Sunday, December 18, 2011

Skyward Sword Chapter 5: Please Don't Set Me on Fire This Time

Hello, loyal reader(s), and welcome to Chapter Five of our saga. In today's post: Earth Temple! Well, I won't waste any more time. Let's get to it!

Actually, I should probably mention that as a byproduct of moving, I was forced to buy a new TV, so the pictures for this post and all posts that follow may look slightly weird, because...yeah. Also, you may or may not notice that for this post, I wasn't actually playing the game. That's right - I had a guest player for this part of the game. I still played the temple, but we were at the same areas in the game, and I was too lazy to take pictures and play at the same time, so this is what you get. Yay!

Okay, back to the posting and everything.

Oh, this is going to be fun. Look at all that lava.

So, among the first things that happened was this (after I solved a bomb puzzle with the Beetle, rolled myself through the lava on a giant boulder with an eye painted on it, and fought a Lizalfos). One of the Mogmas wants me to get his Bomb Bag back. Um, can I just keep it once I get it? Something tells me I'm going to be able to do that.

Sure. It's fate, I guess.

Let's not get uppity, now. I'm the one you're asking to get your Bomb Bag back. You need me, not the other way around. Now shut your smart mouth!

Here's a spot where we found some Eldin Ore. Yay!

After I made my way through a nearby door, I was confronted by not one, but two Lizalfos. Let the games begin!

Bring it on, you chumps.

Okay, you know what? Let's just skip to the good part.

Sweet! I don't have to give this to the Mogma guy, do I? That would be completely lame.

Oh, come on! This is the requisite lava and bomb dungeon! I need this thing, man!

YES! I'm the Hero! Just give me back the Bomb Bag already!

Okay, just give me a second to toss it into that lava over there. Of course I'm going to take good care of it! Geez.

Not sure why this picture is here. I think this room was full of Bokoblins and those weird lava frog things, but this was after we killed them all. So,

Here we are running over one of the lava frog things with the eye boulder. So, so satisfying.

This, uh, does not look so satisfying. We'll have to try really hard not to lose control of the boulder and fall into the abyss.

Okay, it actually wasn't that hard. But it certainly looks daunting.

Here's the spot where everything went all Indiana Jones on us! Well, the first time, anyway. See those gate-looking things across the ceiling at the top of the ramp? Those swung down and dropped rocks on the ramp while we were running up it, and we had to take shelter in the alcoves on the left.

And here we are running up another ramp, hopefully to find another treasure at the top.

Yay! It's the Boss Key! I mean...this thing.

Great, another puzzle where I have to make the key fit in the door to get through the door. Joy.

And now I have to go to the boss door. Oh...uh...what's that funny noise behind me?

Whew. We escaped. Through the Boss Door!

Welp, looks like we got the golden dragon puzzle done. Onward!

Well, look at that. It's the giant boulder rolling its way through the skeleton stuck to the ceiling. That's going to end well.

At some point we came across a chain, and Fi had to offer her analysis.

Well, that helps, I guess. Except that regardless of whether she was bound or not, now she's free and WE STILL CAN'T FIND HER. Argh!

So eventually we found our way up one last ramp, and guess who was waiting for us at the top?

You again? When am I going to get to beat the crap out of this guy and get him out of my hair once and for all? And don't say, "The end of the game."

You know, I don't think "flustered" is the word he's looking for, unless he wants to date Zelda, I guess. Which kinda-sorta makes sense, I guess. But whatever.

Well, that blew that theory out of the water. He wants to resurrect his master, eh? I wonder who his mysterious master could be. I bet it has something to do with that monster thing we saw in the visions at the beginning of the game!

Eventually, of course, he got tired of monologuing at me (as they do) and decided to wrap up the discussion.

Groan. What monstrosity are you going to unleash on me now?

Hey, it's the boulder from before. Do I get to run away from it like Indiana Jones again?

And there goes the boulder, rolling...

Well, that's...unexpected.

For this boss, I had to avoid the boss while it tried to stomp me, then throw bombs in its mouth and slash at its eye while it was stunned.

See? There we are, slashing away at the eye. Die, boss!

But, at long last...we were victorious!

Die, lava monster! I didn't like you anyway!


See, Ghirahim? I'm not such a pushover after all!

And there's the glowy door I have to go through to find Zelda! Let's hope this time she's actually there!


And this is where I'm ending this for now. Next time: ZELDA AT LAST! Well, hopefully.

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Styve said...

Highlight of this entire temple: Rolling the eye-boulder thing over the lava frogs. I wish there was a boulder I could carry with me just for that purpose. As you said, so satisfying.

For being able to burrow underground, these Mogmas seem surprisingly helpless at times. Are the susceptible to lava?? I'm guessing so. Maybe that's why evolution chose the Gorons.

The final boss in this did have a pretty cool set-up, I have to say. As much as I was terrified running down the path with the boulder bearing down (lava frog revenge?), it was rather thrilling to just escape and watch the boulder prop itself oh so perfectly in the lava flow. Classy. Not so classy that the boulder turned into a flaming rock ball as the boss. Alas, I'm sure Ghirahim expected better, too, what with his high fashion and flare! Underlings just never make monsters the way you like them.

Even though Link is serving as a stress reliever (apparently), Ghirahim still seems rather tense. I'm guessing there's some kind of chronic gastrointestinal diffulties he's dealing with that make him such an ass all the time.

Finally reunited with Zelda!! Wait... why are you looking at me all sad and guilty? Zelda, what's going on?