Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Sims 3: Pets Chapter 4: Success!

Hello, Zelda fans (and possible Simmers!) Only three more days remain until Skyward Sword's release. I'm hoping my copy shows up in my mailbox promptly on Monday, so I can start playing as soon as possible. In the meantime, here's some more Sim goodness to tide you over.

Here's an adorable screenshot of my Sim playing with Pup.

It was about this time that I decided my Sim needed to improve her Charisma a bit, because she didn't have any points in it at all and I was tired of it taking forever for her to befriend anyone. So here she is Practicing Speech:

At some other time during all of this, Sky aged into an Adult Horse. Here he is Galloping Around while his parents discuss their dislike of horses (Adejaan) and dislike of cats (Star). Go figure.

Again, I don't know why his tail is white. It's just weird. And I don't like how father and son both have braided tails. I'd change that if I could (or if I knew how? I don't think you can change it, though).

Here they are talking about how Adejaan doesn't like leaves, but Star does.

Somehow, Sky already has his Racing skill maxed out. I guess he got that from Adejaan? Cool, I guess. Here he is practicing his Racing anyway.

And for some reason, the ice cream truck keeps parking outside my house. I don't have any kids, man. Park your ice cream truck somewhere else!

I still hadn't managed to become BFFs with Star, so I decided to give her a little attention. Here's my Sim giving her a hug while she thought about being mildly hungry.

And here's Pup socializing with a random stray cat. I resisted the urge to shoo the cat away, since I had a bad experience with the last one and everything.

Apparently Pup doesn't like cats (how nice of her to say that to a cat) and the cat doesn't like horses. Well, you wouldn't be a good fit in this household anyway, cat.

My Sim was slightly bored with being at her house all the time lately, so I decided to head downtown and visit the Consignment Shop, where I bought myself a Time Machine. Why not, right? And after the consignment store visit, I headed over to the local pool, where I got into a Hold Breath Underwater contest with some guy who was there.

And I won!

Take that, guy wearing a rubber ducky flotation device!

So I went back home and finally managed to become BFFs with Star. So I checked the neighborhood map. Presto! The unicorn was hanging out at one of the fishing spots. So I headed up there!

Hello, unicorn who's thinking about himself! Let's do this!

In case you can't read that (you probably can't), it says, "Liz, you have proven yourself to be a friend to all creatures. I will follow wherever you lead."



I'm thinking about dirty dishes for some reason. Weird. At least the unicorn is thinking about being loved, because he's my new BFF! The name he came with was "Emir Horse" but I can do better than that. I named him "Aljan Firebringer" (yes, I know he's the wrong color but I couldn't think of anything better). So, yeah. Here we are galloping home!

He leaves a trail of sparkles and rainbows. I feel complete.


The next day, I had to give Aljan a good grooming. I like how the random wild horse galloping past in the background got the Memory for Seeing a Unicorn as he ran by.

Later on, I decided it was time to start training Sky so I could sell him and breed Star again. Here I am sitting on him for the first time! I am not sure why I ended up backwards, since by this point I was at 9 skill points in Riding (out of 10)....

Well, whatever. He didn't buck me off, so let's get to training.

Things are going well so far. Let's step up the speed a little bit (and have us a leisurely gallop along the beach while we're at it)!


And as an added bonus, while I was training Sky, this happened!

Yes, please. It would have been nice if they'd spelled "legendary" right, though. "Legenday" just doesn't have the same ring to it.

The next day, I decided to put Aljan's jumping skills to the test. You know, so I could evaluate just how well he can destroy stars, or something. That was a Robot Unicorn Attack joke, in case you were wondering.

After this stunning display of machismo, Aljan went over to chat up Star.

Aljan likes...newspapers? Huh. And Star doesn't like ants. Well, that's not surprising, I guess. Adejaan, in the background, is practicing his racing, totally oblivious to what's going on.

Later that day, my Sim was invited to another party at her future romantic interest's house. The dress code was swimwear for some reason (said romantic interest doesn't have a pool). Well, whatever. We can still have fun. The party ended up in the romantic interest's bedroom (after he'd gone to sleep, no less). Suddenly I found myself in a pillow fight with one of the other partygoers!

This was fun. Eventually, though, the romantic interest woke up from sleeping during his own party and kicked me out.

FINE! I'll go home.

Wow, the unicorn even has a rainbow on him whenever he drinks out of the water trough. Truly I was meant to own this animal.

The next morning dawned bright and early, and what did I find? A completely full barn. Yay!

They're all sleeping. It's so peaceful!

In the love department, the relationship between Aljan and Star managed to develop to the point where she would allow him to groom her. Yay!

They may or may not have taken the party to one of the stalls in the barn for some fun time.

Meanwhile, I'd finally gotten Sky trained, so it was time to take him to the Equestrian Center and see how much I could get for him.

He sold for a grand total of 8,000 Simoleons. Yay! When I checked the horses for sale, there he was in the sale tab! For the price of 9,000 Simoleons. Nice markup there.

The next day, I happened to notice what looked like a horse lawn ornament on the lawn. Not sure where it came from, but its name is Zenyatta, apparently. Even though it doesn't really look like the real Zenyatta and it's not wearing the right colors. But whatever.

I also discovered Aljan, being a unicorn, can teleport.

I decided to teleport to the equestrian training grounds and do some socializing.

Everyone there got the Memory of Seeing a Unicorn. I'm glad to have done my part.

A few days later, I decided to go for a ride with Aljan. Here we are, galloping along free as the wind!

And later that day, a surprise gift from the stork arrived!

Due to his, uh, sordid parentage, I was hoping the foal would be a unicorn, but alas, no such luck. Maybe next time! I decided to name the foal Eclipse. We'll see if he sells for the same price as Sky did, being half-Unicorn and all.

And that brings me to my stopping point for today. Until next time, Simmers!

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