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Okami Chapter 15: He's Totally Hitting That

Hello, readers, and welcome to another blog post about Okami (Sorry I always seem to open these the same way...). In today's post, we celebrate the Kamiki Festival, then abandon the whole area complelely in favor of going to the coast and seeing what's wrong with the capital city. So, without further ado, let's get this thing started!

I always liked the Kamiki Festival part of the game. The music fits it really well, everyone is partying, Tama is setting off his fireworks in the's just really well done.

And, of course, the revelers are gathered around big tanks of booze just shooting the breeze. Fun stuff.

I'm not sure who this guy is. Is he Kokari's dad? I think he is. Moving on...

Yeah, it's Kokari's dad. he, uh...he's got a lot of work ahead of him. Let's see what Mr. Bamboo has to say!

Woohoo! Glad I could help. Just don't get too wasted now; you still have to hobble home to wherever you live.

Good to see some things never change. Also, I totally caught you, sucker.

Oh, really? I thought I already showed him what's what. Am I going to have to do it again?

You know, that reminds me of something. Mushi said his dad (and the original Hayabusa) died in a demon attack. We haven't seen Mushi's mom do anything other than tend to her turnips. Which means the turnips are probably her sole source of income, which explains why she gets so mad (and violent) when we dig them up. That's...a really douchey thing for Mushi to do. Heh. Douchey Mushi. I like it! That'll be his name from now on, if we ever see him again.

So then we went up to Mr. Orange's platform, where more revelers were hanging out and drinking Kushi's sake.

I'm sure they are. You're aware that Tama just set off a series of fireworks that involved a pawprint, your face, and a turnip, right? So not only are you living in poverty, the whole village knows about it and doesn't seem to care. That's fun.

Yay! You know what's going on!

Yeah. Actually, the smoke from your fireworks is polluting the village and they asked me to ask you to tone it down.

Hey, I just said to tone it down! Not show me fireworks formations of a dog's face and Issun! Pollluter!

And then...we walked over to Sakuya's tree, where a very scantily-clad Sakuya was waiting for us...

I'm...sure you are. Have you been drinking the sake? I feel like you've been drinking the sake...

Does that mean the game is over after all?!

...Oh. Right. Well, carry on then.

You HAVE been drinking the sake! You naughty girl! Let's go see what Susano and Kushi are up to.

Hey! Who are you calling a mutt?

So he said he needed to thank me, because despite the fact that he's a completely awesome dude, he wouldn't have been able to do what he did without me. Well, duh.

I, uh...well, okay...

You go right ahead and do that. I'll just watch.

Don't worry. I'll always be there to do your work for you!

Haha! Take that, Issun. Also, I thought I was a female goddess...oh well.

Not going to lie...I liked the old name better.

Well, I did just get a really kickass sword from killing Orochi - wait, what?!

Wait a second. If he could see what I really looked like, why the hell was he surprised that all this stuff was happening? I mean, it makes sense that he'd be able to see who I really am, being Nagi's descendant and all, but still...

But, before I could ask all these burning questions, I got shot down.

Oh, you're trying to score! Oh, come on, you just made me your brother in arms! I could totally be your wingman!

But...I want to be your wingman! Aww...

So, being the clueless dolt I am, I decided to talk to Kushi and see what she had to say.

It was nothing, ma'am. Now, that guy over there wants to get into your pants. Are you going to let him in?

Of course I am! That's not the point I'm trying to make here! I'm trying to be Susano's wingman!

Fine, we'll go away. I could have been Susano's wingman. Oh well. Have fun, you two!

And with that, we were bored of the Kamiki festival, so we decided to head out. Did we know where we were going?

I guess so. Cool! I guess there are still four more brush gods we need to find.

But before we could leave, we were accosted by drunken Sakuya again.

Well, the fireworks got kind of boring and Susano wants to get down, so...

Well, you're just going to have to get used to it.

Then she started talking about the black mist we saw when Orochi died.

Well, clearly the evil hasn't been completely defeated yet or the game would be over. So we'll just have to go find out what it is.

Exactly. That's why we have to go.

Good thing that's where we were planning on going...

Thanks for the advice, I guess.

I know, right? Well, let's get this over with.

Right! So I'll just use a Mermaid Coin to teleport to Taka Pass, and...

Our first glimpse of the City Checkpoint, but I was too slow with the camera and missed the title card. Oh well. That looks like a vertical bridge. Let's see what the locals have to say!

How imaginative.

But she didn't have any other useful information, so I talked to the guy next to her.

Uh oh. That doesn't sound good at all. Are we sure we want to go there?

I guess so. Well, you just sit there and enjoy your tea, Mr. Tea Customer.

Well, let's see if these guards know what's going on, shall we?

Oh, and this particular guard was sleeping on the job. I hope Sei-an City's guarding standards are a little higher than that...

So the guard basically told me the same story Mrs. Pine did; the city is closed, the bridge is raised (by order of Queen Himiko herself), and also, the Phoenix Statues that protect the checkpoint usually burn with sacred flames, but then went out recently, but then started burning again when Orochi was killed. What a coinkydink.

By "the big day," he meant the Kamiki Festival. Well, we already know what happened there. The guy clearly wasn't going to tell us anything useful, so we talked to the other guard.

Somebody's arrogant, I see.

To demonstrate this, he shot an arrow into the giant cannon across the way. A cannon sitting there with its barrel pointing conveniently toward us. Hmm.

I see. Interesting.

Yeah, we saw it. Get to the point already!

Sign? What sign?

Oh, really? I think I know where you're going with this.

But, unfortunately, he didn't want to give the signal because he didn't have anything to look forward to back in the city. Dude, you just told me they raised the bridge before you could get back to the other side and now you're stuck here. Why wouldn't you give the signal? Well, aside from it being against the queen's orders...

Oh, I get it. Well, you don't get to join our group, so don't ask. By the way, I'm going to take things into my own paws now.

Good thing that handy flame was there so I could set the arrow on fire.

So the now-burning arrow flew across the chasm...

...into the cannon (you can see its smoke in the barrel)...

...and then it blew up the whole command post. Oops.

But then the bridge came down, so it was all okay!

Woohoo! Now we can go to Sei-an City!

Well, okay, I wasn't aiming to blow up the command post...

Oh. See, so you did have a reason to go back to the city.

What are you implying here, bub?

Yeah, okay. I've got my eye on you, pal.

After Yoichi ran off, we decided it was time to cross the bridge. Hopefully nobody died in that explosion...

There used to be buildings there. Fortunately, we decided to clear out all of those foul purple areas for some Praise, which hopefully helped us atone for blowing up the command post. And then it was time to go see Ryoshima Coast!


Well, that doesn't look good at all.

Well, I guess I don't know why we're surprised. Sakuya said there was still something evil out there.

Yeah! What's going on here?! Clearly we're going to have to investigate, as soon as we- AARGH ATTACKED BY AN IMP!!!

Okay, never mind. The imp looked scary, but was just as much of a pussy as all the other imps. Die!

There had to be a Guardian Sapling somewhere around here, so Issun and I did some exploring.

Interesting. Looks like I need to send some water to the next level.

And so on and so forth...

That looks like a little Guardian Sapling at the top of the photo. I better send some water up there!

Yay, it grew! Now to Bloom it...

Yay, Ryoshima Coast is back to normal! It's so beautiful!


Of course I do. You can't miss it!

Well, I'm sure we'll find out what it's doing there soon enough. Let's go!

So we left the Guardian Sapling behind and explored some of the immediate area. Among other things, we found a secret passageway that somehow led to Madame Fawn's house. Okay then. We also found a temple!

Cool? Aww, they didn't even give you a proper name.

Well, that's unfortunate. At least you're here to keep an eye on the place until she gets back?

Sounds handy.

And you're mad because she's never at the temple? Why don't you just go to the city and see her there? Sheesh. We know something is wrong there, so why would you expect to find her here?

I think the proper explanation is that you're an idiot.

Don't hold your breath.

When we decided to do more exploring, we ran into a local fisherman. I didn't think to take pictures of the conversation, though, so let me sum up with some handy bullet points.
  • They can't figure out why the cursed zone affected them
  • No ships have been able to get to the port because of the Water Dragon
  • The Water Dragon is the local guardian who recently went crazy for some reason
  • He's been attacking ships that try to come near and sank one
  • The ship that sank was carrying something Queen Himiko needed
  • The situation keeps getting worse by the second
Fun stuff. Well, let's go see what the city looks like!

Wow. That, uh, doesn't look promising at all. Well, let's go walk in the front gate and see what we find.

Yikes. This is bad.

I dunno, man. With that mist, I don't think much of anything is happening right now.

I'd make a joke, but this is clearly no laughing matter.

I highly doubt that.

So we did some exploring, and what we found was...really depressing, actually. All of the people were reduced to crawling on the ground because they were too weak to walk. They all looked like they were at death's door.

This just keeps getting worse and worse. You know the situation is urgent when the people are too sick to move around.

And that brings me to the end of today's post. Check back next time to see me (hopefully) do something about the weird green mist and help keep Sei-an City from falling into ruin.

Until next time, heroes!

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