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Okami Chapter 12: Susano Comes Clean

Hello, heroes, and welcome to yet another installment of the Okami replay. This post is most likely going to be late, because I miscalculated how much time I would have to complete it (as usual). But, fear not! I will...have posted some point. Never mind, I finished it faster than I thought I would. And with that, let's get on with the show!

It had become clear to us after we finished the Gale Shrine that we should head back to Kamiki Village for the Kamiki Festival. Something about the whole deal suggested we not waste any time going back, but screw that. I went back through all the areas I'd been through before to find as many previously-unaccessible treasure chests as I could. For whatever reason, there are flaming treasure chests scattered around Nippon that I have to use Galestorm to open. There are also random leaf piles on the ground that hide more chests buried in the ground. Sometimes there are even flaming leaf piles! Fun stuff.

So anyway, once we were done looting as many chests as possible, we headed back to Shinshu Field...where an ominous storm was waiting for us. Issun, ever stating the obvious, said it looked like it was going to rain soon.

Well, I thought it looked more like something horrible was about to happen, but that's just me.

When we made our way down the flowering-tree-strewn path to the village, however, something even more ominous stopped us.

The moon? I have a bad feeling about this...

Oh, I definitely have a bad feeling about this.

Somehow I think that's going to be the least of our worries, Issun....or is it?

As soon as I entered the village, I could tell something was wrong. Not because it was completely obvious, with ominous music playing, or anything. But I couldn't help but notice a bunch of people standing in front of Susano's house, so I headed over there.

Looks like Mr. Orange is pretty pissed. Maybe we should leave...

But I suppose I should stay long enough to pull Susano's bacon out of the fire again.

What did Susano do this time? Are we finally going to find out what he's been trying to hide from us?

WHAAAAAAT? He drank the sake? Color me surprised! And by "surprised" I mean "not surprised at all, not even a little bit."

Oh, come on. Even Issun can see how mad Mr. Orange is. Hmm, maybe Mr. Orange was looking forward to a little sip, too?

Not the 8 Purification Sake! The horror!

Actually, judging by the look on Amaterasu's face, that is pretty bad. Right, they used the 8 Purification Sake to defeat Orochi the first time, and we were going to use the Serpent Crystal to break into Orochi's hideout...

Oh, Susano, why you gotta be like that?

Spoken like a true alcoholic. Have you ever considered AA?

Yeah! Damn you, you alcoholic nobody's ever tried to help stop drinking before! Exactly one century has passed since Orochi was defeated by Nagi and Shiranui! Don't you know the significance of that?!

I...actually, I thought that was a bad sign. Oh well.



Oh, someone's going to explain what's going on? Well, that would probably help the situation. And let Susano get a little less drunk.

...Does he have a hollow leg? How did he drink that much sake? That's a lot of sake! He must have a  lake in his basement right now!

I won't lie. When he said that, I thought the whole village was going to hear him and start freaking out. Fortunately, Susano managed to dry out a little bit.

Oh. Really?

Everyone's going to die! *sadface*

Look how surprised I am. This is my surprised face. -_-

Well, I'm glad you realize the gravity of the situation...


That sounds like a spectacular failure of judgement! That led to Orochi being unleashed on the world again! You putz.

Yeah, he's an idiot.

Ooh, the plot thickens.

That explains the boulder!

Hey, wait a second. Are you Popeye the Sailor Man in disguise? Must investigate this later.

But I always found you! Hah! And apparently you got the message that you'd never be forgiven! Everrrrrr!


Okay, yeah, kill Orochi and I'll forgive you.

So the old man babbled about how if the legend was true, then Orochi was probably going to demand a sacrifice right about now...

Quick, Ammy! Jump on a rock and try to look ferocious! Wait, what are those spinny lights in the sky?

There are eight of them...

Quick! Everyone run onto the bridge, where your heads are conveniently exposed!

Wait a second. Where's Mushi's mom? And that crazy guy with the bucket on his head? Hmm...

So the floating spinny lights merged into one purple light...

Oh noes! It's the Bone Arrowhead of the Hama Arrow! It's coming for the village's fairest maiden, complete with super-ominous music!

Seriously, check out this music. It's the most dramatic Japanese game music I've ever heard! Not that I spend a lot of time listening to dramatic Japanese game music, but whatever.

Look how fast that arrow's traveling! That could really mess somebody up if it hit them...

It's getting close to the village! Everybody run!


But suddenly...Hayabusa sprang into action!

That's a blurry picture of Hayabusa heroically saving Mushi from the arrow, as the original Hayabusa foretold! How fortuitous!

Aww, it impaled itself in Kushi's house. But at least Mushi is safe.

Poor Kushi...

She probably should have expected it though. You know, since she's the only maiden in this village of eight people.

Horrible, horrible things will happen?

Oh. I guess that's pretty apocalyptic.

What are you talking about? He's the biggest coward ever!

Provided he has enough liquid courage, I guess...

Suddenly Kushi ran to her house and came back with something...shiny?

Thunder Brew? That's the best you can do?

Ha, that rhymed! HAHAHA! Okay, back to the crisis.

Wait. She really is going to sacrifice herself? Well, at least she's brave, even if she doesn't have any smarts!

But she was too fast for the old man.

Meanwhile, at Susano's house...

...Nothing happened. Moving on!

Over on the other side of the crick, Mushi and Hayabusa were kissing and making up. Well, making up, at least. Apparently Mushi had been treating Hayabusa like crap or something. Now he feels bad about it!


I mean, no time for heartwarming scenes now! We've gotta find Kushi! Let's go!

...Oh, she fell down two feet away from the village entrance. Why am I not surprised?

Could you be any more of a damsel in distress?

Blah blah blah, disaster will befall the village if the sacrifice runs away, too much suffering in the world, etc. Oh, just shut up and jump on my back already!

You can't really tell, but she's sitting on my back in this picture. I didn't know wolves could be ridden like horses, but whatever. And where's her sake? Well, anyway, it's time for a dramatic ride across Shinshu Field, complete with more dramatic music!

We're almost to the Moon Cave! Don't stop now!

There it is! Don't stop now! The power of the gods compels you!

And suddenly...Waka???

What are you doing here, you scoundrel?!

That was a lame prophecy. You're a terrible prophet! Now shut up and open the Moon Cave. We're on a mission!

Hurry up and dispel the barrier...

Damn you, stealing our serpent crystal...

Hold on a second. Are you going to stab it?

This ritual doesn't make any sense!

Ooh! It's gone! Can we go in now?

I...oh. Really? Uh, okay.

Wait a second. What's the purple glow behind you?

My next few screenshots got all blurry because of action, so I'll sum up. One of Orochi's eight heads shot out of the cave, grabbed Kushi, and went back in. I, being the heroic goddess I am, gave chase. But then the barrier reappeared and locked us in.

That damn dirty Waka locked us in?!

Sigh. Just when I thought I'd gotten out of doing some work.

But there are two of us...and we're stuck here, you bastard!


Duh. Well, I guess we'd better get this over with.

But not before Waka can bore us with another prophecy.

...That's a garbage prophecy. Get out of here, you scoundrel.

So he left.

Yeah, I guess so. Well, let's get moving, I guess.

All right, all right, I'm going...

GASP! It's Susano! He found the courage to leave his house!

But does he manage to find the courage to help us defeat Orochi, the ultimate evil? Come back next time and find out!

Until next time, heroes!

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