Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Sims 3: Pets Chapter 3: That Darn Cat!

Yay, Skyward Sword comes out in less than two weeks! Woo! This isn't a Zelda-centric blog at all, no sir! Well, anyway.

I don't remember what I was doing when this happened, but while I was playing, I noticed Pup was sitting in someone's lap, except my Sim was busy doing something else. So I located Pup, and...

That is entirely too cute, Pup. And you're supposed to be shy! Why are you being so chummy with the maid? She's supposed to be cleaning my house! No, don't play around with the maid! She's supposed to be cleaning!

Meanwhile, at a neighbor's house, I had decided to adopt a cat, because of the whole "friend to all animals" thing. So, I found a cute little kitten to adopt and took it home with me.

So Pup and the cat (named Misty) decided to do some socializing. Apparently Pup likes ants and Misty doesn't like fleas. Good to know.

Oh, and that scratching post is there because Misty was stuck outside for the first few days she was at my house. Apparently she couldn't use the stairs (because of being a kitten, I guess?) so eventually my Sim had to carry her into the house.

Now Pup doesn't like ants (I'm confused) and Misty doesn't like rubber duckies. Clearly Misty hates fun. Little did I know what would eventually happen with Misty. Did I mention her two traits were Aggressive and Independent? Yeah...I kinda had a feeling the whole thing wasn't going to end well.

Well, at least the dog and cat are getting off on the right...paw, I guess.

Here's my Sim petting a deer (as it was thinking about bouquets for some reason), because clearly some random deer (in the middle of town, no less) would just let me walk up and pet it. But whatever.

And here's Pup the next day, trying to wake up my Sim so she can fill the food bowl. Cute!

Later that day, my Sim got invited to a party at her future romantic interest's house. Here they are enjoying some salad.

Not sure why that book is on the table. Apparently the romantic interest likes books? I guess that makes sense.

Here's my Sim fixing the romantic interest's sink after it broke while she was washing her salad plate.

You see those two other Sims in the picture? They spent the whole party attempting to give each other bouquets of flowers and rejecting each other. I don't think either of them knows how to do romance.

And there's my Sim mopping the floor after she got done fixing the sink. Note the guy rejecting the bouquet of flowers from the girl. They just stood right there, each attempting to give the other flowers over and over, rejecting each other over and over, until the party finally ended.

The best part was? The romantic interest threatened to kick me out of the party for "behaving inappropriately." Okay, well, next time you can just fix your sink yourself, AFTER it floods your whole house.

Huh. Well, that's interesting.

It was right around this time that I decided to get another horse, because there were three empty stalls in my barn and I wanted Adejaan to have a horsey companion. So I went to the equestrian center and bought a Lipizzaner mare I named Star. Here she is!

The funny thing about this is that I rode Adejaan to the equestrian center and then rode him back home because he had Racing maxed out and would get home faster, so Star had to make her slow, slow way home herself (because she walked all the way there for some reason). Okay, yes, I probably could have gotten her to gallop home if I'd bothered to try, but I just thought that was funny.

Here's Star eating hay in her new stall while Adejaan amused himself by Galloping Around.

And here she is, being introduced to Adejaan. Things are going well so far...

Uh oh. That didn't go so well.

I decided to try some Socializing first so the two could become friends. Here they are Socializing. Apparently they both dislike cats.

Oops...that didn't go so well either.

While all of this was going on over the course of a few days, I was trying to get my Sim to become friends with Misty. You know, because I have an agenda to keep here. But the cat, being Aggressive and Independent, didn't always appreciate my attempts to make friends with her. Trying to pet her or even let her sniff my hand frequently ended with her hissing at me and losing relationship points. So finally I got sick of it, grabbed the damn cat and petted it about 10 times in a row (I could always pet it if I was holding it).

Yay! I was finally friends with the cat.

After a few more tries with the horse situation, I was finally able to get their relationship high enough to groom each other.

Star is thinking about alarms, and Adejaan doesn't like dogs. This game confuses me sometimes.

Aww, look, they're friends.

Later that day I decided to enter another race with Adejaan. Here we are waiting for the race to start. Apparently the other adult horse in the picture had twins, too.

This made me decide to breed my two horses together to see if I would also end up with improbable twins or triplets. Alas, I only got one foal. But here he is!

Everyone, meet Sky the foal. I am not sure why his tail is white. But whatever.

And here's Adejaan being introduced to his new offspring.

And here's my Sim playing fetch with Pup again. Apparently Pup was feeling neglected or something.

Then something terrible happened. Pup got fleas! So I had to give her a Flea Bath. Hint: it wasn't any different from a regular bath.

The scary thing was, apparently it's possible for Sims to get fleas from their pets. Of course it is.

I suppose I should talk about the cat some more. Over the course of the previous few days, my Sim kept losing Friend status with the cat due to her attempting to, you know, be friendly to the cat. So I'd grab the cat and pet it long enough to become friends with it again, only to lose it again a few days later because I had the audacity to attempt to let it sniff my hand. Whatever, cat. Eventually my Sim ended up getting scratched up after Misty attacked her for no apparent reason. So I checked the Internets for advice on how one actually goes about adopting a Unicorn. Turns out you have to be BFFs with three household pets, not necessarily every species. So I immediately kicked Misty to the curb. That's right! Get out, you dumb cat! I never liked you anyway.

For whatever weird reason, I didn't take any screenshots of Misty's departure. Oh well. She won't be missed. So here's a picture of my Sim being sniffed by Star. Time to become BFFs with Star, I guess!

And that brings me to my stopping point for today. Sorry it was kinda short. Hopefully I'll be able to adopt a Unicorn in my next post. Until then, Sim on, my friends!


Simantha said...

Pup and the maid are in cahoots, I say, CAHOOTS! (I just wanted to say cahoots...)

The hatred of rubber duckies was the first warning sign with Misty. Only evil cats hate rubber duckies. Evil, aggressive, independent cats.

A romantic interest doesn't typically ask you to fix his sink when your invited to a party, does he? Or is that just Sim romance? (Clearly the bouquet thing wasn't working for the other two.) Maybe you can plumb the depths of each others copper hearts.

Oddly enough the pick-up-the-cat-and-force-pet-it works in real life. Until you end up bitten, scratched, and growled at. Then the friendship points are just not worth it.

Why are you confused that the foal of a black and a white horse has a white tail? Don't tell me you know the genetic likelihood of tail color when breeding horses.

Ah, sweet irony in your unicorn agenda. I think you don't need to be BFFs with three household animals to be the unicorn's friend. You need to learn to love animals of all kinds. Even evil, aggressive, independent kitties. That, my friend, is a life lesson--the true gift of the unicorn. :-)

adejaan said...

Well, see, the romantic interest didn't actually ASK me to fix his sink. I just fixed it because it was broken, and I doubt anyone else would have done it.

I was confused about the horse tails because Star, as a Lipizzaner, is (or should be) actually a gray horse that was born either black or bay and gradually lightened in color while she got older, and Adejaan is just a black horse. The fact that the foal has a white tail would indicate that he has some Paint blood in him somewhere, but was minimally expressed except in his tail. I would have expected them to have a gray foal, but not black with white tail. Um...so, yeah.

Simantha said...

Wow... just WOW. Your knowledgeable of equine anything never ceases to amaze me.
Perhaps you should contact the Sims developers and offer yourself as an equine consultant. (And don't forget to mention that deer should not "hop" like that.) :-D