Wednesday, October 8, 2008

This is why I hate Twilight

But about a week or so ago I got one that made my brain literally cease all function...*drum roll please* Renesmee Bella was this little girl's new first name.

This particular name had the first letter S. Which I automatically decided stood for "sucks"...because was all I could do to help keep my sanity. But no, this poor child's name was Renesmee Bella STEPHENIE....and that's when I think I blacked out for a little bit.

According to the rest of the post, the baby's father's name is Edward (and the only reason the mother hooked up with him), and the dumbass mother (who is 15) was originally going to give the kid up for adoption until she read Breaking Dawn and thought having a kid, at her age, and screwing over the adoptive parents (who were paying all her medical bills) was a good idea. I am a little leery as to whether this story is actually true, because it seems too crazy to be true. But if it is real...who wants to help hold Stephenie Meyer down while I go at her with a baseball bat? Because really. It's good that kids are reading books and everything, but I just think there are better books they could be reading, for heaven's sake.

Actually, after this, I think that girl's probably going to have to go read a book on finance so she knows how to pay back allllllll those bills the adoptive parents are probably going to stick her with.

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