Thursday, September 29, 2011

Twilight Princess Chapter 20: Damn You, Wind!!! (Also Laziness)

It's me! I'm back from the dead! Or...something. I'm not really sure what happened. I'm going to say "dungeon fatigue" because that's what it feels like to me. Well, let's not waste any more time.

I struggled my way through the water I landed in getting here, and made my way past some baddies (and the wind) to the door of the city. Time for more sweeping views!

It's like they're trying to get me to buy the place as a vacation home or something...

Yeah. See, I could put a Jacuzzi on that open spot with the pillars on the right. I can see it now.

What an impressive front door. I wonder what this place would sell for. Doesn't matter what the price is...I'm the Hero. I'm good for it.

I walked in the front door of my new home to find an Ooccaa staring at me. Ooccaa. Ooccoo. Whatever they're called. I can tell you one thing: they need a more imaginative name. Sky Person? I don't know.

Now it just looks creepy. Weird people faces on chicken bodies. I mean, they're supposed to have built this city on rock and roll with those little chicken wings? No way, man.

Actually, you know what? I'm just going to call them chickens, because that's what they look like, and "chicken" is a lot faster to type than "Ooccaa."

So, I made my way through various rooms in the dungeon, using my Clawshot on various pieces of mesh to get to different places, and found two Spinner gears in the floor (yay!) that I could activate to make bridges extend to some of the different areas in the city. When I was done...

...a blurry dragon flew through the air!

Here's a slightly better picture.

That jerk destroyed one of my bridges! Ugh. He's totally going down.

There's no real rhyme or reason to these pictures. I just took pictures as I was going along (as usual).

Here's a room where I had to use the Iron Boots! Okay, I had to use them to get into the dungeon, too, but still. Iron Boots!

I had to use the Iron Boots to get past the column of air you can kind of see blowing across the path in front of me.

Here's a room where I had to fight two Lizalfos!

Yay! This was so much fun.

When I was done, I had to make my way up to an alcove in the room containing a few chickens and a thingy I had to use the Clawshot to hang from to pull it down, which made a vertical column of air come up from the fan in the middle of the room.

I suffered from some kind of mental deficiency in this room. For some reason I kept forgetting the chickens can be used to fly to areas I need to get to, despite the fact that I've used an actual chicken (golden, no less!) for the aforementioned purpose. So it took me a few minutes and a check of my game guide to figure out what I was supposed to do.

I needed to get to that room across the way. But eventually I grabbed a chicken and we flapped our way over there.

Eventually I made my way to this room, which had a giant fan in the floor. I had to figure out how to shut the fan off! If only I could remember how I shut it off. Well, anyway...

The fan stopped working, and I was able to jump down into the room below it, where I found...

This thing!

He looks scary! Oh, wait, it looks like he's got a Clawshot target on his shield. I'm sure that'll come in handy-

Cool, he's dead!

And my reward?

This is so exciting! I'm so excited! The person who wrote this description was so excited! It's all so exciting!

Well, that was...unexpected. It would be so cool if I could punch that thing to death with my Clawshots. But don't worry, I killed it the old-fashioned way. By beating it to death with my sword. After I vanquished the enemy, I had to make my way up the wall behind it and eventually made my way outside...where I found some of those goofy plants that just hang there in the air, providing a handy anchor for my Clawshot.

Not sure how those things stay in the air, but I guess there are things that make less sense in these games.

Hey, I get to turn into a wolf and do my 'tiptoe through the tulips' routine! Yay!

Eventually, of course, I found

I had to hang from another switch in the ceiling and then put on the Iron Boots for some added weight to pull the switch down. This activated a fan that allowed me to get to the next area, which led to the very top of the City in the Sky...where something sinister was waiting for me!


That thing does not look friendly.

He definitely does not look friendly. Go away, meanie dragon.

So for this boss I had to use my Clawshots to grapple to the top of those pillars. From there I had to grapple onto the floating plants, then move from plant to plant to avoid the fire the dragon was breathing at me, and eventually use the Clawshot to hit the crystal on the dragon's back and get myself ONTO the dragon's back and (here's the part where it gets awesome) stab the crystal with my sword while riding the dragon to the ground. Hell yeah!

As cool as this fight is, though, it does have one downside. Nintendo didn't seem to take into account the whole "Wii remote speaker makes noises" and "Using the Clawshots makes noise from the Wii remote" and "The player has to use the Clawshots over and over and over and over to beat this boss" leading to "The Clawshot noise plays from the Wii remote approximately 700 times during the course of this boss fight, which can lead to mild cases of insanity." So, uh...yeah. Eventually, the foul beast was vanquished.

Yeah, that's right. Die, dragon! And take your annoying Clawshot sounds with you!

And with that...I got the last Mirror Shard!

Before we left, Midna had some more advice, or cryptic words, or something.


Cryptic, indeed. I'm sure we'll find out what that means at whatever time is most convenient for...someone.

Well, that brings me to the end of today's adventures! Until next time, heroes!

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Styve said...

The city in the sky is nothing if not dramatic in its sweeping viewscapes. And I agree the jacuzzi would fit nicely by those pillars. There is a guest house somewhere for your guests *cough*Styve*cough*, no?

How does one even pronounce Ooccaa? In fact, I would like to know how to pronounce quite a few things in this game. Bublin? Kariko/Karkariko? Lanayru? Twili? It's a good think Link is a mute or else he'd probably end up sounding ridiculous.

As perturbed as I was after the dragon broke the bridge I'd just spinnered out, this is definitely one of my favorite bosses. At least it's a "real" creature unlike the bug things with strategically placed vulnerable eyeballs or game characters possessed by some mysterious evil. And the dragon just looks awesome with the armor and all that. Why couldn't Midna just help me tame it was some hawk grass and we could have a new pet??

I must confess I was hanging from the first of those claw shot pull-down levers for some time before I put on the iron boots. Midna was no help though; she just kept saying "try something else." Thus I proceeded with the traditional look around and around and around hoping to notice something else and shooting at the lever with every weapon/item in my arsenal. I swear I've played this dungeon before, so how do I miss these basics? I think I just end up going by pure instinct and vague recollection until I run into things like this that I've completely blanked out.

Love the mini boss with the clawshot target right on his shield. Subtle. Why could they have been equally subtle with that stupid lever and put a picture of some iron boots nearby?

Of course! The double clawshots are exciting! There are two! You can use both! My dreams have come true!

So that metal-clinking clawshot sound comes out of the wii remote? (I'm on gamecube.) That would get annoying!! I guess it just adds to the challenge; it has to be hard to kill the dragon when your sanity being clinked away one clawshot at a time.

Similar to the Lakebed Temple worm thing, jumping on the dragon's back and stabbing as it plummets is crazy satisfying and cool. Love the dramatic music that starts when I get on its back, too. It makes it feel like I'm really vanquishing evil and not just smashing my B button over and over.

Midna being vague and mysterious?? Nooo! I am shocked. Whatever could she mean?