Thursday, September 11, 2008

James Franco mobbed by twats at Columbia University

The twits at Columbia can be so déclassé: as Vesal Yazdi wrote in the university's Spectator (and as noted by Page Six), they surrounded actor James Franco like cats in heat as he was trying to study in a campus cafe (he's going for his master's in writing at NYU.) They were "crowd[ing] around him and star[ing] into his face and the emails on his Mac..."

Lame. I mean, I agree that Franco's a good-looking guy, but come on, get a life! Just because the guy is sitting there doesn't make him fair game for asking to take a picture with him, especially if he's doing homework. Of course, according to the article, the girls were mostly freshmen, which makes sense.

My Advice To Freshman Girls: If you see someone famous (unlikely in this state),
do not approach them. Ever.
Why? Because it makes you look like a starstruck, selfish 14-year-old who just wants a brush with fame. Celebrities are people too, and that means give them some goddamn privacy.

Of course, if the famous person you see happens to be Paris Hilton or Stephenie Meyer, feel free to point and laugh.

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