Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dragon Age: Origins Chapter 9 - You Got Zombies In My Fantasy Game!

Blah blah, shameless excuses, need to play a different game, blah blah. On with the show!

So, after Zevran joined the party, it was time to head for Redcliffe Village to see what's going on there. But before we could get down to the village, Alistair stopped me for a little chat. You know, about...stuff.

I love making fun of Alistair; I'm not going to lie. I generally take every chance I can get.

Good to know you're an idiot.

All right, fine. Talk away.

Probably, but I've already forgotten. Feel free to enlighten me again.

And you couldn't bootstrap your way to success? Sounds like you're a failure. Okay, go on.

So you're the heir to the throne, eh? I might have to arrange an "accident" for you once we get to Redcliffe...

Right. No one knows about you. And if I have my way, no one ever will. Uh...I mean...I'll totally help you claim your throne! You can count on me.

Right. Well, from now on, you're going to be involved in all the fighting.

So not only is Loghain trying to kill us for being Grey Wardens, he's going to be trying extra hard to kill you. Looks like you get to walk in front of everyone else from now on.

She must have had a premonition.

Well, no wonder you've never done anything meaningful with your life, with that attitude.

I wouldn't blame him. Being around you must have been a real downer when you were a kid.

Right. Cool. Or, you know, there's me. Since I'm a member of the nobility too. And I'll be damned if I'll let you stop me from bootstrapping my own way to success!

Fine. But I'm not going to forget this.

No, we aren't mirages.But you'd better start talking before we get bored and decide to leave.

No, we're going to burn your entire village to the ground. Idiot.

And we've been busy trying to keep ourselves from getting killed. You know, just another day in the life.

Monsters? Ugh. And I suppose you'll want us to help you.

...So, you're going to ask us to help you. Fine. Who's in charge here?

Cool. Let's go.

Looks like a fun place to defend.

And there's kids and old people here. Fun stuff. Well, let's talk to Eamon.

Gee, what was your first clue? The fact that we're not dressed like the rest of these peasants?

Nice to meet you. So, what's your brother up to these days?

Way to interrupt me, Alistair.

*puts away knife* HEY. He's not the only one with royal blood here. Are you going to let me talk?

That's right. The teyrn is trying to kill us. I think it's my turn to talk now.

So you aren't going along with what they're telling the rest of the sheeple? How refreshing.

Well, at least you're not an idiot. Can I talk now? I think it's my turn.

That's right. I have a claim to the throne too! But Alistair comes first, of course. So are you going to tell us what's going on here?

Your shouts? You haven't tried to get any messages in there or anything? No wonder nobody's responding.

Evil things? What kind of evil things are we talking about here?

...Oh. Um...can we leave now? The walking dead, hungering for flesh? This is so not my area of expertise.

Let me guess. By "calls for help" you're just using your shouts, right? Oh, don't look at me like that. I'm just kidding.

Of course you do. Ugh. What's in it for me?

Who are you, just asking me to help you? I could have all sorts of other plans right now. Can't you just break into the castle and see what's going on?

I suppose you have a point. But why haven't you just abandoned the village, then?

Oh. Um...just sneak away a few at a time?

Ugh...you're right. Well, I suppose I should probably give you a hand, then. What do you think, guys?

While I agree we should let these villagers survive by the skin of their bootstraps, we do need the arl's help if we're going to get anywhere with our quest.

Whatever. What do we need to do first? Talk to some people?

So he wants me to talk to various people around town and get the defenses organized. Okay, cool. I'll get right on that.

And that's where I stop for today. I'll attempt to get another post done this week, but no promises.

Until next time, heroes!

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