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Skyward Sword Chapter 13: Yo Ho, A Robo-Pirate's Life For Me

What's this?! A second post in one week? NO! Say it ain't so! Wait...that's not a bad thing. Okay, carry on then. I guess I might meet this month's quota after all, despite the whole "February = shorter" thing. Woo!

Now then. Where were we? Oh, yes. I had just found my way onto the Sandship. Well, let's keep moving then.

So...the ship was moving while I was looking for it, but as soon as I found it, it stopped? And how was it moving in the first place? So confusing, all this time travel stuff.

So, I made my way onto the ship. There was only one way I could go, since that nasty razor wire stuff was blocking all of the ladders that led onto the upper decks of the ship. So I had to take the one door that led belowdecks. Eventually I found this hallway full of little scorpion things.

I guess you can't see them that well with Link's ugly mug in the way. Well, they were there, and they were creepy. Okay, well, moving right along...

This part was mostly wandering my way through the crumbling ship trying to figure out what it was I was trying to accomplish (and where the obligatory Time Stone that sends the ship back in time would be located). But eventually, I found the robo-pirate guy that the Skipper warned me about. He was lurking on the very front of the ship. Woo!

I guess he's just been chilling there for hundreds of years or whatever, guarding his prize, waiting for someone to come along and challenge his, uh, in-charge-ness. You know, of a derelict ship that's been sitting on a sea of sand for a thousand years. But whatever.

Uh oh, I think he's seen me. It's okay, I can take it. COME AT ME, BRO!

Oh. I guess he's taking me at my word. To battle, then!

This battle was fairly simple. We were fighting on the, uh, walkway you can see him standing on in the above pictures, which was really long. I guess it was kinda similar to a plank? I dunno, I'm not the most knowledgeable when it comes to nautical terms. Anyway, it was basically a game of seeing who could push whom forward or back. My job was to push him over the edge of the walkway. Periodically, as I pushed Mr. Robo-Pirate backward, he'd hit a switch that made the walkway slightly shorter. Well, whatever. I sent him falling into the sand pretty quickly.

There he goes!

Yeah, I kinda figured as much. Now get out of my way so I can open that chest behind you.

And inside the chest...a BOW!

Yay! I got the last weapon in the game! My collection is complete!


Ooh! Is that a Time Stone I spy with my little eye! Let's shoot it and find out!

Yay, the ship went back in time! It's all pretty now!

You know, now that I think about it, the mast seems like kind of a vulnerable place to put the Time Stone. You know, since apparently it's the ship's power source and all. One bad storm and you lose that mast, and you're pretty much screwed...but what do I know? Maybe the mast is made out of metal, or some kind of ridiculously strong wood.

The ship even has a cute little life boat! Yay! This will come into play later on in the dungeon!

The first thing I had to do was make my way through the rigging so I could hit the button that was keeping the Time Stone from being visible. There I am, making my way there. But wait, the Skipper wants to say something!

Yay! Anything for you, little robo-man. But what's that? You want me to find your crew?

Yay! Let's go find the brig. I think I've already been there. It was the only room in the ship that had a grand total of two broken-down robots in it, so I'm pretty sure that was the brig. Considering the apparent size of the crew (going by the picture in the Skipper's shack), you'd think there would be a few more robots than that, but whatever.

Us? You and who? Now I don't even see the one other robot I thought was in there before. Well, whatever. He told me I was going to have to find the ship's two power generators and turn them on so I could get into the brig and free the crew. Cool.

And here's the boss door!

So, finding the generators involved a lot of shifting the ship back and forth through time so I could access doors, switches, etc. Plus, riding the life boat up and down the side of the ship. But eventually I prevailed. Here's the path to the brig that opened up once I activated both of the generators.

This puzzle was kinda straight out of Galaxy Quest. Not completely, but close enough. But in the end, I made it to the brig.

Yay! Apparently the ship can be operated by only two robots. Weird. But he gave me the key to the captain's cabin, so...yay!

There's the Boss Key! I had to kill 3 of those Beamos things in the room to get to it, though. Not sure why the captain would have those in his cabin, but whatever. I got the key!

Squid carving? Well...that fills me with a sense of foreboding, for some reason. What's the end boss of this dungeon going to be, again? I think I've been in every room...well, except this one...

Look at all those treasure chests. Too bad none of the Mogmas are here. They'd be going crazy! The chests contained an Evil Crystal, two Silver Rupees and two Monster Horns. Yay for treasure! But enough about that. We need to finish this dungeon.

So I fit the Squid Carving into the Boss Door, and...

Oh, wait, there was a room I hadn't been to before. Is that thing in there the boss? How confusing.

Here's an unfortunately blurry picture of the inside of the room. Are those tentacles? What's going on here?

Thanks, Captain Obvious. Let's go see what's going on! Wait, why is the ship tipping sideways and filling up with water! And what the deuce are these tentacles I keep having to Skyward Strike out of my way? Not to mention the whole "barrels rolling down the floor that I have to dodge while running to the door" thing. Somehow I don't think I'm going to enjoy this...

Oh. It broke the ship in half. Well then...wait, how is it still in the past? Where's the Time Stone? See, I told you this could happen! Also, I think this is the storm the Skipper mentioned earlier. What's going on?! My brain hurts...

Gah! More tentacles! Show yourself, you fiend!

Oh. That's the boss? That's...not really as scary as I thought it would be. Especially the cartoony hair-tentacles. Okay, well, let's do this.

The first stage of the battle consisted of the boss's tentacles shooting through the decks vertically like in the above picture, and I had to Skyward Strike them to cut them apart so they'd go away. The problem was that the tentacles kept trying to hit me and or grab me and shake me apart. So that was fun. But once I cut the tentacles, the boss showed up and started hitting the deck with its arms. I had to shoot it in the eye with my bow (that sounds familiar...), which made the boss fall onto the deck, and I had to run up and hit it in the eye with my sword. Rinse and repeat, with the tentacles progressively getting faster and more annoying. But finally something changed, and I thought the boss was defeated..but then its flailing knocked down this box from the upper deck.

I had to use the box to climb up to the upper level, where...

...the boss isn't dead after all. Sigh. Okay, let's do this again. But this time, the hair tentacles just tried to attack me with their razor-sharp teeth and knock me off the deck. I couldn't quite figure out what was going on until I just got pissed off and started slashing at them with my sword and cutting them off. Then it was back to shooting it in the eye and slashing the eye with my sword. But finally...


Yay, another Heart Container!

Yay, I finally get the flame! Woo!

It's so pretty! Fi, where are you? I need you to dance the flame into my sword again.

Ah, there she is. Let's get this done.

Yeah, energize that sword (giggity?).

Oh. That's it?, I guess. I think the sword changed color.

Yeah, pretty sure it changed color.

Yeah. Look at that face. He knows what's up. Don't mess with him, or he'll kick your ass. Wait a second, what's this?

Now two of the triangles are lit up? What's going on here?! Freaky!

Cool, I guess. Now, let's just sorta teleport our way back to the dock, because there's no way we're getting off this wrecked ship.

 That was probably a lot of unnecessary work. And how did you and your one crewmember get the ship back into shape so fast? You must be super-robots. But whatevs. I seem to have reached my stopping point for today. Next time: another new song! See you later, heroes!

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