Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wind Waker Chapter 9: GET ON WITH IT!

I've spent the last few days deliberating over whether I should try to collect all the Treasure Charts (for maximum fun and profit) or just get all the Triforce Chunks and move on.

Eventually, I was reminded of this and decided to just get all the Triforce Chunks and be done.

So I sailed around for a while, occasionally dredging up a shard, just kinda looking around and looking for more Treasure Charts. Along the way, I happened to stop at Windfall Island and play the Battleship minigame.

I forgot about all the funny sound effects this guy does. Anyway, purely through dumb luck, I managed to acquire a Piece of Heart, 50 rupees and two Treasure Charts through playing the minigame. The island children were so happy!

And then I remembered the whole Get On With It thing and decided to do some actual work.

This involved me teleporting and sailing all over the map, dredging up various bits of treasure, and studying all of my treasure charts to figure out where I had to go to get each shard. So, here's some pictures of my results!

Finally, the Triforce of Courage is complete! Now, to sail to Hyrule!

Well...hang on. I couldn't help but notice that I was a little low on Heart Containers (14 is kinda lacking) so I decided to dredge up the treasure from all of the Treasure Charts I found.

I found 2 Pieces of Heart. The rest of the treasure I pulled up was Silver Rupees. Where were all these things when I was scouring the seas for enough money to pay off Tingle? Seriously.

Yes, King of Red Lions. I'll have to find some more Heart Pieces next time. And beat Ganondorf.

Next post: VICTORY (hopefully)!

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