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Okami Chapter 30: Now All I Need is a Cask of Booze

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the 30th Okami post. I'm really not surprised that I reached this number; I will be surprised if I get to 40, however. I apologize for my lack of posting last week.I don't really have much of an excuse, other than general being-busy and not feeling like posting.

If you don't get the post title, this is what I was referring to. For some reason, this came to mind too. Fortunately, this post doesn't involve outhouses or TP at all. And with that...on with the show!

When I last left off, Kemu had informed us that we needed to go save Lika from Yoshpet Forest. But first he opened the gate to Ezofuji for some reason.

But apparently I missed the part of his speech where he said we needed to talk to someone in Ezofuji to get the amulet we needed to get into Yoshpet Forest, so you'll have to take my word for it. I decided to go exploring in Ezofuji anyway. We saw the Ark of Yamato frozen in ice, and boy was that depressing.

When we found the person we didn't realize we were supposed to talk to (a shaman named Tuskle), she told us the local legend about the Ark of Yamato. Apparently, eons ago, the Moon Tribe people (I think) lived on the Celestial Plain in peace and harmony (I think), until one day they were attacked by the evil demon Yami and his minions. The people decided to flee in the Ark of Yamato, but didn't realize the demons they were running away from were lurking in the Ark with them. When all hell broke loose, the Ark crashed on Earth, and all of the people except one were killed in the crash (or by demons). From there, the demons came out of the Ark of Yamato to do their demonic work, and ever since then, the Ark has been the source of Nippon's demons, according to the legend. The identity of the sole survivor remains a mystery. Hmm, I wonder who it could be?

Once the story was over, Tuskle gave us the amulet we needed to get into Yoshpet Forest, and we headed back to town, where we ran into Kai again.

Oh, well, you know, first he was unconscious and wouldn't talk to us, and then he heard Issun talking and tried to beat us up, and...

He chased us around in circles!

And he tried to hit me!

No, the other Yoshpet. You know, the one that's full of sunshine and butterflies and nothing horrible at all.

Why? She's only your village's LAST HOPE, and you haven't even searched everywhere for her?

If only it were!

Ooh, the plot thickens. Is Issun's home in the forest?

Well, we have been traveling together for months and all...

And what am I supposed to do without you to do the talking for me?

Sounds like it's your sort of place.

With what? My nose? I don't even know what she smells like!

Works for me.

Haven't we been over this already?

Pretty sure we've already heard this. Blah blah, there's no sun the whole day, the demons are waiting for everything to freeze so they can take over, blah blah.

Right, so...what are we waiting for?

...We're all boned?

Alternately, I guess it's party time for the demons?

What was your first clue?

Can you see my markings? Kemu could. That means he's worthy!

Have you ever seen another white wolf running around before? Sheesh.

It's been hard, but it's my burden to carry.

Shut up, Issun!

Right. Since we've wasted so much time standing around talking...

You're not going to lead us there? For shame. I guess we'll have to make our own way.

I guess we'll just need to fire up some Fleetwood Mac and get going, eh?

Good thing we have the amulet to get past that!

Why do I get the feeling there's going to be monsters in there anyway?

...But it's faded away over time, right? Since everything's power is fading away in this game?


I guess you do have a point there.

So we headed out of the village and went down to the Yoshpet entrance. This is what it looked like when we first approached it...

Hmm. I just noticed there are not one, but two bear asses in that photo. Oh well.

Here's what the entrance looked like after we got a little closer!

Very impressive. Good thing we had the amulet we needed to get in.

And with that...we were into the magical forest of Yoshpet!

Doesn't look any different from your typical forest, so far. I guess we have to get farther in.

I want to make a joke about Yoshi, but I just can't make it work.

Consuming? That sounds...ominous. But it can't be that bad if Issun came from there. Or could it...?

Well, you got out alive, so I'm chalking the whole thing up to myth.

Right about that time, we started wondering where Kai was...and then Waka showed up again!

Not you again! Why don't you go back to guarding the Moon Cave, like you're supposed to be doing?

Why's he always bothering us? Don't we have enough to worry about without him hanging around?

Mind your own business!

A life?

Good thing I have fur. Too bad for you!

Whatever that means...

Uh oh. Here come the conspiracy theories again...

Whoa, whoa, whoa. If he wanted to kill us, don't you think he would have done it already?

Take off the tinfoil hat...

Vulgar? How is that vulgar?

Oh, really? Do tell.

Really? That's about a mile away from here. I can tell you where it is- wait a second. It's not like you could miss that thing...

Yeah, pretty sure that's the one that's frozen in ice up by Ezofuji.

Why are you babbling at us about it, then? Go find it!

That's what I'm trying to tell you...

Good, get out of here already.

Good! They were worthless anyway!

And then Kai finally showed up. I wonder if Waka has more cosmic influence than we realize...

Yeah, there's this crazy guy that keeps following us around and Issun thinks he wants to murder us, so...

Yeah, yeah, Issun already told me that. Skip to the good part!

He told me that too. Say something useful!

Blah blah blah, the forest is losing its power, if you get lost you'll get eaten by trees, blah blah blah.

Yeah, I kinda figured that.


...we'll be home free?

Special place, eh? I hope it's not the kind of special place where the tribespeople sneak off to do blow.

Why? Are they unworthy?

Why would your parents let you go into this forest when you were small?

Makes sense, I guess...

As fast as I can? Why?

Oh. That explains a lot.

Well, that's encouraging...

Yet we have time to stand around and talk about it...

Right behind you!

Since the whole event was timed and I had to keep up with Kai, I couldn't take any pictures of what happened. Let's just say there were angry trees, thorny thickets with holes I had to jump through, thorny thickets with MOVING holes I had to jump through, various Demon Scrolls I had to avoid...oh, and giant snowballs and icicles. Fun stuff. But eventually we made our way to the secret area of the forest!

Woohoo! We made it!

And you tried to lead us there? What's wrong with you?

You thought it would?

Its...dirty little secret?

Ooohh...I see.

He hasn't exactly been forthcoming about it so far....

I thought he smelled her, but yeah, I guess.

So then she walked off to do...whatever, and I went over to investigate the clearing.

What a cute little tree trunk, with a mysterious light shining out of it. Haven't we seen something like this before?

I'd ask why you'd make your village in a tree stump, but I guess when you're an inch tall, any shelter will do...

Are you calling me fat?

And you too, right? But how are we going to get in?

The Lucky Mallet? Wow, we used it once, so I thought we were done with it!

What kindness? Letting it shrink me before?

Well, I knew. See, because you're a tool! Haha!

Okay. Let's visit Ponc'tan!

Yeah...since I notice she doesn't seem to be hanging around this clearing waiting for us...

Why? Are you chicken?

Helmet? I thought that was your head! How silly.

Well, I guess I'll let the Lucky Mallet shrink me, then. I hope I don't end up regretting this...

Shrink me, mallet!


Yay! I'm tiny again!

Wait, why does that make me happy?

It's a little weird how the mallet watches me go into the hole...

And with that, I've reached my stopping point for today. Check back next time for my adventures in Ponc'tan, with no bumbling around trying to figure out what I was supposed to be doing at all! Woohoo!

Until next time, heroes!

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