Friday, September 9, 2011

Twilight Princess Chapter 15: It's Really Cold in Here!

Yeah, you're not imagining's another post! Commence the celebrations, and let the dungeon-crawling begin!

So, I walked into the yeti's impressively large house, and was greeted by...a dilapidated, icy wreck.

So this yeti had the means to build this massive house, but not to keep it maintained? Fail.

In the first room, I found the yeti's wife, chilling by the fire. I guess she's sick or something. Well, she was well enough to tell me to talk to her husband in the adjacent room. So I headed in and found him stirring a massive pot of soup.

I could be wrong, but that soup pretty much looks like the worst thing ever. That's just my opinion, though. For all I know, it could be really good. the moment it isn't. I think it needs a couple of additions first. See what I did there? I foreshadowed that the soup is going to become better. Oooooooooooh. But at the moment, all it does is restore two measly hearts when I drink it. Lame.

After I was done ridiculing the yeti soup, I began exploring the dungeon. Yeto said that his wife had been acting funny ever since they got the shard of the Mirror of Twilight. Yeah, I can already see how this is going to go bad. But I've been informed that the shard is locked in the house's bedroom and I need to find the Bedroom Key to unlock the door and get in. The wife didn't seem very confident that the key was where she thought it was, but hey, we have plenty of time to screw around.

Eventually I found an inner courtyard, which contained...this.

Looks like that's the door I need to get into. Well, let's keep moving on.

I forgot to mention I had to turn into a wolf and dig my way underneath a wall to get to this courtyard. So, yeah. I also had to kill some pesky snow wolves.

Back in the soup room, I happened to notice this massive cleaver on a nearby table.

That is a huge cleaver. Why can't I take that with me? I mean, if I could take a couple of whacks at Ganondorf with that, it would be game over pretty much immediately.

One of the things I forgot about with this dungeon was the amount of really shiny ice on the floors, which I think is a nice touch. Except for the whole slip'n'slide game that inevitably ensues, of course. Plus it's a nice setup for the end boss.

After lots of slipping and sliding on the ice, I made my way to where Yeto's wife said the key was...only to find an Ordon Pumpkin inside the chest. This irritated Midna to no end, predictably.

Of course she did. If she hadn't, this would be a really short dungeon, wouldn't it? And we can't have that.

Since a pumpkin obviously wasn't going to unlock any doors for us, I headed back down to the soup room. When I got there, the yeti immediately smelled the pumpkin. Being a yeti, he whacked me over the head to get the pumpkin, rather than using his manners and asking me for it. Seriously, why does this guy have no manners? Sigh.

Yay! The pumpkin has been added to the soup. Now it'll restore 4 hearts per drink, so I decided to take some with me, since apparently nothing in this dungeon drops hearts when I kill and/or destroy it.

After I was done filling my bottle, I went to talk to the yeti's wife again and she marked a different spot on the map where she thought the key might be. Midna and I are understandably skeptical, but we pressed on...because we've just gotta get that mirror shard. And in one of the subsequent rooms, we found a cannon!

There was also a cannonball, which I had to pick up and load into the cannon. Then I put a bomb in it and WHAM! I could shoot down all the walls of ice I liked! Well, provided there was a wall of ice available to shoot and I wasn't too lazy to go grab the cannonball and start over.

This room was fun. And by "fun" I mean "huge pain." I don't even remember what was in that chest on the far side of the room. Just that getting there was really, really annoying.

Eventually, of course, I found my way to a "special room" and found...this guy!

Uh...that's an interesting weapon you have there...

That...I, uh...can I run away now? I want to run away. Aww, man...fine, I'll kill him...

I couldn't remember the strategy for this guy, so my first instinct was to stay close to him (inside the radius of the chain) and try to hit his tail at various points. This didn't work so well, though, so eventually I backed off and figured out what to do (wait until he throws the ball, then go in for the kill) ...and vanquished him! Which gave me THIS!

YES! Now I, too, can use a ball and chain to destroy everything around me! Just what I've always wanted!

I proceeded to use my new toy to destroy my way to the next chest, which was supposed to contain the Bedroom Key. Instead I found a hunk of Ordon Goat Cheese. What a surprise.

Another Star Wars reference, Midna? Come on, expand your repertoire a bit. In the meantime, I'll just bring this cheese down to the soup room.

I guess I didn't take a picture of the new soup. Well, now it restores 8 hearts per drink! Awesome.

After another chat with the yeti's wife, she marked a final spot on the map, and I made my way find a chapel. Uh, okay.

I had to break out the ball and chain to clear the room of enemies, but that was okay, because I like to think the ball and chain is the best means I have of creating complete chaos in any given situation. You know, because it destroys everything it hits. Including the pews in the aforementioned chapel. And then I got the Bedroom Key! Yay!

After I got the key, I had to find my way to the actual Bedroom Door so I could finish the dungeon. When I went through the last door into the courtyard to get to the Bedroom Door, the yeti's wife unexpectedly showed up on the other side.

That doesn't seem ominous to me at all. Well, let's move on. I unlocked the door to the bedroom, and we proceeded inside and over to the mirror shard, which was hanging on the wall. Then the yeti's wife started admiring her reflection...or maybe Link's. I'm thinking it could have been either one.

Then things started to get a little creepy. Okay, make that a lot.


Is she a vampire now? Did she just turn into a vampire? Is she going to suck my blood?! Oh God I want to run away!

Then, as if things weren't bad enough, all the windows in the room broke, letting snow in...

...and the snow started packing itself around the yeti lady...which turned her into a giant mass of ice. Hence her title, I guess.

That looks fun. Time to get out the ball and chain!

This fight was really pretty simple. First I had to hit the ball of ice with the ball and chain, progressively knocking off layers of ice, until it was all gone. Then Blizzeta surrounded herself in more ice and brought out some really big pieces of ice that floated around and stabbed themselves into the floor in an attempt to kill me. This is where the shiny ice on the floor I mentioned earlier came in handy.

I had to wait for the ice things to come down, then hit Blizzeta's ice prison with the ball and chain and break off bits of it until she was finally defeated. Kinda underwhelming, but actually killing her would be a little bit of a downer, so...yeah.

Blizzeta is defeated...and I get a Mirror Shard!

Ooh, ahh, cool, etc.

After I got the Mirror Shard, there was a touching little scene with the yetis. The yeti's wife really liked admiring herself in the mirror, which is a Bad Thing, obviously. So her husband decided to cheer her up.

Aww, how touching...

Okay, this is starting to get a little uncomfortable. But at least I got a Heart Container out of the deal. Let's get out of here, Midna.

And now for something completely different!

After I was done in the dungeon, I decided to go to Zora's Domain and see if Ralis had found his way home yet. Surprisingly, he did! Yay, the guards aren't watching over an empty throne anymore! And all is right with the world. Well, a few parts of the world.

Until next time, heroes!

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Styve said...

For some reason I recall this dungeon being much more difficult than it was when I played it this afternoon. I mean, she basically tells you were to go and what to get in three easy steps. Well, "easy" steps, what with all the getting insta-frozen by all the enemies.

I forgot how very bizarre looking the yetis are, too. The guy yeti has this weird, fatty, beaver tail, and the wife is basically a walking sweater. Then (as demonstrated in the awkward love scene at the end) he is about 5 times bigger than her! The logistics are mindboggling... so we'll take our piece of heart and move on.

The ball and chain (is this a reference to marriage and/or relationships/yeti love?) is pretty awesome. I could not for the life of me remember how to kill the mini boss for this, though. I saw I could hookshot above him but was promptly smacked back down. Eventually my intuition (read: website guide) told me this fully armored creature had somehow not covered its tail... How convenient!

Smashy smash SMASH SMASH SMASH... So goes the ball and chain that is oh so fun! (But still not as fun as the spinner and/or poe-soul ripping.)

Alright, onto your next entry, hero!