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Okami Chapter 28: North by North Nippon

Hello, reader(s), and welcome to my latest blog post about Okami, where everything always happens on time and the writer is never, EVER too busy to write a new post!

Can you tell I'm being sarcastic? Because I am. I feel pretty good about this though, because last week was the first time I missed a week all year. With any luck I'll be able to bring you two posts this week! But as always, no promises.

So, anyway. When I last left off, we had just cleared Oni Island and sent the evil demon Ninetails back to wherever he came from. In today's post, we'll experience the excitement of traveling to the frozen North. Well, a little bit of it, anyway. First we have to be taunted by that bastard Waka.

What do you want now, you freak?

With no help from you, yes. And we were successful!

Mind your own business!

Why yes, he was. But it turns out holding a metal sword in the air during a thunderstorm is a really bad idea.

Well, at least Issun knows when to cut to the crux of the situation...

I like to think that the original script called Issun a little bitch, but they had to tone it down for the kiddies.

But why did she have to die in the first place?!

Yeah! So get out of our faces!

But before Issun could hurl more insults at Waka, we heard an ominous crash of thunder.

Didn't somebody say we needed to go there?

Oh, quit trying to be all mystical and say something useful.

What? No vague prophecy? You disappoint me.

Must not make dirty joke...must not make dirty joke...must not make dirty joke...


Hahaha...wait, what?

I dunno, Issun, maybe Amaterasu wanted Waka to "penetrate" her defenses...hee hee. Okay, I'll stop now.

Well, yeah, but that doesn't mean we want help from you!

Pretty sure that was the plan, but...

He's either trolling us or actually trying to help. Either is plausible.

Go be weird somewhere else, you worthless pile.

And with that, it was time to move on to the frozen North. But first we had to go to Shinshu Field, where a new puzzle awaited us. Along with a very pleasant thunderstorm!

See? Thunderstorm. Along with an easily-solved puzzle, if we can get closer to...whatever that thing is. Looks like some kind of mechanism.

Good thing there was a handily-placed cat statue on a nearby wall!

And with a hop, skip and a jump, we reached Upper Shinshu Field. Which wasn't very big, but we did find a treasure chest, a clover and a couple of Demon Gates that were easily cleared. When we were done with that, we went to investigate the weird mechanism.

...nobody could figure out what it was for? Don't worry, we'll figure it out now that Ammy is on the case.

I'm too good at this. Okay, well, let's go see what's going on with this thing. Judging by the lightning, I already know what I need to do to it. Just as soon as Issun stops blathering about how those things are all over Nippon and nobody knows who the architects were or how old they are.

Like how we're going to get to the northern lands? Now shut up and let me do my thing.

That definitely looks like something I should zap with lightning. But first, let's run around it first to see if there's anything interesting on the other side!

Well, it's clearly a door...

Well, that's completely unhelpful. Usually when a door has mysterious writing on it, it at least has symbols that tell you what the writing is for. Oh well. Lightning time!


And with a loud grinding noise...

...the whatever-it-was rotated around to reveal a door! Or open the inexplicable doorway, whatever.

Success! Let's hope that doesn't turn out to be a doorway to hell!

Your mom?

To the frozen North, yes. What's your point?

You hadn't figured that out yet? You're such a moron.

When aren't you getting a bad feeling about something?

On the other side of the doorway we found...a tunnel! Ooh, I wonder where it could lead.

Not wanting to be timewasters, we headed down the (long) tunnel. Eventually it got all spooky and misty. What's awaiting us on the other side...?

It also got green, for some reason. Well, greenish.

But at last, we emerged triumphant on the other side!

Woohoo! We reached the Northern Lands!

Oh, wait. We reached the Northern Lands. How are we going to keep from freezing to death?

Word. And you're a lot tinier than I am!

Okay, you can stop whining now.

So you've been here before? Why are you complaining then?

If it makes you shut up, then knock yourself out.

Hey! Quit telling me what to do! I'm the goddess here; I do what I want!

...But first, I think I'll find somewhere to warm up.

This place looks cozy. Let's head in!

Well, at least we can warm up in this random house. I hope whoever it belongs to doesn't mind us waltzing our way in.

Whoa! Don't set yourself on fire or anything. We just got here!

I certainly hope so...

Hey, wait a minute. There's something over there. Didn't we bother to check out the room before we got comfortable?

It's...some dude?

It's...a dude wearing a wolf mask? Why is it blue? And why is he being so creepy?

Issun, of course, was totally oblivious.

There's a creepy guy over there! Quit taking your sweat bath and look!


And then it turned into some kind of standoff with the mysterious guy and me slowly stalking around the fire staring at each other.

Whoa! He's got a sword! What a scary guy!

That mask isn't really doing him any favors, though.

He's reached the door. Is something going to happen here, or...?

Aw, he's not going to make a run for it, is he-

Aaaaaaaaaaaand he's gone. Sigh.

No, I thought he was still standing in front of the door like an idiot. Sheesh.

Well, why didn't you say so in the first place?

Looked like a sword to me. Shouldn't it have a bunch of gaudy adornments like all the other swords in this game?

Well, whatever. I guess we should probably follow this guy, huh?

Luckily he was waiting for us right outside. I suppose fighting in the house would have been too hard.

Why does the outside look so greenish? Must be a trick of the light.

What followed was a really irritating fight in which I had to defeat Oki once as a person and then again as a bizarre blurry blue wolf, like so.

The first fight was just annoying because the guy had so much health. The second one was annoying because it was like fighting the Canine Warriors, but harder. The dog didn't utilize the "explosive shit" technique, though, so that's something. But eventually the fight was over.

Is that supposed to be an insult? I can beat you any day of the week, you pansy!

So...are you going to take off that creepy mask while you talk to me, or what?

I take it no one else in your tribe is white and wolf-shaped.

Sorry, my mistake. Celestial-wolf-shaped.

I am known as the great Okami Amaterasu, origin of all that is good and-

Dammit, Issun! Stop messing up my groove!


Oh. He's called a Poncle? Weird.

Issun's been here before? How did you get past that iron sword thing, then?

Better than hanging around in a hut in some snowy backwater with nothing but a sword for company, am I right?

Tired of painting? Never!

So he's from this area? That only makes me more curious about how he got past the lightning thingy.

Maybe that mask of yours scared him away and he finally managed to purge it from his mind?

We just told you our names...

Pint-Sized Warrior, eh? I could get used to that...

You like dodging questions about yourself, don't you?

It's a sword. I'm guessing he probably bought it somewhere?

That's not much of an answer...

We noticed. Blah blah blah evil monsters blah blah.

Good for you!

So he explained how the tribe's survival was due to the Ezofuji Mountains watching over them. I don't know, I don't come up with this stuff. Anyway, things have been extra bad lately because a pair of evil twin demons took over the mountains.

Interesting names. I wonder how they got them?

So they managed to get loose somehow and proceeded to wreak havoc on the mountains. That's fun.

How unfortunate.

Looking for something? Well, every demon in existence was searching for the Fox Rods, but I don't know why they'd be looking in Kamui.

Blah blah blah, nothing we haven't heard before. What do we have to do?

You mean more uninhabitable than it is already? Because it looks like it's pretty cold already.

...Wait a second. You mean you're going to do all the work instead of us? Wow. I'm floored.

Shut up, Issun! This is our chance! We can protect the villagers while Oki does his thing!

Okay, and?

So what you're telling us is that the village is screwed?

Guardian sword? Say what now?

...Well, even if he has, I haven't. So spill!

Sounds fun...

Glows silver? Doesn't look like it's glowing to me.

Oh, it's going to start glowing. I get it.

So you're going to go kill some more monsters while we hang out in the village?

...Giving you a perfect opportunity to go kill all the monsters?

Didn't you hear him? He said it was time for the sword to be used. Clearly that means the sword could be used.

How did he manage that? I don't think you're big enough to physically punish...

That's still not much of an answer. Well, I'm sure we'll find out he took the sword without permission in no time.

Once we were done talking to Oki, we explored a little bit and encountered that guy with the bow. We had to set one of his arrows on fire to open the way to Ryoshima Coast way back in chapter 15. But this time he was idly shooting arrows at a target on the rock wall a little ways away. Yeah, turns out I should have taken pictures when I was talking to him, because I forgot what he was there for. I used the handy nearby lightning to electrify one of his arrows, which blew a hole in the wall and revealed Kamui's Guardian Sapling. Oh well. Carrying on!

Yay, we found the last Guardian Sapling. Well, at least I think it's the last one.

So we Bloomed it, and...

Yay! Kamui is back to normal!

And with that, I've reached the end of today's post. Check back next time for...something. I actually don't really remember what happens next. But rest assured, it takes place in a snowy wasteland. Yay!

Until next time, heroes!

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