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Skyward Sword Chapter 3: You Spin Me Right Round Baby...

...right round like a record, baby, right round round round....okay, I can't remember why I wanted to use that for a post title, but there it is. Something about how you kill the Skulltulas in this game, I guess. But I haven't gotten to that point yet. Anyways! Time for more blog post.

Uh. I'm not sure how that got there. I, uh...yeah. Well, this is certainly an interesting development. *cough* OoT 3D is awesome. *cough*

Okay, anyway.

I still had to find the last Kikwi, and after some wandering around on my part, I dowsed for, which led me to a ledge where I could clearly see the Kikwi hiding on the ground amongst some grass, but it wouldn't stand up and talk to me. Perplexed, I chopped down all the grass, and voila!

Yeah, you keep telling yourself that as you "hide" right next to the only tuft of grass left on the ground. And the elder's not really that good at hiding, either.

Of course she did. Am I ever going to find this chick, or is she going to be two steps ahead for me for the whole game?

Ooh! Please be something useful!

Yay! Now I can get Beedle's floating Shop Ship to stop and talk to me the next time I go back to Skyloft.

After I got the slingshot, I had to go back to some ruins I'd visited earlier, where there was a green vine all curled up. I had to shoot the vine so it would fall down, and then I could grab it and swing myself up onto a previously-inaccessible ledge.

Cool. Well, let's keep going, shall we?

The first thing I did was notice a tree off to my left as I entered the area, so I innocently ran over to it, hoping to do...something, but whatever it was I wanted to do was quickly forgotten when a bunch of bees showed up and started stinging me, and they wouldn't leave me alone! Were the bees in Twilight Princess like this? Generally I don't think bees attack you unless you do something to their hive first! Unless these are killer bees, I guess. Well, whatever. I retreated to a safe distance and shot their hive down with my slingshot, and after that the bees went away. Yay!

And it turns out it was a good thing I encountered bees there, because later on I came to a cliff with a rope over it that I had to tiptoe over to continue, and there was a beehive hanging right over the rope. So I shot that mofo down and kept going on my way, and eventually I ran into that Goron guy again.

He told me to Skyward Strike the box, and something good would happen. So I did, and the box got all glowy and then flew up into the sky. Wait, I thought only Gossip Stones did that! I'm confused. did absolutely nothing for me. Well, I guess that's a mystery I'll solve later.

Fortunately, the entrance to the game's first dungeon was pretty much right there, so I decided to go ahead and get started (after I Skyward...Struck? another box). Here's the front door.

Fancy. Of course, Fi had to pop up and start babbling about how the place was full of monsters, and was I prepared, and did I need a juice box, etc.

The first thing I had to do was use the slingshot to shoot a switch above the door so it would open. And open it did, into an Avatar...uh, I mean, Day-Glo-themed wonderland.

According to the title card, this place is called Skyview Temple. Okay then...

The whole glowiness aspect doesn't really show up very well in the pictures, of course, so you'll have to take my word for it.

Then, of course, Fi popped up again. I don't remember the first thing she said, but whatevs.

I'm really not surprised by that at all, but thanks for spelling it out for me, Fi.

Here's a picture that shows the glowiness a little better. I had to climb up the vines on the wall to the right, then kill a Deku Baba so I could hit a switch that unlocked the door.

Yay! That picture turned out pretty good, actually.

See that goofy eye? Fi said something about how it would follow the point of my sword as I waved it around (it did) and the tablet on the ground to the left said to listen to Fi. So I wondered if I could make the eye dizzy, so I waved my sword around really fast, but that didn't do anything. So I tried a Skyward Strike on it, but that didn't work either. Finally I just started moving my sword around in a circle, and THEN the eye got all dizzy and went poof. So, yay!

The door led to a large room that led to, among other things, two side rooms where I had to get keys, or unlock doors, or something. But one of the first things I found was...this. Joy.

Skulltulas! Yay. Fortunately, this particular one didn't attack me. It just sort of hung there, obstructing my path. In order to kill it, I (after getting on the other side of its web) had to whack it with my sword in order to make it swing back and forth (and hopefully turn around) so I could stab the big purple...uh, stab spot on its back in order to make it die. So, yeah.

After dispatching some spiders, I went on my merry way to the other room I could get into, where I found a Clue Tablet.

Well, that's helpful. I already found one gemstone. Where's the other one?

Hmm, I guess I must have figured it out eventually. Look what I got!

And they even did everyone a favor and got rid of the Compass. Sweet!

Turns out this was the kind of temple where I couldn't get to everything until I hit all the switches (imagine that) and raised the water level high enough to get to where I needed to go. So by this point I'd raised the water level high enough to get to one last area before I could move on...and when I got there, this time there were two eyes I had to defeat.

Fair enough. I found a spot where both eyes would open and look at me at the same time, then circled my sword around until they got dizzy and fell off the gate. Woo! And the chest contained a key I needed in order to get into the dungeon's main room.

And here's the main room, in its poor-image-quality greatness.

Here's a Heart Piece behind a gate. Mysterious! I wonder how I can get my hands on that.

Okay, back to the mysterious gated door on the previously-pictured room in the main room. I had to shoot another jewel switch to open the door, and then I was confronted by THIS!

Talk about your toothy grin. Lame joke! HAHAHA! Okay, anyway.

This guy was easy to kill, though, just some sword slashing, etc. When he died, though, he made the same noise the Stalfos things made in Twilight Princess. I'm guessing he is also a Stalfos. The point I'm trying to get at here is that I thought he was going to get back up and I was going to have to fight him again...oh wait, I didn't have any bombs to blow him up...oh look at that, he just puffed into smoke. Yay! And my reward was THIS!

Yay! It's a thingy that can fly!

I hate you, Fi.

Of course, the first thing I had to do was try out the Beetle. The instructions said it could deliver a small blow to various things. You control the Beetle pretty much the same way you control the Loftwings, so I tested it out a few times and then flew it outside the room through a hole in the wall and found the switch to unlock the gate that led to the Heart Piece. As an aside, I like the carnival-ish music that plays when you fly the thing. It makes me happy!

Then, of course, I had to figure out how to get out of the room, which was to use the Beetle to hit the same switch (outside the room) that I originally hit to get into the room. The problem was that I wasn't very good at steering the Beetle in sharp turns. But I eventually made it.

Yay, another Heart Piece!

After I was done grabbing the Heart Piece and using the Beetle to explore other hidden areas in the room, I went through another door and eventually found myself looking at this.

Heh heh heh. It's cross-eyed. Okay! Let's keep moving. As you may have guessed by the look of the floor, I had to get a block from the floor above and push it into the proper position so I could make all three eyes dizzy at once. There's a third eye above the gate, in case you didn't notice it. So I did, and dizzied the eyes, and all was right with the world.

I don't remember exactly where I took the next screenshot. All I know is, the monster looked scary.

But instead of being scary, it was laughably easy to kill. So I moved on.

Hmm, I must have been on my way to the dungeon's final room. Simple enough, I guess. Here's the Boss Door! But I can't go through it yet, because I don't have the Boss Key.

You see the Bokoblin in the above picture? They can do rope-walking too. Here he is rope-walking toward me after I got his attention with the Beetle.

Look at him. He's so graceful as he tiptoes across the rope, his balance perfect. He could be a gymnast...oh, I just hit him with the Beetle and knocked him into the chasm below. I guess his gymnastics career wasn't meant to be.

And here's a picture of me next to a fancy chest. I wonder what's inside!

For a chest that fancy, it had better be something good.

A...carving? I guess this is the Boss Key? Cool, I guess?

Here's a picture of me standing in front of an open treasure chest.

I took this picture to illustrate an important point. You see how my wallet is full? The game doesn't make me put Rupees back in treasure chests when my wallet is full anymore. Yay! That was so idiotic in Twilight Princess.

At long last, I made my way to the Boss Door. This time, instead of just unlocking the door, I had to solve the puzzle of the Golden Carving using the Wii Remote to make the carving fit into the opening on the door. Innovative, I guess.

Yay, I made it fit!

Ooh, the doors are opening. Let's see what's inside!

And it's a blurry photo of...a really skinny...person.

And he has a scary sword.

Well, this is an interesting character.

Thanks for nothing, jerk. Nice hair, by the way.

Joke's on you, buddy! She'll be gone by the time you get done monologuing at me. Hey, who are you again?

That is a lot of eyeliner. I know who I want to dress up as for Halloween next year!

Says the guy with what looks like a face full of pancake makeup and earrings that match his outfit. Yeah, you're not fussy at all.

Well, that's kinky. Link isn't having any of that.

How nice. He isn't going to kill me, just beat me up a little bit. Or a lot. Well, let's get this over with, then.

This was an...interesting fight. He kept trying to grab onto the end of my sword, so I'd shake it free and try to hit him, and then he'd pull some swords out of thin air and make them fly at me, so I'd have to run really fast to avoid them, then try to hit him a few times, and then he'd grab my sword again, so I had to shake it free again, etc. One time I actually let him grab the sword to see what would happen...only to have him take away from me and tell me I'd never beat him if I didn't stop telegraphing my attacks, or something. Then he hit me with my own sword, the bastard. But I got him back...eventually.

Um...and no, I wasn't wearing my shield for the entire fight. Shhhhh!

Well, thanks for the backhanded compliment, I guess.

NO! It's MY sword! YOU CAN'T HAVE IT!

Oh, it's on. I'll get in your way, all right. You won't even be able to move, I'll be in your way so much! I'll show you!

Okay, anyway. Ghirahim skedaddled, and then, magically, a Heart Container fell out of the ceiling.


After I got the Heart Container, I went through the exit door (which had turned all glowy so I'd know which door to use) and found a peaceful little fountain.

And that's where I end for today. Come back next week time to see whether I found Zelda or not. Hint: probably not. But anyway. Until next time, heroes!

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Styve said...

I want a 3DS for Christmas!! Oh, wait... I wrapped mine up already. :-D

The "races" in this Zelda feel less finessed to me. The bad guys are relatively detailed, but the Kikwi are blobs with shrubbery for tails. Not to mention the Mogma and robot dudes who are half in the ground! Why not pretty humanoid races like the Zora? No, we get umbrella squid. There are Gorons running around but not many, and strangely none on the volcanic mountain, their preferred habitat.

"Of course, Fi had to pop up and start babbling about how the place was full of monsters, and was I prepared, and did I need a juice box, etc." Har har har.... oh, Fi. I can hear her now: "Master, your hydration is at 24% of its optimal level. I suggest you consume your liquid fruit product in the cubic container. Try using the attached plastic suction tube to create a vacuum that will transport the liquid to your oral cavity."

Why is it called the Skyview Temple when the only place you see actual sky is after you've gone all the way through it??

Between the dizzy eyes and the skulltulas, I was not a happy hero as I tried to make my way through this dungeon. I had up till then gone without checking the online guide, but... well, I hate spiders, especially when they repeatedly injure and kill me during my attempts to kill them. The dizzy eyes just had me thinking too hard, and Fi was no help with the whole "they follow the tip of your sword" idea. I spent a good chunk of time running in circles on the ground hoping I'd confuse that first eye. Oh, and then I discover that the Skulltulas, though unscathed by the spasms of sword swiping, will die quite easily in the water. Grrrrrr...

The Stalfos was the first real test of my Wii remote skills. I killed him, of course, but I'd give myself a D for a grade, let's just say. It also didn't help that my motion sensor bar had turned off at that point. I'm still not sure I actually need it to play, but I'm not taking chances. The only thing I've noticed is that I needed the sensor bar on to recalibrate my remote after I'd left it a while and it'd gone to sleep.

I am really loving the Beetle at this point. I'm sorry I judged you, winged friend. Now... fly! Fly! FLY! *bbzzzzztttt*

"Am I ever going to find this chick, or is she going to be two steps ahead for me for the whole game?" I think you know the answer to this...

I take issue with your distaste for the whole "put rupees back in the chest when they don't fit in your wallet." What's the point of taking out, let's say, 100 rupees of a chest when you only have room for 20? You lose 80 rupees in the deal. Yes, it would be annoying to have to go back to get the chest, but at least it's still there if you want it. However, you couldn't tell in Twilight Princess which chests you'd opened already, but at least in Skyward they mark them.

The real problem is that they don't typically give you a big enough wallet to handle all the rupees you find during a typical dungeon. This Zelda does have extra wallets available fairly early and the gratitude crystals for Batreaux get you a bigger wallet fairly soon, too.

"I guess his gymnastics career wasn't meant to be."
Alas, winning the gold at the Hyrule Olympics would've meant so much to him.

"Nice hair, by the way." I believe this may well be the running joke for this game. From Groose's pompador, to granny's pendulum braid, to Ghirahim's bob, it's all about the hair.

I will grant that the "Demon Lord" (that's the best title he could think of, really?) does have some style and finesse, though. Why do the baddies get more detail that the, um, goodies?? I suppose Ghirahim's fashion sense is just over-compensating for not being hugged enough as a demon child or something.