Friday, December 16, 2011

Skyward Sword Chapter 4: Now I Feel Like I'm Watching West Side Story

Hello, everyone! Sorry for the dearth of new material in the last few weeks. I recently moved to a new place and didn't get Internet access set up as fast as I thought I would. So, apologies.

Okay, anyway.

So, when I left off, I was at a spring looking for Zelda. Turns out it's called the "Skyview Spring." At least you can actually see the sky here, as opposed to Skyview Temple, where...I don't remember seeing the sky at all. Maybe in that end area right before the boss? I dunno. Well, anyway.

You can kind of read that title card. Yay!

So, where's Zelda?

No Zelda there, but I do see a crest that needs to be Skyward Strike'd. Struck. Whatever.

No Zelda there either, but it looks like Fi's got something to say. Okay, Fi, say whatever it is your message is going to say, which is probably either a reiteration of something I already knew or something I could have figured out for myself pretty easily.

Oh. Oh, okay. You're doing some kind of weird ice-skating-on-water routine. I get it.

Well, whatever. Give me my reward!

A broken piece of rock. Well, that's cool, I guess. That red thing looks like a ruby. Maybe I can pry it out of the stone and hock it for some cash? That would be so rad. But first, I have to go back to the sky and explore a little bit. What's this weird pumpkin-farm-looking place here?

The Lumpy Pumpkin? That's what you call this place? That' But what is that hanging up over the table over there? A chandelier with what looks like a Heart Piece on it? Well, I'd better go upstairs and check that out. What's this? A sign saying not to bang around too much or the chandelier might fall down? Oops.

I got a Heart Piece. I regret nothing.

Look at the mess the barmaid's going to have to clean up. Glad I'm not her!

Oh, I'm not pretending anything. I did it. What are you gonna do about it?

Yeah, and?

Good luck with that, dude. I'm out of here!

So, I headed back to Skyloft and used my newly-acquired slingshot to make Beedle's flying shop stop for me. And inside, I found this!

Yay! Now I can catch bugs!

I also bought a wallet so I could carry more Rupees, but you don't care about that. Let's move on.

What is with these cat things? They're little hellions at night but perfectly friendly during the day? Lame.

When I was done with the cats, I ran across Kukiel's mom. Apparently her precious daughter who likes to run off ran off (as they do) and hasn't come back. I was given the task of finding her. I can't remember the exact events I had to do, but at one point I had to go back to the Lumpy Pumpkin (Heyyyy guys!) to talk to some old man, who said he'd seen some kind of ghost monster in the Skyloft graveyard. He said I had to hit one of the gravestones with my sword and it would make a secret door open, which would lead to the lair of monster. So I waited until nighttime and did what the old man said, and this is what I found.

Apparently he's a friendly monster who just wants to hang out with little kids. Uh, okay. Oh, and he wants me to help him become a human. I can't help but think a better message for this guy would be "Maybe you should learn to embrace who you are...oh, and stop spending time alone with little kids." Well, whatever.

Yeah, okay. That sounds like a totally innocent game!

Yeah, I...I don't know what to say to that.

So anyway! After I was done apprehending child molesters tracking down missing children, it was time to head to the next area - Eldin Volcano!

Yeah, I got it. But thanks.

Yay, a volcano!

So I headed down the one pathway I could follow, and ran into these guys.

From their music, I couldn't figure out if they were the Jets or the Sharks. Either way, they're pretty cool.

So, I made my way through the first part of the volcano area, apparently without taking any pictures of it. Oh well. Suffice it to say that it was, well, interesting. Eventually I found an inside cave-type area, where one of the gang member guys gave me THIS!

Yay! Now I can...dig? I guess this could be useful.

Oh, right, I should say what it was I was trying to do here. Well, as usual, I was chasing after Zelda but was one step behind her the whole time. Then I got to (presumably) the entrance of the temple, but there was no way across! Or so it seemed, until for no apparent reason a bridge extended itself over the gap.

Um, cool.

A mysterious woman in black is talking to me. Should I be concerned?

Ooh, mysterious. I wonder who she could be. As usual, I'm sure I'll find out as soon as the plot says I should.

Buried what? The lower half of your body? When are we going to see that, anyway?

Oh, I get it. And I get to find all the pieces, right? Cool, I'll get right on that. Fi told me to dowse for the key pieces, but whatever. I figure if I head in the only direction I can go, I'll be all right. And for the most part, I was! Go figure.

Here's a spot where, being in a volcano, I had to run through a hot spot. And right after that, I got to slide down a really big slide!


So, eventually...

Yay! I can get into the temple! Whoo!

So I put the key in the door...

...and headed inside.

And that's where I stop for today! Sorry this one is comparatively short. Moral of the story: take more pictures!

Not sure when my next post will show up, since I'm, uh, not quite done moving yet, but...yeah. Until next time, heroes!

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Styve said...

" Okay, Fi, say whatever it is your message is going to say, which is probably either a reiteration of something I already knew or something I could have figured out for myself pretty easily." She is so much worse than Navi ever was. Worse than the duo fairies in Majora's mask. I could get past the auto-tuned voice if she actually had something useful to say. "We're in a volcano. It's probably hot." Genius. Is water wet, too? And, no, it doesn't seem more impressive to figure skate while sharing what relevant factoids you have, either. *exasperated sigh*

Where is Zelda, anyway? I'm 3/4 done with the game and I still don't know! The lady in black is my primary suspect. Where they would go, however, is unclear. Perhaps there is a Chuckee Cheese nearby I was unaware of?

Ah, Lumpy Pumpkin, my home away from violence, monsters, and death. Pumpkin juice is not strong enough for the crap I have to do for you people! I think a heart piece is little to ask in return.

Beedle is the 1%! Do you realize the prices on some of that stuff is about 100x more than a Skyloftian makes in a lifetime?? Yet he lives on a lonely island all alone... I suspect he drinks away most of his profits at the Lumpy Pumpkin.

Nothing creepy at all about a demon creature who lives in a protected, secluded cave where he likes to hang out with little girls. I'm sure all pedophiles want to be human, too, demon guy. Thanks for the treasures, though! Gratitude crystals coming up!

I'm guessing the upper volcano Mogmas are the Jets and the lower volcano ones are the Sharks. They meet on those sand slopes to have their throw downs... Maybe Zelda's with them, practicing her role as Maria??

I have to give the designers kudos for the ominous temple entrances, visually and musically. I'm just tingling with suspense... onto the next blog entry! I mean, temple!