Saturday, July 2, 2011

Wind Waker Chapter 3: Earth, Wind, and F- uh, I mean, just Earth

Previously on Adventures in Wind-Waking...

I got the dungeon off to a good start by using Medli to stand on one switch in the first room while I stood on the other switch to open a door below. Fun stuff. In the next room, I was attacked by a bunch of Chu-Chus, including some Dark Chu-Chus which I had completely forgotten how to kill. Eventually I remembered all you have to do is lure them into direct sunlight (which was conveniently shining down from the ceiling).

I failed to remember the significance of Medli's harp reflecting the light until I got into the next room and found two beams of light and a sun with eyes for reflecting light onto. So I went back into the previous room and used Medli's harp to reflect light onto the transparent chest in the room, making it visible and giving me the Dungeon Map! After doing some more stuff in that room and adjacent rooms, Medli and I were able to reflect light to do this:

Apparently the game's idea of a nice, happy sun is...this crazed-grin-on-its-face monstrosity.
I also encountered some Poes, which in this game like to throw their lamps at you and then possess you, reversing the controls and making you run in opposite directions than where you're pointing the Control Stick. After a few more rooms, I encountered some Floormasters, which I also couldn't remember how to kill. After tentatively running over one of them a few times, I got it to come out of its hole so I could fill it with arrows. Those things creep me out way worse than ReDeads.

And hey...a room with ReDeads! These guys were a lot scarier in Ocarina of Time. Getting gnawed on by a cartoon corpse just isn't the same.

Eventually, of course, I got to the miniboss room! I could tell it was a miniboss room because Medli stayed outside the room when I went inside. I had to kill a Stalfos, and then two more. After beating them, I got this!

Now I don't have to waste time mind-controlling Medli whenever I want to reflect light onto something. Plus, it looks cool!

So I made my way through the rest of the dungeon. At a couple of points, I found Wind Waker rocks blocking the way! Hey, a use for this 6/4 time song I had to learn to get Medli to become the Earth Sage. I love it when I have to learn a song that has one use and then you never play it again.

This dungeon is basically a combination of Ocarina of Time's Shadow and Spirit Temples. I really liked one of the last few rooms where I had to move a bunch of mirrors around and reflect light onto them so Medli and I could reflect light onto another crazy sun. And, of course, I had to get the Boss Key.

Not before fighting my way through another room full of coffins and ReDeads for what I thought was the Boss Key, only to turn out to be a treasure chart. I forgot about the fancy chest the Boss Key always comes in.

When I finally got to the end of the dungeon (without any use of a player's guide!) and started fighting Jalhalla, I couldn't remember what I was supposed to do (obvious though it was). I could remember I was supposed to shine light on him to make him corporeal, but after that it was a blur. So I ran around hitting him with my sword for a few minutes, which did nothing, and tried a few other weapons, all to the same effect. FINALLY I remembered you're supposed to pick him up and throw him at the spikes on the walls (duh). After that it was pretty easy. Then Laruto and Medli showed up and there was a happy little cutscene!

How cute. I just did all of that and there's, like, no payoff whatsoever. Ooh, the crossguards on the sword popped out. I mean, come on.

Well, okay, I guess the sparkles are kinda cool. But still.

After the dungeon I hit up the Nintendo Gallery and got my Pictos from Earth Temple turned into statues (a Stalfos, a Poe and Jalhalla).

Well, that's all I had time for today. Next on the list: working on getting the Iron Boots so I can do the Wind Temple! Good times.

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