Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Twilight Princess Chapter 18: Totally Not A Troublemaker!

See? I told you I'd have another post this week. I'm pretty much over my cold, so it hasn't been so much of a drag for me to stay awake long enough to play me some Zelda. And by some miracle, there was actually some content between the Temple of Time and City in the Sky. So, on with the show.

As soon as I stepped out of the doors leading to the refurbished Temple of Time and back to reality, Ooccaa showed up. Apparently whatever it was she was looking for had been in the Temple of Time, and now I had it.

Back off, bird-lady. The Dominion Rod is mine!

Then she chirped something about how the Dominion Rod's magic was used up and flew off. Hey, I just used this thing a minute ago...

It was no use. The light ball thing from the Dominion Rod was gone, leaving behind a useless...stick in its place. Thanks, Ooccaa. Thanks a lot!

Fix it, obviously. Thanks for all your help.

You mean I'll actually use it after the dungeon I was just in? What a novel idea!

After Midna was done babbling at me, I warped to Castle Town to see what was up, but as soon as I got there, the damnable mailman tracked me down and gave me a letter from Renado telling me to go to Kakariko Village. Okay then. I warped there, and this was the first thing I saw...

Nice of you to stick around and be helpful, Epona.

Using my horse as cover, I transformed back into a human (talking to her yielded something along the lines of, "Your shape is different, but I still understand you. Now turn back into a human so you can do something useful!") and went to talk to Renado, who gave me a letter to take to Telma.

I can't either, with the added problem of the whole "I'M UNDERAGE, LEAVE ME ALONE" thing. But whatever, I'll deliver your letter.

As it turned out, Biff Tannen Darbus and one of the Goron elders were in Renado's hut as well. Well, hi, Darbus.

And you're supposed to be my role model, right? Here's a hint: that haircut does nothing for you.

I think I saved your ass in a temple once. Does that count? Jerk. Okay, I'm leaving. To Castle Town!

Rude, indeed. Just give me the next thing I need so I can move on. Oh, wonderful, it's an invoice. You want me to be your hired muscle to intimidate the doctor guy into paying his tab. Nice! Well, let's find the guy.

Of course you can't pay up now. Well, you keep on scrimping and saving and I'll be back later to check on your progress.

Apparently the doctor had some kind of carved wooden thing that belonged to Ilia, but he spilled medicine on it and put it outside because it smelled so bad, and then somebody stole it. Well, Midna and I are on the case!

So the doctor walked into a different part of the shop, and completely by accident I discovered a crate I could push sideways, revealing something green and stinky spilled underneath it.

Well, then. Let's put my wolfish skills to work!

Yay! Let's see where the scent leads!

But first I had to talk to the doctor guy and see what he'd say to a wolf in his clinic. No such luck. He didn't even look at me!

Well, whatever. The scent led outside, so I followed it...into Castle Town...which is full of people. I may not have completely thought this through. Well, whatever. As soon as I got outside, people started screaming and running away. Why is everyone so scared of me? I don't get it. Well, whatever. I followed the scent to Telma's bar, where the cat was outside waiting for me.

 burglar! Why would you steal something like that? I mean, if it smelled bad to a human, it must have smelled abominable to you. And why would a bunch of skeletal dogs that only come out at night want it anyway? Do they have some misguided notion that the medicine can make them not-skeletal again? Because I have some bad news for them if that's the case.

When I tried to turn into my human form, though, Midna wouldn't let me. Her rationale was that I'd already caused enough of an uproar and I should just leave town to let things cool down for a while. Um, attempting to leave as a wolf would only cause more uproar. Well...whatever. I'll just make my exit as quickly and unobtrusively as possible...

That may have backfired slightly.

Well, eventually I made my way outside, where the sun was conveniently setting...

...and fought the skeletal dogs, who left behind the wooden statue!

Next on the list: Warping to Kakariko to show the statue to Ilia. Let's go!

I will mention here that Midna let me turn into a wolf pretty much in full view of that Goron who stands in front of the rock blocking the entrance to this area. So much for scaring people.

Back in Kakariko, I handed Ilia the statue, which jogged her memory a little bit!

Hmm. This isn't ringing any bells for me.

OH NOES! And I'm the one that's going to have to go save "that person," right?

The Goron Elder knows what's up! Apparently the wooden statue belonged to somebody from the secret tribe that worked for the royal family years ago. I'm guessing he's talking about the Sheikah, even though nobody ever calls them that. Question: The Sheikah tribe is dying out whenever anybody mentions them. do they manage to keep from dying out completely? I'm just curious.

Cool. Hidden village, eh? Well, let's go. He's sending Darbus ahead of me to punch the rock out of the way, I guess.

Look at that. You just...keep doing your thing, man.

And with that, I've decided to split this section into two posts because I don't have time to get all of this into one post. So I guess there'll be another one tonight! Wow. I haven't done that for a while. Well, catch you next time!

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Styve said...

In my last comment (or one of them) I mentioned my disappointment at getting the dominion rod rather than the double clawshot while in the temple of time... I apologize to the dominion rod. It was pretty cool having a magic tennis-ball-tossing stick that can make statues hop amusingly. I especially like the temple of time statue with the smashy hammer. With this in mind I say, dammit Ooccaa!! What'd you do to my stick?? *sigh* So tedious.

I think every time I warp to Castle Town I get a little nervous as I cross the bridge, never knowing if I will be blasted with a "HEEEEEEEEEEYYYYY!" I cannot escape. The least they could do is give Link a look of disgust or an eye roll when the mailman comes.

Love the warping right to your horse's assl That's lovely, Epona, really. She is surprisingly loyal and stays exactly where I leave her, even with enemies nearby. Loyal and stupid...

Note about Biff/Darbus: I talked to the goron elder who so informed me that they had not told Biff Link saved him from the mines because it would hurt his ego and/or feelings... hence the pleasant, grateful demeanor.

I'm concerned Telma has a back problem because I don't think it's natural to need to lean that far forward when talking to someone.

The doctor leaves the medicine-covered statue outside but is undisturbed by the medicine soaked wall/crate only three feet away?? Apparently the subtleties of sanitation have not reached this era of Hyrule.

Ah, Louise... so it was YOU! You saucy minx! Why were you outside, at night, near the skeleton dogs?? Bad kitty!

Yet, hurrah, Ilia's memory is returning!! With bad news... Why was Link friends with her in the first place?? I recall she took Epona without permission at the beginning of all this and has been nothing but trouble since.

My theory on the Sheikah: they have either mastered cloning (magically or scientifically) or occasionally mated with a Hylian just to keep things going.