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Skyward Sword Chapter 23: The End Is Nigh

Hello everyone, and welcome to my last post for Skyward Sword (hopefully, unless it just won't all fit here, which is possible). Looks like we're going to top out at the same number of posts for this game as we did for Twilight Princess, which surprises me a little because I thought Skyward Sword would be a bit longer. But I still might need to divide this into two posts, since, you know, when I uploaded the latest batch of pictures from my phone onto my computer there were 200, and...yeah. Well, we'll see what happens.

Okay, anyway. The way to defeat the GREATEST EVIL OF ALL TIME is to drop a giant statue on him, apparently, and all will be well.

If this post ends up looking a little wonky, it's probably because Blogger switched me over to the new interface without asking, so...yeah.

So, everything is good in the land, since Demise is defeated. Right? I'd better go see what's happening in the temple. Oh, wait, Fi wants to talk.


No shit, Sherlock. Why don't you say something useful?

Well...that's kinda anticlimactic. Oh well, I guess Ghirahim is still out there somewhere.

Hot diggity Triforces, woman! Why didn't you say something earlier? I gotta parachute off this statue and go see what's up!

Wow, her crystal prison thing looks like a chrysalis. Interesting.

And then it cracked and exploded into bits, exactly the same way a butterfly is born. I love the miracle of life.

And out of the chrysalis floats...a pretty girl! Yay!

So she started to walk down the steps toward me, but faltered at the bottom and started to fall, so of course I had to catch her.

And then we went to have a happy reunion with Groose and the old lady.

But before we could really do or say anything (well, okay, Groose was really happy to see Zelda and very congratulatory to Link), a wild Ghirahim appeared out of nowhere!

Why you gotta be like that, Ghirahim? Seriously. And then he keep me from stopping him from taking Zelda away.

You know, in the next game, I'd really like it if they put in a scene where the bad guy tries to drag Zelda away by her hair and she totally puts the smack down and keeps it from happening because screw you, she's Zelda. If that could happen just once, that would be nice. he's not dead, right? Because he's still alive in the past? So you're taking Zelda to the past to revive your not-dead master? Ooooookay, then.

And after saying that, rather than kill me, he just...leaves. And doesn't even destroy the Time Gate when he goes. I suppose that would keep him and Demise from being able to come back to the present and RULE THE WORRRRRRLD, but whatever. And Groose even tried to save the day, too.

But Ghirahim is just too busy being evil to bother killing all of us, it seems.

HAHAHAHAHA! Even the flamboyantly evil guy hates Groose's hair! Ahahahaha!

And then he went through the portal laughing while we were all helpless to stop him. Groose and the old lady told me to follow him, so I went back to the sky to wrap up whatever was left in the sky because I thought I was heading to the last battle, and came back a week later went straight through the Time Gate to find Zelda and Ghirahim.

You're supposed to be a Sheikah badass, but a guy with a girl slung over his shoulder still managed to get the drop on you? Did you have your back to the Time Gate the whole time? Because you should be smart enough to know that's a recipe for disaster. So basically you're the female version of Wild Bill Hickok, or something.

So I went running out of the temple to the Sealed Grounds, where Ghirahim was waiting for me and kept snapping his fingers to make things happen.

Oh, come on. So I have to take the long way all the way down there? How could this get any worse?

Oh, and while this is all going on, Ghirahim is doing a goofy victory dance around Zelda's body.

Boogie away, Ghirahim. It won't help you get into Riverdance. I mean, come on.

And then he started doing his ritual and Zelda's body got all glowy.

Link is upset by this, understandably.

Well, let's head down there and put a stop to Ghirahim's shenanigans...

Hordes? Uh oh.

I couldn't get a good picture of it, but there were a lot of minions. Like, an actual horde. Well, whatever. So I ended up just sprinting all the way down the giant circular walkway, running from stamina flower to stamina flower and trying my damndest to avoid the dozens of minions trying to kill me. Occasionally a wall would pop up in front of me and I'd have to actually kill some of them, but this was pretty easy. I guess this is the part of the game where I enter godmode because I'm just so awesome (and completely pissed off).

BAM. You mess with the Hero, you get the Master Sword in your gut, fool!

Finally, after running away from heroically defeating all those enemies, I finally made it to the bottom of the Sealed Grounds, where Ghirahim had finally stopped Riverdancing around and was about to complete the ritual with Zelda.

But Ghirahim's ritual wasn't quite ready yet, so he made a barrier around himself and Zelda and a whole bunch more baddies popped up.

But Link was still pissed, which means no weak-ass baddies are going to be able to stand in his way.

So I killed all the monsters, and then it was time for another monologue from Ghirahim.

Well, you see, that's my girlfriend there you've got your paws all over, so of course I'm going to be in a hurry.

I think Ghirahim is becoming a little unhinged here, but I guess that's to be expected.

And then he made Zelda's body fly up in the air, where she could scream and no one would be able to get to her!

Oh, that was a bad move, Ghirahim. If Link was mad before, he's ENRAGED now.

Oh, so you're finally going to kill me, after you've encountered me like 10 times before and were always surprised that I kept showing up? I'm The Hero (tm) you moron, things like that are supposed to happen.

And then Ghirahim surrounded himself with...I'm going to say an eruption of black diamonds, and we all flew up into the air on a platform of more diamonds.

This is going to be fun, I can tell.

Right around here he made himself turn into a sword for a second, but I couldn't get a picture of it. So...he's a sword? Ooooookay. This just keeps getting weirder and weirder. But Link is totally not having any of this! Go Link!

Yeah! Go get 'em, tiger!

This sounds fun.

Okay. Here's an idea. Since you can obviously lift us up in the air, why don't you just lift Link like a thousand feet in the air and then drop him? I mean, the Sailcloth is only so useful in this kind of situation. Hell, take him to 30,000 feet and let him suffocate. This endless plunge thing is just too obviously something I can turn against him.

Now, just watch as I rise above your crappy expectations and make all your plans go awry yet again.

So, basically, in this part of the fight, I had to fight Ghirahim one-on-one and drive him to the edge of the platform, then knock him off. He'd fall off and create another platform to land on, but that gave me an opening to jump down there and deliver a Fatal Blow to his chest. Except it didn't kill him, but whatever. Here's a blurry picture of me preparing to jump down onto the next platform.

Eventually we made our way all the way down to the ground.

Is it time for the final battle yet? He can't be dead already, and I want this guy vanquished!

Well, clearly I've managed to injure him.

Pretty much, yeah. You did just say that I keep beating you whenever we meet up. I think that means I'm better than you.


Whuh oh. What's going to happen now?!


Apparently the last fight with Ghirahim took place in here somewhere. Probably right before the photo where he said I kept beating him. Well, whatever. I couldn't figure this part of the fight out and kept wasting all my heart potions and then dying. So I finally had to look it up on the Internets. Turns out you're supposed to keep your distance from him and wait for him to shoot fireballs at you, then use the Master Sword to send the fireballs back at him, as has been done in every Zelda game since time began. After that it was cake. But anyway, back to the IMPENDING DOOM at hand.

So Demise is consuming Zelda's soul and she's all screamy and things are starting to look really bad.

And then everything started turning red. Oh, this is bad.

And as Demise went all om nom nom on Zelda's soul, he turned into a giant purple fireball and coalesced into...something else.

Ooh, scary. And then Ghirahim finally went off the deep end and started laughing maniacally and monologuing some more.

And then Demise himself appeared.

Okay, yeah. That's a little more intimidating than The Imprisoned. And he doesn't look like Ganondorf at all!

Never mind. He does look like Ganondorf. In the above photo, Not-Ganondorf is busy turning Ghirahim back into a sword. Observe.

That looks painful, but Ghirahim is still laughing, so clearly he doesn't mind it at all. But then, he is crazy, so that probably has something to do with it.

And here's the finished product. Looks like Demise is ready to start kicking some serious tail, starting with mine.

That's me! Oh, you so scary, Not-Ganondorf!

So then he threw her down to the ground, and Link gasped and ran to catch her even though he was too far away to get to her in time, and then Groose showed up and saved the day caught the princess just in time.

Apparently Groose was just standing there with the old lady in the future and had a sudden epiphany that he needed to go through the Time Gate so he could save Zelda, or something.

Yes. Yes we are.

And then Groose put in his two cents.

What a nice pep talk. Well, okay. I think I'm ready to go defeat Demise, now that I've heard Groose's words of encouragement!

And with that, I'm going to have to end this post here, since I still have 100 photos left, and this post is plenty long. Yay! I guess I will have one more post...which will show up eventually. Until next time, heroes!

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