Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Russell Crowe Will Play Robin Hood AND The Sheriff in Ridley Scott's Nottingham (maybe)


This should be interesting. I hope Crowe as Robin Hood is the clean-shaven one. However, this story might not be true:

mjkbk (09.29.08 10:38 PM)
Sure, Russell has the chops to do it. Only thing is, according to HIM, this story isn't true. He sent the following message to his longtime fansite, Murph's Place (http://www.murphsplace.com/crowe/news.html): "I won't be playing two roles in Nottingham.If I ever were to do that I'd pick roles that were more diverse, say Tuck and Marion. RC" I think maybe Ridley was pulling your journalistic leg.

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movie fan said...

he's got the accent for Robin Hood (or the sheriff), though he'll probably have to get a bit slimmer than what his recent role in Body of Lies