Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ten Awesome Costumes You Slackers Can Get Done By Friday

Shoot, it's only a few days until Halloween and you don't have a costume yet! Relax — you're in the same boat as many a costume designer for a science fiction movie or TV series. Except that instead having to create a whole group of identical alien costumes for a bunch of extras by Friday, you only have to create one cool-looking costume for yourself. We talked to few actual costume designers, including Joss Whedon's favorite costumer, and came up with some cool ideas for costumes you can throw together in the next couple of days.

If you ask me, they're more like "meh" costumes, but whatever. I'd totally dress as Irina Spalko from Indy 4. Maybe I could even lug along a fake script labeled "Crappy Indiana Jones 4 Script". Oh, I know, it could be chained to my wrist! And I'd have to have my mouth duct-taped shut or something to symbolize Cate Blanchett's acting talent being, uh...not-so-good. Wait, this is starting to sound like some kind of BDSM fantasy....okay, nix the duct tape.

*edit - Someone on another blog suggested dressing up as characters from Twilight because all you'd have to do is wear the most plain, boring clothes possible and then fall down a lot and try to get hit by any cars that come your way. I could go for that, especially if I could find some guy willing to be completely coated in white makeup and a ton of glitter while wearing vampire fangs and looking emo. Yes, the Twilight series sounds more wonderful all the time, doesn't it?

I think I know just the guy.

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