Sunday, October 19, 2008

Suri Has Her Own Dressing Room/Playroom

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' two year old daughter Suri has her own dressing room at the New York theatre where the actress is making her Broadway debut.
Holmes is combining her run in
Arthur Miller's All My Sons with her role as a mum, and has kitted out a room backstage at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre, so little Suri is never bored.

"We have a dressing room that is transformed into a playroom. It has a little piano."

You know, it doesn't even really bother me that Suri has her own playroom at the Broadway theater or whatever. I mean, all little girls should have their own playroom. I myself had a playroom when I was a little girl...well, if the huge empty basement counted as a playroom. I've seen many playrooms at churches, schools, daycares, wherever. Can you tell what really annoyed me about this article about Suri's playroom?

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