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Skyward Sword Chapter 14: Fi Finally Says Something Useful!

Hello and welcome to yet another installment of my Skyward Sword playthrough. Slowly but surely, I am making progress through the game! And in this post, I'll talk about how Fi isn't a totally useless character after all! Okay, let's get started.

The first thing I had to do was go back to the Isle of Songs to learn the next song and watch Fi do her ballet thing.

Yeah, yeah, get on with it.

The volcano, eh? This is going to be fun. You know how annoying it is to get around that place in a timely fashion? Well, whatever. I whipped out my harp and started playing. This time, a pedestal with another creepy singing statue rose up from beneath me!

And then some red sparks came out and Fi started dancing around some more.

You can't really see it in the above picture, but she's upside down! THAT IS SO AWESOME! Wait, maybe not. Quick, fly in a circle and shoot out more sparks!

There we go. Cool!

Woo, I'm learning a new song! I wonder what it's called this time! Probably something to do with Din, if I've been keeping track of the names right.

The second-to-last line says, "Use this song of might to locate the" in case you can't read it. Song of might, eh? Somehow, playing a song on a harp doesn't really scream "might" to me at all, but whatever.

Whoo! Yet another song I don't actually have to play!

Yeah, okay, cool. Let's go.

Here's a blurry picture of the gate, once I finally found it. I went to the entrance of the Earth Temple or whatever it's called, thinking the gate would be there. Turns out that no, it was by the first bridge over to what I like to call the upper Eldin Volcano area.

Yet again, it was surprisingly easy to "play" the song to open the gate. What was more surprising was the way Link totally went crazy with the harp while playing the song. I'm pretty sure there was smoke coming up from the strings when I was done playing. And here's another blurry picture of the flower we made.

It's so weird watching Fi sing. She's just...not really cut out for it at all.

Well, whatever. Let's get this trial started.

Oh, wait, there's more singing. Okay, we'll tap our feet for a few more minutes while the cutscene plays...

Okay, finally. Once again, I'm in another Silent Realm. Fi can't come with me. Yay!

What? Are you going to tell me where I am? I'm guessing I'm in another Silent Realm.

See, I told you. Now get out of here so I can do this.

I didn't take any pictures of the trial again (because of the whole time limit thing) but I did take the above picture to kind of illustrate what's going on. That white thing in the upper right corner is one of the guardians. Scary stuff, I guess.

Oooh! The tears are red this time. I guess that makes sense. Okay, let's carry on.

And...BAM! I got the last tear!

I really thought this would be harder than it was. Not that I'm complaining or anything, but Eldin Volcano isn't exactly a flat grassland, as it were. I thought I'd end up frantically trying to get to one last tear before getting hit by a guardian, over and over and over. Although to get the second-to-last tear, I had to run right past one of the guardians, praying he wouldn't hit me before I got to the tear. The last tear I got was at the top of one of the sand slides you have to run up. The thing with that was that there were sentries flying all over that area, and I was afraid one of them would spot me (since there were so many of them), but fortunately I was able to avoid them and get the tear at the top. I did get spotted on my way back down the slide, but by then it didn't matter because the gate to get out was pretty much right there. Yay!

And here's what I got for finishing the trial! Somehow I was not surprised by this item at all!

I was wondering when I was going to get something like this. You know, because I was pretty sure there was another volcano area I hadn't explored yet. Yay!

And I conjecture that the chances of Fi ever pulling her head out of her own ass are 0%. Look, I can do it too! Ugh. Just go away.

And look! I don't have to sprint through this area anymore!

Okay, well, let's see what's waiting for us down the non-beaten path.

It appears that we've reached the Volcano Summit. Oh, this place is going to be fun.

Looks like Fi wants to talk some more. Take it away, you worthless windbag.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay, well, let's see what there is to see here.

I'm not sure why I took a picture of this, but yeah.

So eventually I found my way to a gate made of fire, where that Goron guy was waiting for me.

Oh, you know, I've just been saving the world while you screw around failing to figure things out while I do all the work. You?

Yeah, and I'm the only one who can do anything with Goddess Cubes. Your point? Oh, right, you're too stupid to figure out how to get past the fire gate. Let's see. What does the Clue Tablet over here say ?

Okay. Well, look, there's a frog statue over there that looks pretty dang thirsty. Here, I'll whip out this empty bottle and get some water from the handy spring I found a few minutes ago.

I'm way ahead of you, chump. Get out of my way.

Look at that. The frog statue is all happy and the fire gate is gone. You'd have been able to do that too if you were just smart enough to carry a bottle around. Oh, but look, there's another frog statue in the next room. I wonder what I'll have to do next?

Ugh. Fine. But I had to pour the water over a balcony above the frog this time, since the walkway in front of it was conveniently missing.

Woo, cool. You mean I'M getting somewhere, because you're not doing anything useful here.

So we made our way to what looks suspiciously like the entrance to a temple. Except there's a really big fire gate in front of it, of course.

Gee, I wonder what that could be. Well, you can't have it, so don't get your hopes up. Here's a blurry picture of the gate I was talking about earlier.

I wonder how I'm going to get water to that frog. So I wandered around some more, and found myself back at the spring where I got the water twice before. But this time, a Mogma was waiting for me.

Yeah, okay. Well, I found the ruins already. Got any smart ideas for the water?

Okay, cool...but how am I going to get the water from there to here, smart guy?

Really? And what's she going to do, teleport the water here? Oh, right...the cookpot basin she was recuperating in. Well...that's...actually...not a bad idea...I guess. Congratulations, Fi! You're not totally worthless. Okay, let's go talk to the Water Dragon.

But how are we going to get the basin to where we need it to go? Can you teleport it for us?

Oh, right, the robot. Okay, well, let's go.

BURN! Hahahahaha! You're awesome, Scrapper. Keep up the good work.

So I had to lead Scrapper from Faron Woods back to the Eldin Volcano. Here's a blurry picture of said leading. Well, at least we're flying in the right direction.

And when we got there...

Uh oh. This is going to end badly. Get back here, you worthless robot!

So we landed at the very beginning of the Eldin Volcano area, and the robot promptly yelled at me for not telling him he needed to land at the summit. And rather than fly up to the summit himself, the robot decided an escort quest was what we needed to do.

Ugh. So we started making our slow way up the mountainside while I repeatedly tried and failed to shoot far-off enemies with my bow, cursing every time I ran out of ammo. Here we are in front of the entrance to the second dungeon.

But, after failing (and having to start over...grr) a couple of times, we finally made it to the summit.

So he flew up in the air...

...and poured it on the frog.


That's right! Because I'm The Hero (tm) and you're a chump.

And that brings me to the end of today's post. Next time: Whatever this dungeon is! And presumably the third flame. Until next time, heroes!

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