Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Twilight Princess Chapter 7: The Search for What's-Her-Name

Today, on my wonderfully exciting blog that gets updated all the time...

It's time to look for Ilia!

But first, I had to stop in Faron Woods and talk to the dead hero guy, as I had completely forgotten he was even there to talk to before I did the Goron Mines. So, I made my way down to Faron Woods, found the golden wolf, and fell down on the ground and drooled some more.

This time the hero only gives me a backhanded compliment instead of a full-out insult, so there's that. Then he taught me the Shield Attack.

Okay, I'll admit it. I've never really used the Shield Attack. It's too easy to screw it up and do a spin attack when you don't want to. Why bother? I learned the attack for completion's sake, but...yeah.

Cool. I'd like to stop drooling on the ground now! Thanks.

I took this picture of myself standing next to Epona for some reason. Something about being all heartwarming or something, I don't know.

Cool. Let's move on.

After I was done in Faron Woods, I had to go north to find the last area covered in shadow - Hyrule Castle Town and that area. So, I made my way there, we proceeded into the twilight, and Midna made her last few comments.

Yeah, sure, whatever. You just keep on pretending to be evil so I won't trust you. It's okay, I don't know what you're up to or anything.

Shortly after our little chat, I found a new scent!

She looks familiar...

We're supposed to be looking for her? Uh...can't I just go hang out with Zelda instead? I'm sure wherever she is, she can take care of herself, right?

Doesn't look like we can get out of this. Sigh. Well, on to Castle Town.

You can't see it very well, but there are a lot of spirits hanging out in this part of town.


The weird thing is, no one here seems to have noticed falling into their corporeal state. They're all just going on with their lives like normal, except they did manage to notice that Lake Hylia is almost empty and there's no water. But...really? In the last two places I had to clear the twilight from, the people definitely noticed something was wrong. So why is Castle Town different? It makes no sense.

Well, whatever. I explored the town as best I could.

Along the way, I ran into some mysterious cats.

I'll catch you later, meow.


Ilia's scent led me all through town and finally to Telma's bar. But right outside the bar was a ledge with some boxes on it, and one of the boxes had something inside it that seemed to want me to attack it. So I did.

It was a Twilight Bug. Uhhhhh...

Well, that's random. I guess I'll just...leave that there, since I don't have the thingy that lets me pick them up yet.

So, I got into the bar, and found Ilia! Cool! Can I go now?

Aw, man, she's having a conversation with Telma. The game developers definitely wanted us to notice Telma's generous cleavage. I thought this was a kids' game?

Well, whatever. I think the bigger mystery here is why the Zora kid is in this bar instead of the hospital I went by while I was following Ilia's scent. I can't think a bar would be a better place for a sick person than, you know...a medical facility.

Just then, Midna had to interrupt.

Yeah, I don't really care. Can we move on?

As I was exploring the bar, I found some soldiers talking about Lake Hylia. Apparently the water level's gone way down or something. Gee, I've never encountered that happening before or anything....

You can't get to the spirit's spring, you say? No fear! I'm on the case! Who cares about Ilia, right?

So we left town and went to Lake Hylia. Things were uneventful until we got to the giant bridge that passes over the lake. What is it with this game and massive bridges? Well, whatever. We were halfway across the bridge when we spotted a twilight creature doing something with a bow and a flaming arrow...

He's...setting the bridge...on fire...well, crap.

There was only one thing to do: Push one of the crates sitting conveniently nearby, and jump over the side of the bridge...

That's a really long fall. Good thing there was at least some water below us. Oddly, Midna echoes my sentiments exactly.

I think that's the first time Midna's agreed with me about anything. How nice.

After I got out of the water, I spotted a couple of Zoras standing nearby, looking forlornly at the water. I decided to listen to their conversation.

Well, that's heartening. Let's move on.

I went to explore around the goofy building pictured above, and a magical cutscene pointed out a twilight monster standing on a nearby hill. So, I felt morally obligated to investigate and went over there.

When I got there, the twilight monster called down a giant Twilight Bird thing and hopped on.

I, of course, had to wait until they swooped down to attack me, then leap on and attack them before the bird could grab me in its talons and throw me around. This was more less complicated than it seemed at first, and finally I prevailed and killed the twilight monster, but not the bird. Midna, of course, thought fast and jumped onto the bird.

She proceeded to use her bronco-taming skills to get the bird under control, and then came up with a brilliant plan!

Cool, Midna. Great plan. I don't see any way this could go wrong at all. But whatever, I'll do what you say.

And with that, I've got to cut things short. Next time: Flying! Zoras! And a lot of bugs.


Styve said...

I'm a little disappointed I forgot to talk to the cats when I was all wolfy and looking for Ilia. I'm also confused as to why you went to the effort of using the ceiling passage into Telma's when they had left the door conveniently ajar before the twilight hit... just sayin'.

I have not been seeing/looking for the golden wolves yet... I should get on that but I'll wait until after the water temple (I mean "Lakebed Temple"--I know a pain-in-the-ass water temple when I see one!).

I did not catch the lack of concern by the spirits of Hyrule Castletown... that is a bit odd... guess that's the big city mentality??

Finally, why is it we can't buy milk from Telma? I mean, c'mon! She's gotta have some!!

adejaan said...

I must have forgotten to mention that in the original post. I did attempt to use the door, but I got kicked out immediately because, you know, I was a wolf, and might attack somebody or something. What happened to give wolves such a bad rap with the general populace?