Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Sims 3: Pets Chapter 2: This Didn't Quite Work the Way I Planned

...obviously, or I would have posted something last week. I, uh, I'm not really sure what to say, except...Skyward Sword comes out soon! Ooh, shiny!

So, anyway...first, it was time to play with the dog for a while.

Then I decided to head to the equestrian center with my horse and enter an advanced race...and we won!

I'm not sure why I didn't get a million Simoleons for winning the race, since, you know, it's called the Sunset Valley Million...but it's not like I need the money, right?

After the race was over, I happened to notice a strange aura over the pond nearby (along with a wild horse I was trying to befriend) and saw...a UNICORN!

My Sim was ridiculously excited about this for some strange reason. It's like she loves unicorns or something.

Oh, wait. She (that is to say, I) was really excited because she (that is to say, I) really do love unicorns. But I (that is to say, she) digress.

Get out of the way, wild horse! I'm trying to stalk watch a unicorn here!

So pretty! (Get out of here, raccoon!)

Yay, we're making friends! My Sim isn't tired at all!

The unicorn is thinking about marriage for some reason. Uh, okay.

Aww, the unicorn likes me.

And then...the unicorn blessed me!

Supposedly it made me really lucky for the next 8 hours, but since all I did was go home and go to bed (after the unicorn magically disappeared), nothing really special happened.

The next day, my Sim was sleeping peacefully in her bed, and I happened to notice the maid was at the house cleaning. Then the maid walked into my Sim's bedroom and made the unmade side of the bed while my Sim was sleeping on the other side. Weird!

Meanwhile, Adejaan and Pup were outside, sniffing each other...

But the horse didn't like being sniffed for some reason. I wouldn't think a horse would be scared of a dog that tiny, but then, I didn't make this game.

Later on, my Sim decided it was time to teach Pup how to sit...

But that didn't go very well. She just stood there and stared at me.

She just wasn't getting it. So I gave up.

It was just about this time that I remembered the expansion came with a whole new town, and I decided to move my Sim to the new town (Appaloosa Plains) in hopes that I'd be less bored with the game as a whole. Here's the sweet property I bought!

The backyard is big enough for my horse to practice racing and jumping...

And there's a three-stall barn that doubles as a garage!

The sweet car helps too, I guess.

On our first day in the new town, I caught Pup chasing away the mailwoman. Bad Pup!

Here's Adejaan, happily galloping around in his new practice area!

My first real goal with all of this was to get my Sim to 20,000 Lifetime Reward Points so I could change her traits. By the time we moved into the new town, I was almost there, so I was doing all the random Wishes I could to get the last few points I needed. In the following picture, my Sim had a Wish to win a Tug of War with Pup...and who was I to argue?

Then I happened to notice Adejaan outside. He can finally play with his Horse Ball!

Yay! He can finally have some fun.

And look! Pup has a ball to play with too!

In the below photo, you can kind of see my Sim running around like a spaz while the dog chased her. I thought it was funny.

I also saw a deer run through my yard a little while after I took the screenshot. It looked like it was hopping like a bunny. I'm pretty sure deer don't run like that, but whatever.

And at some point, Adejaan managed to increase his Racing skill to 10! Yay!

In celebration, he decided to be a horse-about-town again and visit a local park.

And then...another unicorn showed up!

So I made friends with it, and the option came up to "Ask to join household." So I did, expecting to have a new friend...

What? Not only did they spell "creatures" wrong, but I have to be a friend to all creatures? Do I have to befriend a cat, too? And all the other animals in the game? This rates further investigation.

The unicorn did bless me though, so I headed home and gave Pup a good brushing in order to further my new "friend to all creatures" agenda.

And that's where I stop for today. New post, uh, probably next week, I guess.

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Simantha said...

Maybe the Sunset Valley Million is for a million pennies?? (Or would that be simpennies?)

For all the things the Sims franchise has invented you'd think they'd have decent animal control and put a stop to all this horse-about-town and meandering racoon nonsense! Ooo! Wait! It's a Unicorn! Huzzah for stray animals!

Why didn't your unicorn want to be friends the first time you met? Yet it was still thinking of marriage, apparently... What are the coupling customs of the unicorn anyway??? Was there magic, chimy sounds when the unicorn is around? I imagined there were... *dreamy sigh*

I still don't quite understand how/why a horse would play with that horsey ball. Except for the mildly inappropriate action, which is likely self-explanatory... I (that is to say Simantha) digress(es).

Bunny-hopping deer, eh? Must not be hunting season in Appaloosa Plains. Not yet anyway. *evil grin*

Friend to all creatures... this implies you should not join the Appaloosa hunting club, I take it. But what about the racoons? They seem troublesome, too. You don't have to be friendly with them, right?