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Skyward Sword Chapter 18: Bokoblins Stole My Stuff!

...Those jerks. This is Wind Waker all over again! Sadly, I can't remember if anything like this happened in Twilight Princess. But whatever. On with the show!

So, I couldn't help but notice that things looked a bit different when I parachuted into Eldin Volcano...

I have a bad feeling about this...

Oh. Well, that's not good at all...

And somehow I've been thrown in a cage, because Bokoblins took over the whole volcano area while I was gone. This should be interesting...

Of course you are. And the Bokoblins seem to have taken all of my stuff, so you'd better have something good for me.

Gee, ya think? No, I was just going to sit here and twiddle my thumbs until someone rescues me. Unless you think you can do that, tough guy.

Yay, my mitts! Now I can dig my way out of here!

I admit it's not the most glamorous thing in the world, least I'm escaping, right?

And it looks like the Bokoblins have completely taken over the volcano area. Um, I'm not really sure why they decided to do it now, since volcanic eruptions and their aftermaths aren't exactly the most fun things to experience, but whatever.

Ooh, I see a chest in the lower left corner of that picture. I bet that's one of my stolen items, just waiting to be found again!

So, being the good little Hero I am, I started making my way through the volcano area, except this time I had to avoid patrolling Bokoblins and the spotlights on top of the guard towers.

Tunneling my way to freedom is such a fun thing. Well, let's move on. But, on the bright side, at least I don't have Fi babbling obvious things at me, since my sword is gone too. Yay!

Ooh, there's another chest. I bet that's the first item I have to get. And judging by the piles of magma all over the place, I'm going to guess it's the Gust Bellows.

Yay! Now I can...blow wind at things again. So exciting!

Oh, Bokoblins, you so silly. You replaced all my item icons with Bokoblin faces instead! It's like you're trying to piss me off!

Well, anyway...on to the next treasure chest. In order to reach said treasure chest, I had to sneak my way past two patrolling Bokoblins and then tunnel my way past a guard tower to get to the chest.

Yay, my Clawshots! What I'd really like is to find my sword in one of these chests, but that would just be way too easy, I guess. But would it be easier than taking all of these handy Clawshot plants over the lava and up to the upper part of the volcano area? Probably not.

See? Easy peasy. But less blurry.

And here's what I found!

This was about the point that they started putting in Bomb Flowers that I could use to blow things up. Like this guard tower that was keeping me from getting the Whip.

The poor unfortunate Bokoblin on top of the tower got unceremoniously dumped into lava. Serves you right, jerk.

And here I am at the gate to the upper area, where I had to whip the plant to make it rise into the air so I could Clawshot it and get over the gate.

On the other side of the gate, I found some more bombs and used them to clear the way ahead of me, as the tunnel on the right was blocked, as was the airway thing that leads to the top part of the mountain. When I got to the top, I found...

But I couldn't proceed any farther than that, because the way was blocked and there weren't any bombs nearby. So I had to take the other pathway down to the area in front of the entrance to the Earth Temple. Here I am making my way down to another one of the guard towers through a combination of riding on chunks of solidified rock in the magma rivers and using my Clawshots on the plants.

When I got to the ground on the right side of the picture, I had to wait for another piece of rock to show up, then grab a bomb and jump on the rock so I could throw the bomb at the guard tower on the other side of the magma river.

Once again, the hapless Mogma on the guard tower got dumped into the lava. Haha! And in the chest...

 Scattershot, because I forgot to take a picture when I got it back. Yay! Now I can stun those pesky patrollers!

Ooh! I bet that's the last item I need. That's the chest I saw earlier! I bet it has my Bomb Bag in it!

Getting to it was a little tricky, though. I had to get through some gates they'd put up in front of the entrance to the Earth Temple. To do that, I had to stun a Bokoblin who was just standing there staring ahead of him. Then I had to go past him and stun another Bokoblin who was actually patrolling instead of just standing there like a moron. Then I had to go over to the guard tower in the above picture and stun the Bokoblin on top of it, then quickly run to the dig spot and make my way to the chest, because if I was too slow the Bokoblin would recover from the stun and alert his buddies to my presence, which made me start over at the beginning of the area. But at long last...

So, armed with my Bombs, I made my way back to the area with the Mogma guy I couldn't get past before, and went into the volcano Summit, or whatever that super-hot area is called. And when I got inside...

You know, I really would have thought they'd have that under lock and key and guarded by like five Moblins, because, you know, I'm The Hero (tm) and all, and if I can't get the sword back I'm pretty much screwed. Well, whatever.

Oh, goody. I was just getting used to not having to talk to her, too.

Sigh. Well, you know, the area on the far right IS the only area in this place that I haven't been to yet. But you just keep on with your needless handholding.

Yeah, I got it. Shut up and let's go.

Oh, but wait. I'm still missing a whole bunch of my stuff. Where could it be?

Well, at least I've got my sword, so I don't have to sneak around anymore. Let's get this done!

Hmm. I guess I didn't take any pictures. Well, I got to the chest and got my stuff back (they didn't even have Moblins guarding it, just a bunch of lame Bokoblins). The rest of my missing items, plus everything in my Adventure Pouch or whatever, was in the chest. I guess they couldn't be bothered to hide the rest of my items one by one. Well, whatever. I've got a dragon to talk to here.

I had to use my sword, and then the Beetle, to break ropes holding the bridge up so I could get across it. And when I went into the following room...

Something's in the lava! AAAAAHHHH!

Oh, it's another dragon wearing a kimono. Well, okay then.

Well, you know, I saw that symbol somewhere and thought it would be cool to get myself a tattoo...

Okay, let's hear it.

So then the dragon started singing, and it sounded really goofy.

You just keep doing your thing, man.

As long as Link likes it, it's okay.

But only part of it, because just teaching me the whole song and being done with it would be way too easy.

Oh, and then the dragon said the volcanic eruption was his fault.

But he didn't go into any more details than that, so who knows what the dragon actually DID to cause the eruption. I'm thinking it had something to do with an ill-timed fireball being flicked at some hapless Keese or something, and the next thing you know, BOOM!

But everything's okay now!

Yay! Let's hope the eruption didn't result in any lasting damage.

But most of the new stuff the Bokoblins put up is still there for some reason. Oh well.

And that brings me to the end of today's post. Next time: SOMEBODY FLOODED THE FOREST OMG WHO COULD HAVE POSSIBLY DONE THAT. Next time, on...Operation Replay!

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