Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wind Waker Chapter 8: Oh, Lord. I'm So Tired. How Long Can This Go On?

I've always liked that song. Blame my years of marching band.

Okay, back to our usual programming. Short post this time because I haven't had as much time to play lately.

I only had three more Triforce Charts to find, and I decided to head to Outset Island first because the Internets told me I heard a rumor about some hidden rupees there. The rumor said to look around Grandma's house to find an entrance to a hidden basement. So I checked things out - and found said basement, complete with a chest containing 100 rupees. I hope this wasn't Grandma's savings for when she goes to the old folks' home, or something.

After I found the 100 rupees, I headed up to the top part of the island so I could go to the Cave of Trials or whatever it's called.

That's the Headstone blocking the entrance. Those things are big! Anyway, 30 floors (I think) and a lot of Rupees later, I got my next Triforce Chart! I tried to press on, but eventually ran out of hearts on floor 45 (I think). That's...disappointingly close to the end. I'll have to try that again later.

Next I went to Needle Rock Island. Those dastardly Internets told me about a Triforce Chart I'd forgotten about. It was being held hostage by one of those devious gunboats.

I'm not sure why I went all the way to the island, since the actual gunboats I was looking for were like a mile in the other direction, but whatever. Gunboat sunk, chart acquired. I also dredged up another Heart Piece from the briny deep.

After I was done hauling up treasures, I decided to go to the Forest Haven to take some pictures to the Nintendo Gallery. It was nighttime by the time I got there though, and against my better judgement, I decided to check the Sea Chart and see where the Ghost Ship was hanging out. Bad news - it was at Bomb Island, one square north of the Forest Haven. I heaved a sigh and sailed up there, preparing myself to do battle with some ghosts.

Stupidly, I didn't take any pictures of my Ghost Ship adventure. But I did find this:

Not my picture. I don't know if you can really see it, but that face had a really creepy toothy grin on it when you looked at it from far away. As you got closer the teeth disappeared and it was just a guy again. That is some nightmare fuel right there. CREEPY!

Once I got over the creepiness, I looted the Triforce Chart. The last thing I heard before I blacked out was a creepy laugh, and then everything went dark...

...and I woke up on the King of Red Lions. Weird.

Because the experience I just described wasn't creepy enough, I decided to go to my oasis to find the next Triforce Chart. You wouldn't think this would be all that creepy of a thing, but then, I did have to kill two ReDeads before I could get to the room with the Triforce Chart. Have I mentioned I hate those things? Because I do.

I'd already visited the maze underneath the cabana and wandered my way through most of it, but not quite all (I couldn't quite handle the thought of encountering more ReDeads at 2:30 a.m.) so I left. But this time...I was getting it done!

Moral of the story: The only good ReDead is a dead ReDead. Dead. Dead dead dead. Yay! I promptly fled the maze, because I hate that place.

On the way out, I stopped to take a bath so I could wash off the layer of grime I'd accumulated in the underground maze. But...the weird butler was creeping me out, so I just left.

After leaving my sweet cabana, I decided to go kill a Big Octo, just to purge the weirdness once and for all. I don't remember how many eyes it had (I think nine?) but it died rather easily. I managed to fish up an Orange Rupee (100 rupees) after it sank beneath the waves.

The bodies of these massive creatures may disappear quickly and cleanly in this game, but I have to wonder if they wash up on shores of nearby islands later on. Am I going to find a massive rotting Big Octo corpse on the shore of my private island tomorrow? That's gonna be one expensive cleanup...

Next destination: Tingle Island to get my charts deciphered! Yay for spending my hard-earned Rupees!

I love Tingle's pose in the background. He's happy too! Probably thinking about the awesome vacation he gets to go on with all the rupees he's getting from me.

I have all of the Triforce Charts now, but one of them still needs to be deciphered. But that's going to have to happen another day. Until then...have fun waiting for this whole timesink to be over!

I leave you with this gem courtesy of late-night TV...

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