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Okami Chapter 16: Fish Aren't Swords, You Doofus

Hello everyone, and welcome to my 16th blog post about Okami. I'd have posted this earlier, but the tl: dr version is: I'm lazy, work, more work, Oscars, etc etc. Fortunately, I at least remembered to play the game last week, so I could make a post today. I'll try to get another post out this week, but as always, I won't make any promises.

In today's post, the intrepid Okami restores the water to Sei'an City's dry canals, helps a wandering monk catch a fish, meets a priestess with large...tracts of land, and finds some pieces of paper that belong to said priestess. Fun stuff! And without further ado, let's begin.

So, the nasty green mist was still wreaking havoc in Sei'an City. But before we could, you know, try to do anything about it, we had to explore all of the dried-up canals for treasure. Because they were full of treasure chests, for whatever reason. And while we were down there, we found this guy!

Ooh! It's a clue for what we're supposed to be doing!

I see. So our goal is to get the city's water back? I guess that makes sense.

After we were done looting all the treasure chests (they mostly contained random junk), we explored the canals some more and found something interesting.

Hmm. I feel like this is probably what we're looking for here. Let's investigate.

Yep, this is definitely what I'm looking forward to. Although I'm not really sure it's wise to curse a god in front of another god...

I, uh...guess so. I'm not sure how exactly the Water Dragon would be involved, but...yeah.

The guy's a carpenter? How does that have anything to do with what's clearly a plumbing issue? Well, I guess you have to take what you can get when your entire city is out of commission.

No, really? I thought you got your drinking water from the ocean right outside.

Well, you've got me and my four paws! Let's get to work!

Oh, do tell!


Wait a minute. There's a lot of stone in this city. How is it floating, exactly?

Okay, whatever. Where are you going with this story?

I'm not sure how the Water Dragon could have caused that, but whatever. What do you want me to do?

I see. And I suppose I'd have to do the digging?

Just as I suspected. Well, let's do this.

What came next was basically a digging game, which I already had to do once to get the hot springs flowing in Sasa Sanctuary. Yet again, I didn't take any pictures of it because there was a time limit. I didn't even think to take a video of it, but here's a handy video. There's no sound, probably because the music is copyrighted, but whatever.

Here's a blurry picture of what the canals looked like after we opened the plug back up!

I hope that apprentice carpenter got out of the canal in time!

Yeah, I see it. Now if we could get the mist to go away, we'd be set.

Now that the water had been restored to the canals, it was time to head to the Aristocratic Quarter, since we hadn't been there yet...but the bridge had been lowered so we couldn't get across it. There was a guy standing on the bridge staring at the water, so we talked to him.

The time is near? What are you talking about?

Fisherman monk? Thousandth sword? I'm confused.

Wait. Are you a warrior monk or a fisherman monk? I'm confused.

Not that you're bragging or anything...

Oh? And you think you've found the last one here?

Living Sword? Was the person who told you this legend on acid?

Anyway, then he started talking about the bridge.

So, uh...who put you in charge of the bridge? And why are you being such a jerk? Raise it already!

Fish for the Living Sword? So he knows it's a fish? Well, whatever. Why are you being such a jerk?


You're a Fisherman Monk, but you don't have a fishing pole?

Apparently I didn't get a picture of him saying he couldn't afford to buy the fishing rod. YOU'RE A FISHERMAN AND/OR WARRIOR MONK AND YOU CAN'T AFFORD A FISHING POLE?

Well, whatever. I went to the town's Tool Dealer (no Susanos for sale, unfortunately) and bought the special fishing rod from him.

Yeah, yeah, I'm awesome, you suck, etc.

He must know it's a fish. He's holding a fishing pole. What's the deal with this guy?

Fishing for the Living Sword was basically the same as helping Kokari fish. Here's what we caught!

Well, that's not a Living Sword. Let's try again!

That's not a Living Sword either. One more try...

See? It's a fish!


Actually, that fish has a weird-looking jaw...

Um, yes. You knew it was swimming around in the lake. You had to know it was a fish!

Indeed! So get over it already.

Yay! So you're going to fix the bridge?

Sorry for the blurriness. Why wasn't it passable to begin with? Who put you in charge of the bridge? Well, whatever. Just raise it already.

Woo! Now we can explore the rich part of town! But first...

Well, that looks ominous. Clearly the green mist is coming from somewhere in the Aristocratic Quarter. Creepy.

I guess it's the Imperial Palace, even. The plot thickens!

And when we got across the bridge...

Oh, yeah? Well, same to you!

What took me so long? Well, first I had to, you know, KILL OROCHI, and then I had to get past the City Checkpoint, and then I had to un-curse Ryoshima Coast, and then I had to get the city's water back, and then I had to help that so-called Fisherman Monk catch a fish, and...

Yeah! What's your deal, guy?

You're always looking for something! Are you looking for your relevance to the story this time?

What? You don't have the balls to get it yourself?

Oh? Why?

Yeah! How do we know you're not involved somehow?

Whoa there, Issun. That sounds like something we'd hear on Fox News...

Huh? What are you talking about?

Oh. Well, that's not so bad, I guess. Unless you want to take over the heavens.

It does? Well, I guess I am a goddess...

Oh, come on. Too vague! Say something more useful.

Right. Well, I was working on that right up until you interrupted me.

Yeah, I can see that. What's your point?

So stop talking and let me do my thing!

Sure, whatever.

We'll remember that. Bye bye now!

We'll keep that in mind. Now scram!

Actually, that time he didn't leave. He just kept standing there at the end of the bridge. Oh well.

Once we actually crossed into the Aristocratic Quarter, we found ourselves standing in line. Hmm.

But that got old fast, so we cut to the front. Turns out the line was comprised of people waiting to hear one of the local priestess's sermons. Or at least, it had something to do with the local priestess, who apparently only has one useful quality.

Well, that's nice. We're going to go talk to her now. And walk into a porn set, judging by the music.

Hmm...I guess they weren't kidding, were they? At least she can see my wolfyness...

Hopefully Queen Himiko recognizes your actual talents?

You can't see it in the picture, but her boobs actually jiggle whenever she moves.

I'm pretty sure they jiggle when she talks, too.

Shh! She'll hear you!

HAHA! She called him a fairy.

Dammit, Issun! Your misogyny is showing!

Fortunately, she didn't know what he was talking about, so we were able to move on to more important things.

So they had a conversation about how Rao heard that Orochi had been defeated, there were evil forces over Ryoshima Coast, the Water Dragon was causing havoc and there was an evil green mist over the city. So, basically a recap of everything we already knew about the situation.

Did it go to Ryoshima? Who knows.

Whoa! Why are you just blabbing this to her! Like she's going to believe us!

Of course, she'd heard the real victor was some guy named Susano, but we set her straight pretty quick.

Most of the work? I did ALL the work, sister.

I am? What am I, your puppet? What if I don't want to?

Oh, fine...I suppose it would be good to have a beautiful priestess on our side...

So I used Galestorm in the room and it blew a bunch of stuff around the room.

It was a Celestial Brush technique, sister.

You know it! Now help us with whatever we desire!

Wait. You have a quest? What quest?

Shut up, Issun! You're going to ruin the whole thing!

See? You ruined it. Now she'll never help us. Wait, what do we need her help with again?

So she said something about losing her Prayer Slips and then kicked us out. Well, that's fun. Let's go explore the Aristocratic Quarter.

The first guy we found said he'd served under the former Emperor for years, until said former Emperor took ill. Not sure why he's the former Emperor. Is he the King, then? His wife is the Queen. Confusing. He'd been a benevolent ruler, but...

Mysterious. Well, let's go check out the Imperial Palace...

I'm getting the impression we're on the right track...

When we got closer to the entrance, we got an opportunity to eavesdrop on the two guards. One of them asked the other's opinion of the Emperor, because the mist that seemed to be accompanying the illness was, well, bad.

This is getting weirder by the second.

Clearly we're going to have to intervene. But what do we do first? Well, let's go investigate this little area next to the entrance.

Hey, didn't Rao say something about some paper slips?

Then we noticed the hole in the wall behind the slips.

Hey, didn't Waka say something about going through a little hole? I'm starting to see a pattern here.

Oh, that's subtle. Thanks, Issun.

So we grabbed the Prayer Slips and took them back to Rao, who was immensely grateful.

Okay, cool. What now?

That depends. What do you want me to do?

Yeah, I kinda got that impression from talking to some of the townspeople. Some of them even think she's behind the evil mist. I'm not really sure what to think...

So...what are we supposed to do, exactly?

Sacred treasure? What are you talking about?

So she started talking about the sunken ship in the harbor...

Okay, and?

Sorry for the blurriness. Well, isn't that convenient? The ship bringing the item the queen needed just happened to get sunk in the harbor.

Fox Rods? That's an interesting name...

How terrible that they're at the bottom of the harbor, then!

Wait. So if you had the Fox Rods, you wouldn't need me to do all your work for me? Sign me up, sister!

I think that's exactly what she wants. Well, I'm in!

Of course I am. But more importantly, I'm tired of doing everything for everyone.

Okay, but what's so special about the new moon?

Oh, I see. I remember seeing the Moon Turret when I first got to Ryoshima, but it was too tall to climb on top of. I'll have to work on that.

I'll have to look into that. Okay, see you later, Rao!

Not wanting to waste any time, we headed out of the city and paid a quick visit to the local dojo, where we learned the Double Jump technique. Apparently I didn't take any photos of this, but basically it lets me jump into the air, then "kick off from the air itself" to jump higher. Fun stuff.

And then we found the Moon Turret!

Looks impressive. Let's hop on board!

He's talking about the view. Yes, if only the ship weren't there to spoil the view. Don't you have any sympathy for the ship's crew, who're probably all dead? Jerk.

You know, with the ugly wrecked ship in the way I can't really tell for sure, but it kinda looks like a moon.

See? Told you it was a moon.


No, I think she meant the other Moon Turret around here. Idiot.

I was pretty sure I needed to draw a moon in the sky, so I did. Incredibly enough, something happened!

Wait, I thought the moon was under the ship. Interesting.

Is the water draining out of the circle? Weird.

No kidding, genius.

I guess we'll find out...but not until my next post, because this one is getting really long. Like I said, I'll try to post again this week, but no promises.

Until next time, heroes! Check back next time to see us explore the ghastly Sunken Ship, and probably do other heroic things!

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