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Okami Chapter 10: I'm Not Making This Up, I Swear

Hello and welcome to yet another blog post about Okami. Sorry for the lack of posting last week. I'm not really sure what happened, but breaks from writing are always nice! Woo!

Okay, anyway. In today's post, Amaterasu finds the last two Canine Warriors, learns another brush power and successfully breaks into the Gale Shrine. So, without further ado...let's roll!

So, I ended my last post with Kushi being sad because that idiot Susano left without saying goodbye to her. Let's carry on.

Totally. I mean, that's a really big barrel...

Aww, poor Kushi. Hopefully Susano gets his shit together soon, but somehow I just don't see that happening.

Yeah...well, good luck with that, I guess...not sure how she's going to get that back across the creek without the ferry, but I guess that's her problem.

What? But there isn't even a dog around here! I suppose there's still that kid and his dog, though. I guess we'd better go check it out. Kushi, you just...uh...keep doing your thing. You'll be fine!

So we went over to Deep Abyss and found...Kokari fishing again.

So he figured out how to fish without us? Great! Let's keep moving-

Wow, that's a big fish!

And that's a blurry picture of a dog in the fish's mouth. How does the dog keep getting himself in trouble all the time?

And then, predictably, Kokari's fishing line broke, and he didn't have any more with him. How convenient.

That blurriness is from Kokari jumping up and down because he's so angry. I suppose I'd be angry too if a fish ate my dog.

Okay, well, it looks like we get to help him fish again. Get ready to be amazed, kid!

Of course, first we had to waste our time catching a couple of river crabs, but eventually...

That's a big fish. Well, let's hook him, shall we?

And after an epic fishing battle...

Did I say that was a big fish? Because it's a big fish.

YOU caught Whopper? Only with my help...

So then Kokari got all sad because there was no sign of the dog, and then we all noticed the moon.

Okay, and...?

Uh oh. Is that what I think it is?

Yep, it is. Fine, I'll fill in the dots...

Okay, so this time the brush god is a pissed-off-looking rabbit with some kind of mallet to...pound dough with? This doesn't make any sense at all.

So...what's a magical rabbit doing hiding in a lake, or fish, or whatever, anyway?

Fish? This just gets weirder by the minute.

So the rabbit granted me his brush power, which was turning day to night by drawing moons in the sky. But first I had to master the art of moon-drawing.

See, look at that. It's got a nice curve in it, and...what do you mean, it doesn't work? They must want me to draw it facing the other direction for some reason...

Oh, right. There's even a little hint moon for me. Still, I don't see why either direction can't work.

So I was successful at learning the new brush technique...and suddenly, the giant catfish coughed up a dog! That's some hairball there, catfish...ahahaha, I crack myself up.

Have I asked why the dog is pink yet? Because the dog is pink.

Once again, Issun proves he's a master of subtlety. Sigh.

I got it from your mistress. Now shut up and come back to Kusa Village with us!

Again? Come on now, I've already fought two of you mongrels...

So "Jin" and I fought...but this time, the Canine Warrior fought dirty! Literally. Here's a picture of him kicking dirt at me.

The purpose of the dirt-kicking was not only to hurt me, but to dig holes for me to get stuck in. Fun stuff. But since that clearly wasn't enough for him, the dog also started laying explosive shits on the ground once I got him below half health. I'm not making that up.

You can see the explosive poo in the above picture. It's the little green thing. Fortunately, I was able to avoid being hit by any of the explosions.

And at long last, the fight was over. Yay!

Of course, Ume/Jin wasn't about to follow Princess Fuse's summons, because he wanted to stay behind and guard Kokari.

Fine, whatever. Just give me your Power Orb.


Fine, whatever, do what you have to. We'll do your job for you!

So, after all that excitement was done, Issun and I used the nearby Mermaid Spring to warp to Shinshu Field, and from there we headed to Kamiki Village. Where things started happening almost immediately!

Gee, I wonder what that could mean?! Idiot.

So we wandered farther into the village, and found Mushi's dog, Hayabusa, just sitting there on the ground. No idea why.

Probably forever, knowing these Canine Warriors.

And then Hayabusa noticed the Canine Tracker! Took him long enough to see it.

No, I killed her and stole it off her body because I like being annoyed by it, you chump.'re ignoring the summons so you can party? That's nice.

I wish we all had the luxury of skipping out on our duty, huh?

Man-to-man? I think the localization team needs a talking-to...

Exactly what I was thinking, Issun. Good work.

So I used my new brush technique to change day into night, and...

Don't you mean...ah, I'll let Issun handle it.

Unfortunately, Hayabusa didn't really give me a straight answer, but he did give me an option to pick a fight with him. These Canine Warriors sure like fighting, don't they?

Sorry for the blurriness of this picture, but it mentioned digging holes, so I used it. Normally I'd have had to beat Hayabusa at the digging-up-turnips game, but since I already did that a while ago, I got to skip straight to the fight. Yay!

Hopefully this is the last dogfight I have to get into, am I right?

So, we fought, blah blah blah, Hayabusa also pulled the, "dig holes and drop explosive shits everywhere" thing, etc. But then I won!

Yeah! Who taught you how to fight fair?! Because they were totally wrong!

I hope you've got a good reason for that, buddy.


So he explained that the real Hayabusa and Mushi's father were killed by demons a long time ago.

How convenient.

Well, at least you've got a good reason for being an impostor.

How exactly did the dog foretell the future? Do dogs have that ability in Nippon?

I suppose I shouldn't ask too many questions, or the Plot Roar will show up and yell at me.

I see. So that involves sitting on the ground doing nothing all day?

How very convenient. The Plot Roar is definitely going to show up if I keep this up, though.

Well, that's noble of you, I guess.

And then he gave me the last Power Orb we needed!

Yay! Now we can do...something.

Tell me about it.

Well, considering they both involve a mysterious arrow, I'm going to guess they're connected.

So far, nobody's been able to handle anything without our help,, probably not.

So, we warped our way back to Kusa Village and went to talk to Princess Fuse, who welcomed us with open arms!

Bug? He's not going to like that...

Heh heh heh. Calm down before you blow a gasket, Issun.

Yeah, about them. Well, we found them all...

Yeah. Despite their duties here, they all found things that were more important to them, I guess. They did give us their Power Orbs, though, so it's not a total loss.

Your sensing ability is really worthless, you know that?

Well, yeah, that's pretty much what happened.

Yes! That's exactly what happened! That's why Issun said it was a long story!

If you're asking me to join the Canine Warriors, I'm going to have to turn you down.

Whew! We're off the hook.

Okay, cool. I'll tell them that next time I see them.

Yay! Now you can open the barrier, right? And we can go on our way?

...Why are they circling us? I have a bad feeling about this...

Looks like it. Sigh. I guess it would have been too easy for us to just leave.

I guess so. Come on, Issun. I think the entrance to the sanctuary is behind the Princess's house.

Well, this looks like a fun place.

And on our way in, look who turned up again.

Susano? What are you doing here?

I think he's sleeping...

And apparently he still thinks his sword is possessed. Weird.

There was nothing else we could do with Susano, so we headed to the entrance, where Issun saw something...


...It's a G-G-G-GHOST!!!!

Nobody said ghosts would be involved with this quest! I wanna leave!

Why would they, if there's a ghost in the way? Argh!

The horror! I don't want to be introduced to this guy, I want to leave!

What's that? You're blind, so you have to use your ability to peer into someone's soul to see what they truly look like? Oh. Well, that's not so bad. How is a blind ghost supposed to kill you? Oh. and thanks for the compliment.

Well, there's this demon, you see, and we're supposed to kill it...

We know. That's kind of why we're here...

So then Issun said something smart about the ghost calling me a fair maiden.

Laugh away, idiot. I know what I really am.

Haha! Joke's on you, Issun!

Now quit wasting our time before the Plot Roar yells at us again. It's only a matter of time, you know.

You said that before, Gramps. Tell us something new.

Frenzied, eh? Almost like he's desperate to prove something? Interesting.

Very interesting.

Like having a ghost intrude on his dreams would help any...

I'm sure we'll find out what's going on when the time comes.

Oh, come on. He's not possessed, he just doesn't know how to react when a goddess does all his work for him!

Well, anyway, then the ghost noticed my Power Orbs.

Yes! Now step aside and let us into the shrine!

Cool. Are you going to let us in now?

Woo! Time to, uh...wait, why am I excited about this again?

So the orbs (blurrily) floated up in front of the sealed door...

...and opened it for us!

Looks like a fun place. Well, let's get this party started...

Dammit! Go back to sleep, meddler! We don't need you!

I'm getting really tired of you trying to take credit for everything I do...

No! Get out of here! We don't need you here! Don't run into the cave...ugh, he's gone. Idiot.

Evidently not. He'll get himself killed eventually...oh well.

And with that, I've reached my stopping point for today. Come back next time as we bravely conquer the Gale Shrine and Crimson Helm and try our best not to kill Susano.

Until then, heroes!

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