Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Skyward Sword Chapter 11: I'm Ready For My Fedora

Previously, on Operation Replay...

After defeating the Scary Kimono-Wearing Dragon, Link proceeded to take over all of the world below the clouds, changed his name to Sunshine Prince, and spent his days ruling over a disco-music-themed utopia while Princess Zelda...what? Oh. Uh...don't mind me. I got confused for a second. Okay, anyway. Where was I?

Previously, on Operation Replay...

Okay, that's better. But first, I'm going to interrupt the narrative, because apparently I left the dungeon and went back to Skyloft before I resumed the dungeon. BEHOLD!

Yay, I have a Scattershot. Hopefully that will distract you from the fact that I apparently didn't take any pictures of this dungeon until I got to the miniboss. YAY MINIBOSS!

Well, he doesn't look so scary...

Oh. Well then. Fortunately, I only died once fighting this guy. Woohoo! And here's my prize!

So I have a whip, and one of the previous dungeons prominently featured an incident where I had to run away from a gigantic boulder. The only thing I'm wondering now is...when do I get a fedora? Because Link is about to go all Indiana Jones up in this bitch

And here's the view from an apparently useless door I found.

That's kind of a long fall. But at least there's water at the bottom. And lily pads. You know, because cisterns are full of lily pads.

And here's a photo of the Boss Door. I don't think this one is really a Boss Door so much as a Boss...Platform. Or something. I wonder if the "Carving" will be a flower this time. Hmm. Food for thought.

Right about then, Fi had to pop up and give some advice, of course.

Yeah, okay, cool. The marker in question said to look for the key located below the earth. Well, okay. I'm guessing I have to make my way below the earth somehow. I'm sure I'll figure it out.

So, I continued to make my way through the dungeon without taking enough pictures. Eventually I made my way to this area, which featured some bars that made it look curiously like a prison.

Well, let's have a look-see at those bars, or something...

Not really sure what I'm looking at here.

Oh. I guess it's the basement. Okay, that looks more like a cistern.


I'm getting the feeling I'm starting to sound like a broken record regarding all the moronic handholding from Fi, but whatever. Ugh.

There it is! Wait...I'm inside that thing...

Aww, I'm going to have to figure out how to send the statue/elevator back up to where it's supposed to go. Oh well. That won't take long, will it? I'm sure I'll be done with this scary basement in a jiffy.

It's hard to see in the picture, see those things with the glowy eyes? Those are zombie Bokoblins. THEY ARE ZOMBIES OH GOD GAKLJEIOAWVJKLESJKL. You kill them and they just keep getting back up and coming at you again! Gahhh!

They did respect the power of the Goddess Sword, though. If I stood on that pipe thing without the sword out, they'd come over and try to attack me. If I pulled out the sword, though, they cowered appropriately and backed away. So it was just a matter of running away like a little girl .

And here's an area full of scary-looking purple water and really sad-looking lily pads.

Okay, I cannot believe I didn't take any pictures of this next bit. See, after making my way through the basement of the cistern, avoiding more zombies along the way, I had to climb a mysteriously-placed spiderweb thread up to the dungeon's upper level. Halfway up, a bunch of zombies sprouted up from the ground at the bottom of the thread and started climbing up it after me! It was nightmarish! But I managed to escape eventually, and then I did a few more things, and then this happened!

This time it's a "Blessed Idol" instead of a Golden Carving. Cool, I guess. Except that right after I took the key out of the box, about 10 Zombie Bokoblins sprouted out of the ground all around me. I had to run away quickly, because the elevator was coming back down!


Yeah, crush those zombies! Crush them to death! Wait...are they still refusing to die? Let's just, uh, take the elevator back up.

The key was laughably easy to figure out this time. And then the Boss Platform opened!

Now that's a REALLY long fall. Let's see what happens when I use the whip to activate all of the switches on this platform.

Oh. Now the elevator is going up! Ingenious!

I wonder what horrors are waiting for me up there. Good thing I don't have to wait long to find out!

Well, maybe I do. That statue has a really long neck...

And when I finally got up to the next room...

Oh, look, it's our favorite Demon King, or whatever his title is.

Oh, right, he's trying to revive the demon king. Well, I'm sure he'll tell me his title again soon enough.

If that's his "very disagreeable," I'd hate to see him when he's really, really pissed off.

And with that, it was boss time!


Six arms? Okay, have we reached our arm quota now? I'm not going to end up facing another boss with eight arms, am I? Because that would just be ridiculous.

Okay, well, let's get this done.

Oh, right, sorry, I forgot about his title card. Okay, now let's get this done.

Look at all those arms. Hoo boy.

So, the objective here was to use my whip to destroy the boss's arms, or something, and then run up to him and hit his beating heart-thing with my sword to destroy it. Rinse and repeat until the boss sprouted legs and started walking around (why he didn't do this to start with is beyond me). Then I had to use the whip to destroy his arms, and then pick up one of the giant swords he dropped and use it to take a whack at his legs. At this point I could chop open the cage now covering the heart-thing and hit it with my sword some more. And eventually (after I died once)...

Yay! He dead! And I even managed to get a picture of that weird skull-smoke thing that shows up whenever an enemy dies.

You mean I can't take one of those giant swords with me? Because, you know, I could totally use a massive sword...

Aww, man...ugh, fine. I'll put the sword down and see what's waiting for me behind the exit door. If it's not the flame and I still have more stuff to do to get it, I'm going to throw this Wiimote right through the TV.

Oh, it's another crest. You know the drill.

It's the flame! FINALLY!

Heh. Link looks scared. Don't be scared! You're about to get your just reward!

And then, inexplicably, Fi showed up and danced the flame into my blade. I don't know, I don't make this stuff up.

She's in the flames but not burning! HOW MYSTERIOUS.

Feel the POWAH!


Oh, right, the cutscene isn't over.

Truly, I am...awesome.

But what's this?! There's something weird going on with my hand!

It's a Triforce! I mean...hmm, I don't think anyone knows what the Triforce is in this game!'s a weird triangle thingy! Why is it on the back of my hand? Who knows!

Oh, wait, Fi's trying to talk to me. I better pay attention.

Cool? Now shut up. I have important things to do. Like find the next flame, wherever it may be. But I've been advised to go back to the Isle of Songs, so I guess I'll start my search there. And that brings me to the end of today's post. Until next time, heroes!

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Styve said...

Yay for Sunshine Prince! Long live the... oh, nevermind.

If they're going Indiana Jones, I'm hoping more for a sarcastic attitude more than a hat. Or a hilarious father to try to save. Preferably one with a Scottish accent.

Why does the whip have that electric blue glow? Is it a light-saber-whip? Which Harrison Ford movie are they referencing? Be consistent!

Creepy basement and zombie bokoblins. By the by, you can kill the zombie guys by hitting them with your sword and then doing that final death stab move when the blinking arrow shows up about the enemy. But you only have so long to do it before they get up and slobber toward you again. If you kill them, you can get an evil crystal! Oooo! Evil! Just what I want to carry around with me on a noble quest.

I keep lowering my expectations for Fi, but she still doesn't meet them. Like maybe she'll state something slightly less obvious, or at least increase her ratio of helpful to not helpful advice.

For being so busy, Lord Ghirahim takes an awful lot of time to monologue every time he meets Link. I think somebody's lonely... Maybe he just needs a hug? (Or at least a haircut!)

I so would've been dead in the boss fight if I hadn't looked it up beforehand. How does a whip rip off giant mechanical arms? And then who would think, "Gee, let me pick up that giant sword it just dropped and attack with that (and some how manage not to perpetually fall over)!"

The only thing Fi continues to do well is this dancing stuff. Fire dancing=awesome. Also, love the *pow pow pow* of the flames hitting the sword. Super awesome.