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Okami Chapter 33: We Gotta Get Back to the Future!

Hello, heroes, and welcome to my 33rd post about Okami! We're getting closer to the end, but first we have a whole lot more pointless rehashes exciting plot developments to cover! Keep reading to find out how we vanquish Past-Okami with the help of Nagi and absolutely no help from that douchebag Oki. And with that, let's get the party started!

When I last left off,we had just stolen Nami's white sacrificial robe and somehow dressed Nagi up in it so we could give him a ride to the Moon Cave. But the cops showed up as soon as we left Kamiki Village.

At least that's what it seemed like, with the weird noise these particular enemies made...

I didn't have the foresight to actually look and see what these enemies are actually called, but they look vaguely like Gumby in the paintings, so we'll go with that.

So the weird Gumby guys did their little dance and then attacked, but they died pretty easily. Then we were mostly free to explore the Shinshu Field of the past! Except it was a lot smaller than the Shinshu Field of the future. I guess the developers didn't really want us to spend much time here.

There was a little exploring to be done with some hidden clovers and a couple small treasures though, so it wasn't a complete waste of time. And then we reached the Moon Cave!

Looks just as scary as it did before, if not more so.

And then the aliens attacked! Or so it seemed.

Is it just me, or do the baddies keep getting weirder and weirder? It's like they're running out of ideas.

Actually, maybe this is just what the demons looked like 100 years ago. I suppose it would be a simpler explanation.

But really...for this one, I'm going to have to go with alien.

Just look at those crazy eyes! They have to be aliens working for Orochi.

Fortunately, the aliens were (more or less) easily dealt with, and we made our way to the cave entrance.

Somehow Nagi managed to stay on my back the whole time, but don't ask me how.

Why would there be? He hasn't been defeated yet. Clearly, in this time period, he's still megalomaniacal enough to think he can't be defeated.

"Oh, that Orochi! What a scamp!"

Well, yeah. Especially since we haven't seen Lika yet, and she's gotta be around here somewhere.

100 years ago, yeah yeah, we get it...

Oh, well, yeah...well, I'm counting on the past-Ammy to show up for the dying part. You know, because it would be really bad if I died.

So why did I show up every year if I didn't help kill Orochi each time? Was I waiting for a girl like you  hero like Nagi to show up?

Why are you telling me all this again? I KNOW.

I guess I was just trying to trick everyone. Because I'm sneaky!

Oh, whatever. He probably didn't even know it was me all this time!

But before we could speculate about the situation any longer...Nagi woke up.

This led to several moments of awkward silence.

It's not every day the village drunk/warrior wakes up in a dress, riding on the back of a wolf.

Fortunately, he dismounted with a minimum of awkwardness, as far as I could tell.

Welcome to Hell!

Because it's your destiny. Now shut up and go kill Orochi!

Yeah, I guess I knocked him out pretty good, huh?

You say that like it's a good thing!

Let's remember that this guy is Susano's ancestor. Therefore, it seems highly likely that he never actually intended to fight Orochi in the first place.

So, we might have to, uh...psych him up a bit!

But then again...maybe not.

Actually, we didn't have to do any convincing at all. Nagi ran into the cave all by himself!

I think Issun thought one of Orochi's heads was going to come out and grab us. Um, okay...

Alas, it was not to be. Orochi rejected Nagi as the sacrifice!

I guess it really isn't as simple as dressing a guy up as a girl and sending him in to do some slicing.

So what now, genius?

Oh, and once again, we were stuck on the inside of the barrier that magically appeared across the mouth of the cave, and Nagi got thrown on the other side.

Woohoo, we're about to fight Orochi without Nagi. This could get interesting...

When we entered the Moon Cave, we found...this!

It's the Moon Cave, but this time the stairs aren't broken, so we can go right up! Hey, what's that on the stairs?

I guess I didn't get a picture of that, but it was the sake we need to defeat Orochi. How handy!

So we ran up the stairs to see what was going on, and found...Oki?!

NO WAY, right? It's not like there was anywhere else he could go or anything!

Are you sure you're not just delusional?

Look man, if there was anywhere else I could have gone, I would have gone there!

Duh. But I guess I've been here before and you haven't. Wait a second. The other me still hasn't shown up. Are we destroying the space-time continuum just by being here?

Looks like they just thought of that too.

But before anyone could start freaking out, Issun distracted us.

Dammit, who let Nagi in? I thought that barrier was secure! And who let him at the 8 Purification Sake?!


Oh, right, the entire reason we came here to start with.


She's the sacrifice!

Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of her lying underneath the bell in the above picture, so you'll have to take my word for it.

And then Orochi showed up again!

Looks like this is going to go down pretty much the same way as before.

"Blah blah, how dare you come here, going to kill you, but I don't just snatch you up and eat you with one of my eight heads because reasons, blah blah blah."

Back off, small fry! This is my fight!

I thought last time was the real deal! Or was it the time before that? Wait, that was this time! ...I'm confused.

I know, I know! Let me fight already!

Lemme at 'im! Lemme at 'im! I'll kick his scaly ass!

I do what I want, snake breath! Now prepare to, uh...become a belt! 8 belts!

God of the underworld? That's a new one. Well, I guess every demon has to start somewhere, huh?

Why are you wasting time explaining your Evil Plan? Just kill us already!

Oh? I think I'm going to make you pay for defiling the lake instead!

Shut up, Oki! This doesn't have anything to do with you!

Are you sure about that?

Something tells me you're going to be sorely disappointed in 3...2...1...

Yeah! You don't want Kutone to feast on her blood too!


You know what? You're a total douchebag, and I'm not going to support you anymore. Kutone, don't work for him!

Don't do it, Kutone! This is my job anyway!

Then you'd better get it ready!

And then it was time for the battle to start! Fortunately, it was pretty much just a rehash of the previous time I fought Orochi. Which makes sense, really. I had to dodge the heads' attacks and wait for them to roar, then use Waterspout to fill their mouths with sake. Once they were fully drunk, the heads fell on the ground like so...

...and once I had made three heads drunk, they all fell down and I could climb up onto the main body...

...and hit that bell as many times as I could before the heads got back up and tried to fry me with their flames.

This actually didn't take very long, which was nice! Woo!

I destroyed the bell and it's on fire! I hope Lika escaped...

Right about that time, I was going to deliver the final blow, but that douchebag Oki got in the way.

Yeah! Leave the heroism to us, you tool!

Ugh. He's completely clueless. Well, I guess I don't really care if he gets killed.

You're just going to be disappointed! Give up now!

I did all the work, anyway!

See? YOU'RE A FAILURE! Now go home and let the adults do the work!

See? Orochi laughs at your weak sword.

I do. You're a failure!

Because you were too impatient to wait for fate! Plus, you're a tool.

Meanwhile, back in non-whiny land, Orochi tried to eat us...

...But someone got in his way!

NAGI?! No way!

Haha! He got in through the servants' lift.

I believe it is, yes.

Wait a second, is he holding a mic? Is he about to throw down a blistering rap solo?

Oh, never mind. He's just posing.

Well, at least he's not as reluctant about the whole thing as Susano was.

You tell him, Nagi!

Woohoo! Kick his ass, Nagi!

And then he tried to do some kind of crazy flip or some shit and landed on his head.

That looked painful...

"I meant to do that. Totally. Now somebody help me up."

I'm here because DESTINY DEMANDS IT.

Fine! Just get up before your neck breaks!

Hurry up and kill him already!

Ooh! Ooh! That's my cue! I'm supposed to draw a moon, right?


Yes! It's moon-drawing time!

Okay! It's snake-killing time!

Oh, wait. I mean, NOW it's snake-killing time.

Okay, hold on. Looks like there's some more exposition here.

Glowing? Like yours eventually would have if you'd left well enough alone?

You just got the ultimate power! Now use it to kill Orochi so we can all go home!

And then it was finally time to start slicing. In majestic fashion, Nagi (that is to say, I) used his (that is to say, my) divine powers to slash all eight of Orochi's heads.

But then Nagi did this part all by himself! Aww, he's all grown up now.

Woohoo! SLICE!

It may be hard to tell, but that's a picture of Orochi's main neck being sliced right down the middle.

I like how the halves neatly sprang away from each other right after they were cut. Well, I guess this is a story being told to us. The narrator's allowed to take some liberties.

And with that, the foul beast was vanquished!

And then Lika fell out of nowhere and landed on Ammy's back.

How convenient.

But before we could wonder about that, a shiny new sword appeared!

It's a sword called Thunder Edge, and it was way more powerful than my old one. Interesting how the Orochi of the past dropped a better weapon than the Orochi of the future. I guess my current self had to get the better sword so my past self couldn't get it too early and be way overpowered, and then my current self would just get some crappy sword instead and...I'm confused. Where was I?

Oh yeah...Narrator Time again!

We all went directly back to the future, thus avoiding any more time-travel snafus?

Oh. Never mind.

Yay! He's safely sealed away so we can defeat him in 100 years.

Where it stayed for the next 100 years, until that idiot Susano pulled it out.

Tainted? I thought she was just lost!

Curse? I thought she was just lost!

Okay, anyway.

Jerk. Laika could have died, and he didn't even care.

Boohoo. Cry me a river!


Hey, that rhymes. I wonder if that was on purpose.

Good! Get out of here, you useless thief!

Good riddance.

Wait, what? Why does Nagi sound all evil?

Stop being evil! You're creeping me out here!

Congratulations! know...don't be so creepy about it in the future.

Dammit. Just shut up and move on with the story!

Yeah! Moocher.

Who cares? He's a douche.

Great. Let's go back to the future and fix the weather!

But before we could leave, something weird happened.

Is that a...boulder? Falling right where Nagi is standing?

Gee, I hope he didn't get squashed...

Is he squished? Holy crap!

Hey, it's my past self? Where the hell have you been? And how did you know to conveniently show up just in time to take a boulder for Nagi?

Well, I guess I don't have to worry about dying least, one of me doesn't.

This part was really sad. She was all shaky and stuff.

Oh, crap! Someone from the past saw us! Is that Ishaku?!

What? But Orochi is dead!

It is Ishaku! Good thing he goes blind in the future.

Late to the party, as usual.

This is so sad! She's dying!

Aww, he's carrying her. *sniff*

 I...I mean...I just got something in my eye...

And there they go, back to Kamiki Village. Time for my legend to begin! Or continue. Or...something.

And that brings me to the end of today's post. Check back next time to find out just how much of a childish douchebag Oki really is!

Until next time, heroes!

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