Friday, September 16, 2011

Twilight Princess Chapter 16: Where Did All My Content Go?

Yes, readers, I am alive. My excuse this week is that I have a cold and I've been more-or-less too tired to play much. But fear not; I do have a post this week! It'll just be short, not only because I've been too tired to play but also because there, yet again, wasn't much story between the yeti mansion and the Temple of Time. So...let's get started.

When I turned the game on, I was in Castle Town and couldn't remember what I was supposed to be doing next due to the aforementioned cold putting me in a bit of a fog. So I headed to Telma's bar to see what was up. She told me to go talk to Rusl in Ordon Province, so I warped down there and found him near the entrance to the Forest Temple.

Yeah, I don't have time for philosophy right now. I've got to figure out how to get to this area I've already been to once before, and since you're standing right there I can't turn into a wolf and have Midna help me. So, uh, if you could do me a favor and scram...

Stop talking! Why are you even here, anyway? Go home to your family!

Well, I'm sure that someone would be me, if you'd just go away...

 that a...golden...chicken? I...well...that could be useful, I guess...

 I get to use a chicken to fly over to the area I need to get to.

I had some trouble with this at first until I realized I could change direction in midair to avoid obstacles. After that it was easy. So...eventually I made my way back to the Lost Woods.

Almost as soon as I stepped foot in here, I heard the familiar sound of laughter...the Skull Kid!

Listen closely when you watch the above video (or turn your sound up) and you'll hear just how very happy I was to have to deal with this guy again.

So, again, I chased the Skull Kids through the woods, killing his minions occasionally, and hit him with arrows to make him open up new passageways through the woods. At last, I got to the end arena area.

This time the Skull Kid's perches were too high for me to get to with my sword, so I had to whip out my bow and shoot him after killing all his minions. And yet again...he refused to just die already!

Cool, whatever. One of these days I'm going to track you down and cut your head off ...find you and...hug you. Yes. Hug.

When I went through the passageway the Skull Kid opened up, I found this area...

Haven't I been here before? I think I've been here before. Yes, I've definitely been here before, because I recognize those statues. Well...whatever...let's just continue on...

As I was making my way down to the ground, I found a golden snail hanging out on a wall and added it to my collection. My insect collection. I was not aware that snails are insects?, I guess. Hey, Midna wants to say something.

Thanks for your input, Midna.

After I made my way down to the ground where the Triforce symbol was, I was a little lost, until I ran into the area where I got the Master Sword the last time I was here, and realized I could put the sword back in the pedestal. So I did, and this happened:

The statue disappeared. You know, in case you were confused as to what was going on. And that made the doors behind him accessible! You know, the doors that...don't lead anywhere, because this place is a ruin.

Well, I'm the adventurous type. Let's just give the doors a little push, and...

There's something back there. I am so surprised.

Through the doors we go!

Wow, it's bright.

And inside, we find...

The same area, except not a ruin. It's magical! And the music is the Temple of Time music from Ocarina of Time! Aww, now I'm all nostalgic.

As an aside, on one of the walls in this room I found the female snail and added it to my insect collection. Still weird.

So, I proceeded into the room ahead of me, where there was a pedestal...

And put the Master Sword in the pedestal again. This made a cool stairway appear!

Immediately after I did this, Ooccoo ran by me and up the stairs, and when she got to the stained glass window, it disappeared. So I followed her, and the stained glass window disappeared for me, too. Interesting...

And that brings me to the end of this post, because the dungeon is next, obviously.

Next time: The Temple of Time!


Styve said...

Seriously, Rusl, this could be termed familial abandonement! You're kid's in some random village with a "shaman" who is very happy to help with the kids... too happy?? I smell a cult forming! And your wife is still pregnant back in Ordon (apparently making cheese and harvesting pumpkins to deliver to the top of Snow Peak). Meanwhile, you've found the time to capture and tame a golden chicken. Where, I must ask, are your priorities! Oh, "saving Hyrule"? I think someone just doesn't want to help with the cheese making!

I had similar sentiments to yours upon seeing the skull kid again, more so in the form of explicit epithets and a seething hateful annoyance. At least this time I could follow his lantern light in order to find him and smite him. Whoever chose him as protector of the Sacred Grove is an a-hole (though also a genius since NO ONE wants to mess with the skull twit).

I must admit one of my primary motivations for pushing myself to get through the Sacred Grove (again) was to capture the snails and finally collect on Crazy Agitha's giant wallet offer. However, I could not find the other snail for the longest time and didn't want to push the Master Sword switch in case I couldn't find the snail again. (I was not coming back through that stupid skull kid just for a lousy snail!). Alas, my fears were unfounded as I soon discovered I could move easily between the ruins and non-ruins.

Then I saw the stupid owl statues in the non-ruins Temple of Time and sighed, knowing that this dungeon's "reward" was the dominion rod... NOT the double clawshot like I was hoping! No rest for the weary, I tell you! No rest!

adejaan said...

For what it's worth, I found both snails in roughly the same place, just one of them was in the past, and one of them was in the present. Hope that helps?