to the fishman's word, some of them kept swimming out of the score if I didn't catch them all fast enough. This was really annoying.


After I had collected a certain number of Tadtones, the head Kikwi guy had a message for me.

Thanks for the warning, I guess. More tedium, yay!

I'm not sure why I didn't actually take any pictures of the Tadtones themselves. Oh well.

Like I couldn't have figured that out for myself. Dark purple is not usually a color associated with good things in Zelda games.

Well, that's useful, I guess.

Swim if you like, fishman. I'm The Hero. Fish don't scare me!

And at last, I collected all of the Tadtones.

You know, considering she gave me the score beforehand, I kinda already had the song. I could have just left. Well, I suppose I had to do my part to help the forest, or something...

Great. Now get rid of all this water, because I'm tired of swimming.

Yes, I completed your useless task. What now?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just start singing so I can get out of here.

Listen to the dragon singing, which doesn't sound weird at all. No, sir.

Are you done singing yet?

Yay! Just one more part to go!

You...what? Okay, if flooding the woods wasn't a complete disaster, keeping them flooded definitely would be. Because, you know...oh, just forget it. Drain the water already.

And with that, everything was pristine and back to normal, apparently.

Let's hope there's not a lot of terrible destruction left behind by the floodwaters. You know, because that tends to happen in floods.

And that brings me to my stopping point for today. Next time: Fun and games in the desert, apparently!

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