Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wind Waker Chapter 4: This Private Island is Totally Ballin'

Today on the newly-renamed Operation: Replay...

First on the agenda was paying a visit to Windfall Island. I finally had enough Joy Pendants to give to Ms. Marie. I can only assume that after I gave them to her, she hung all 20 of them around her neck at once. Can you imagine shuffling around with 21 cheap plastic butterfly necklaces around your neck? I'm guessing your average 4-year-old girl does that all the time, but a grown woman? Not so much.

So anyway, after I gave the pendants to Ms. Marie, I got the Cabana Deed, granting me
ownership of my own private island. Yes, please. So I warped down there and decided to relax poolside for a while.

This is the life. I've always wanted to have my own private island with a cabin. And this place is bitchin'. I want one just like that in real life. It just has the right feel to it.

After hanging out at my oasis for a while, I decided it was time to head down south and get the Iron Boots. This meant that I had to climb onto an island of ice and slip'n'slide my way to the cave entrance and then to the chest with the boots inside - all within a 5-minute time limit.

I'm not sure why the ice looks red in the photo (I cheated and snapped that one after I got done with the time limit). I actually managed to finish with something like 3 minutes to spare - I can remember slipping and falling into the water on previous playthroughs, but not this time! I finally mastered the ice! I'll never get used to Link making sounds like he's hopped up on way too much speed, but whatever.

So, after I slid down the ice slide inside the island, I got THESE!

Now I can use the boots to sink in water...uh, wrong game. I mean, stick to magnetic surfaces - oops, still not the right game. Uh...keep the wind from blowing me away, I guess. Let's move on!

After leaving Ice Ring Island, I sailed around for a bit and ended up on Outset Island. After taking pictographs of a crab and a seagull, I remembered I had the Power Bracelets and decided to take the neighbor's giant pig for a walk. No, I'm not talking about his wife! AHAHA. After a few failed attempts, I got him to dig up THIS!

After that, I checked on how many Knights' Crests I had and discovered I had 11 - enough to visit Orca and learn the Hurricane Spin. Basically, you get your sword out and then hold B for a while to charge it. When you let go of B, Link spins around in circles screaming like he's had a little too much sugar in his Cheerios, presumably destroying all the enemies around him. I'm going to be honest here - I don't think I've ever used this attack. Like, ever. Here's a picture of Link cheering like he just won a cake-eating contest.

For some reason, Orca is overcome by my mastery of this technique. Apparently his skills were just too bad for him to ever be able to do it himself, or something. Check out the old man crying.

Uh, okay.

On a side note, taking the pictographs of the crab and the seagull enabled me to 100% the Outset Island portion of the Nintendo Gallery. I was a little confused about the crab, because I took a picture of one and showed it to the guy, and he was all like, "This picture doesn't inspire me. Like, at all." Which surprised me, because I figured the crab could be photographed just like almost everything else in the game. Maybe I did it wrong, I dunno. But the Internets said the crabs could, in fact, be photographed, so I tried again. Maybe because the one I photographed the first time wasn't actually on Outset Island? But my pig picture was accepted even though the pig in the picture was from Windfall Island. Confusing...

Okay, anyway, here's a bad photo of the Outset Island portion of the Nintendo Gallery.

After I got that done, I had to head up to Gale Island to get the last Wind Waker song. That was pretty uneventful, except one of the bomb boats kept shooting bombs at me the entire time I was tromping my way up to the wind statue thing, but that's par for the course. Those bomb boats have the worst aim. I'm pretty sure the only times they've ever actually managed to hit me were by accident.

Once I got inside, I found another one of these:

Which prompted me to whip out the Wind Waker and play the song. Then Fado showed up!

His advice is to find the person who uses the violin. I wonder who in this game could possibly use a violin. It's like they think we won't remember the only previous time a violin was ever used in this game (aside from the intro music). Time for a trip to the Forest Haven! But first I had to sail west to Northern Fairy Island and pick up a wallet upgrade. If I've got enough street cred to have my own private island cabana, I've got to have the rupees to back it up, right? Right. Off to the Forest Haven.

Like before, I arrive at the Forest Haven and am almost immediately serenaded by someone playing a violin from a ~*hidden place*~. I swing my way inside it and look, it's Makar playing a violin! I pull out the Wind Waker and show him what's up. Then Fado appears again and we have a cute little "concert."

Link looks confused for some reason.

And with that, now I have Makar riding along with me on the King of Red Lions. He, uh, wanted me to go straight back to Gale Island, but I may have taken some detours.

"Yo ho ho, a pirate's life for me!" - Makar

Next post: The Wind Temple!

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