Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Twilight Princess Chapter 10: A-Drowning We Will Go!

Let me start by saying I didn't actually drown while doing this temple. I was going to use that title for my last post but forgot about it, so I'm using it for this one instead. I suppose I could fire up the game again and go drown somewhere for accuracy's sake...oh, wait, I can't because of the plot progression. Ooh, mysterious!

Well, anyway, on with the show.

In order to get into the temple, I had to use a floating bomb to blow up a rock in front of the entrance. This was less complicated than it sounds.

Here's the first room!

Sorry for the slight blurriness. I was just too excited by the prospect of doing another dungeon slog. Have I mentioned I don't like dungeons? "Why do you play these games then?" one might ask. My answer: Mind your own business!

In this room were some Chus. I have no memory of Chus being in this game. Like, at all. Not even a little bit. And they're nothing like the Chus in Wind Waker. Well, aside from still dropping Chu Jelly when they die. You just have to use your bottle to scoop it up off the ground before it dissipates.

I don't remember ever doing this before. Well, I've done it now!

When I got into the next room, Midna stopped me from going any farther. There were stalactites hanging from the ceiling that I needed to shoot down.

Since I'm such an awesome player, I screwed around with all my weapons for a while trying to figure out how to shoot the stalactites down before I remembered the bomb + arrow combo. Then it was easy!

Here's a look at the actual room I'm talking about.

The next room was dominated by a giant staircase that changes which direction it faces based on which switches I grabbed and hung off of. Cool!

Yay, awesome, look at that treasure chest on the chandelier, etc.

Here's one of the aforementioned switches.

While exploring, I jumped into the water at the bottom of the room and discovered a bunch of Skullfish swimming around. Since I didn't have anything better to do, I decided to see if I could fish one up.


Unfortunately, the fish journal said the fish was "forbidden" so I had to throw it back. Lame.

I kept exploring the dungeon...and eventually made my way to a big empty room...where Midna decided it was time to break out a Star Wars reference.

Yeah, I wonder what's going to attack me in here? She told me to look at the ceiling, so I did.

Yeah, that thing doesn't look friendly at all.

To kill this guy, I had to kill all the little tadpoles that fell off his back. Then he leaped up in the air and tried to crush me, so I had to dodge out of the way, then hit his tongue with my sword while he lay on the ground stunned.

Yay, tadpoles. The miniboss was easy though! Here he is, about to die.

After the nasty slime all over the treasure chest (see photo above) dissipated, I got THIS!

It's the Clawshot, this game's version of the Hookshot! I think whoever wrote that description was a little bored. Just saying.

After more exploring, I was able to open a couple of sluice gates and send water flowing throughout the temple. This next picture is supposed to be of me sliding down a newly-created waterslide, but I wasn't fast enough, so it ended up being a picture of me falling off the end of said waterslide into the water below.

Oh well. At least I tried.

So now I had to make my way through the dungeon using the Clawshot. This was frustrating in some places and just plain dumb in others, but I persevered, and eventually I found the Big Key and made my way to the boss's room.

In the boss's room, all I could see at first was a single tentacle sticking out of the sand. Then the tentacle became a whole bunch of tentacles.

Then...the horrible monster revealed itself!

That, um...no comment.

At first it just sat there waving its tentacles around in the water. Midna promptly came up with a totally obvious comment, like usual.

Thanks, Midna! Say something useful for once!

So, I did what Midna said and used the Clawshot to pull it out of the tentacle it was floating around in, then hit it with my sword. This was oddly reminiscent of fighting Morpha in Ocarina of Time. Which makes sense, considering this boss's name is Morpheel. But whatever. I had to do this three times before I could get to phase 2 of the fight!

Yep, the giant eel dragged itself out of the sand and started swimming around the room. This will be fun, I can tell.

This time I had to swim around Morpheel's head as the eel swam around the room, use the Clawshot to latch onto the eye on its back, and hit the eye with my sword a few times. This was really easy.

After I hit the eye enough times to kill the monster, it swam around for a while, writhing in pain...

...and then rammed its head into one of the room's walls.

This made the water drain out of the room, and Morpheel's body settled to the sand, where it popped out a Heart Container...

(Heart Container not pictured)

...and then blew up into Twilight fragments.

Then the Twilight fragments condensed themselves into the last Fused Shadow!

Shut up, Midna! I'm trying to think here.

And with that...I was done with Lakebed Temple. Sadly, this will probably be my only post for this week, as I'm going to be even more busy than usual for the rest of the week. But rest assured that at some point, I'll have something new to post. Eventually. In the future.

Until next time, heroes!


Styve said...

Hated, I repeat, HATED this temple. I was getting so dizzy from repeatedly entering rooms over and over or in the most inefficient order that I broke down and busted out my player's guide. Then I remembered how much I disliked this player's guide and it's philosophy of "get every single rupee, treasure chest, smashable pot, and enemy you can in this exact order as we sprinkle what you really want to know throughout."

The froggy/slimeball miniboss was so gross! The eggs on it's back were one thing, but the juicy splat and subsequent belch were... blegh...

Huzzah for the clawshot!! I always get so impatient for the good equipment. I was excited for the clawshot only to then remember that the double clawshot is what I really want.

The boss was definitely Morpha's cousin or clone or something. However, I found catching the eye-in-the-tentacle much easier in this underwater setting than in the pillar pool of Ocarina. Favorite part: When I clawshot onto its eye on its back and that faster battle music comes on as I stab it repeatedly. I think that makes me a little sadistic, but it was still satisfying to really stick it to'em.

Thought: Is my commenting on these posts weeks and weeks after you've written them still feeling relevant to you?? I'll still keep commenting, but I occasionally remember that you haven't just played these like I have/am. Onto the extended cut scenes and phase II of Twilight.

adejaan said...

I'm just happy to be getting comments, honestly.