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Okami Chapter 26: We're Boned

Greetings, heroes! Welcome to still another blog post about Okami. In my previous post, the shit had pretty much hit the fan. Queen Himiko is dead, and without her, well...good luck finding Oni Island, I guess. But don't fret! The quest hasn't ended yet!

I really enjoy dragging things out as long as possible, though, so let's get this post started off with a little DOOM AND GLOOM, shall we?


I just realized that red stuff on the crystal ball and all over the floor is blood. Himiko's blood. Ugh.

Well, duh. We just got our asses kicked by a demon wearing a dead lady's body like some kind of horrible, horrible costume.

Right up until she was murdered, yeah.

Didn't we just see all this happen? Why is the narrator rehashing it all again?

Yeah, we knew this already. Salt in the wounds!

Looks like it's time to pack it in, then.

And that's the end of today's dosage of DOOM AND GLOOM. Tune in next time for more incredibly depressing story developments!

I think they forgot a hyphen between "blood" and "caked." Anyways, interesting...

Oh, I get it! We just weren't looking at it closely enough, what with all that blood in the way! How could we have been so blind?!

I still don't get why we have to sit through the narrator telling us things when we could just see it happen in-game. Unless they want to show off their Japanese art skills that badly.


Wait, what?

In search of clues? But the ball outright tells you where Oni Island is!

Use the Dark Lord's power? For what?

All was planned? Uh...okay then.

Okay, so...we'll really, REALLY know where Oni Island is, then?

So it's there, but how do we get to it?

I dunno, man...I've spent a lot of time at Ryoshima Coast at all times of the day and I'm pretty sure there couldn't be two islands with the evil horns. And I see the evil island all the time!

Cool! So it's time to go, right?

Uh oh. What's happening now?

Aww, man. We couldn't even keep the crystal ball to remember her by?

Didn't she do that earlier? You know, when she let Evil Rao kill her?


Well, that's a risk you take when you magick your soul into a crystal ball, eh?

Bye! Thanks for all the advice!

Sounds painful.

Oh well! We have more important stuff to do!

Holy crap!

So you want to just go stare at the island as it disappears?

Okay, I guess! Let's go revel in our own helplessness!

So the next few minutes of the game was our mad dash for Watcher's Cape. Issun wouldn't even let me talk to any of the people in Sei-an City on the way out. Here's a picture of us frantically running as the sun goes down!

Must get to Watcher's Cape so we can watch Oni Island disappear!

But when we got there, someone else had beaten us there!

Otohime?! What are you doing here? Not that you're the Dragonian Queen or anything...

Yeah, I mean, she doesn't even have a retinue. Do queens usually travel unescorted?


I'm not sure I want to know how it managed that, exactly...

Yeah, that's kind of why we're here...

I guess we get to stand here and watch it, then...?

Yeah, yeah, we know...

Shut up, Issun.

We're just here to observe our own failure, you see.

Yep. We made him digest himself.


Well...I guess that makes sense. I mean, you have the little dragon fins on your headdress too...

...try not to eat us?

Oh, right. I'm guessing that's what that swirly thing is that's covering Oni Island right now.

I'll try not to walk too hard, I guess.

Yay, it's the Dragon Orb! And it's all sparkly!

Oh, girlfriend, I hate to say it, but I think you need some moisturizer. You're looking a little...scaly. Hope it isn't permanent!

I guess we'll have to worry about the lotion later. Break the barrier already!

Take that, Dark Lord! You're not so powerful after all!

Meanwhile, back on the mainland...

Time to apply the moisturizer? Those scales look pretty thick. I'll have to really slather it on there...

Oh, right. We have more important things to do right now.

I will mention that this part of the game had a lot more meaning when I first played through it, because I thought Otohime was sacrificing herself so we could get onto the island and kill the Dark Lord. Oops, I'm spoiling future events here.

A jiffy? How easy do you think this is going to be?

Woohoo! I can say I'm really excited about going onto that scary-looking island...

Here's a nice picture of us standing on the Dragon-Bridge. Pretty colors!

And here's a picture of Otohime sweating away being a bridge for us. Issun wouldn't let me talk to her because it would break her concentration or something. Pfft, whatever.

And with that, we found ourselves on the dreaded Oni Island. Which doesn't look anything like its silhouette, but whatever.

First off, we had to make our way onto the island proper by traveling across a couple of lava-filled areas. Fire Tablet for the win? Well, whatever. Once I made my way up into the courtyard, I got to fight these guys.

It was a lot like fighting two Crimson Helms at the same time.

But they went down eventually, which freed the way for us to start our assault on Oni Island.

So we threw the doors open and strolled on inside, ready to do some ass-kicking.

Tell me about it. I wonder if they terraformed the island to make it look all evil or if it's always been like that?

I'm sure they're enjoying more Dungheap Slimebucket Goulash while they live it up and get ready to go forth and DESTROY THE WORLD.

I'm right there with you!

I would have said "by her hair," myself, but whatever works. Let's go get 'em!

Unfortunately, that brings me to my stopping point for today. Check back next week for our triumphant assault on Oni Island!

Until next time, heroes!

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