Friday, July 8, 2011

Wind Waker Chapter 5: Blowin' in the Wind

So, you know how in my last post I said I was going to go to the Wind Temple in my next post? Well, first I decided to do some exploring. You see, it was kind of troubling me that I'd gone to all these Great Fairy Fountains and still hadn't gotten the doubled magic meter. My weird amnesia regarding this game meant that I couldn't remember where to get the upgrade from, except I vaguely remembered finding a Great Fairy in a Big Octo. So I decided to get the magic meter upgrade before I went to the Wind Temple.

Being the great video game player I am, I decided to look for a Big Octo around Tingle Island. The search proved fruitless, however, and then I lost my concentration and just sailed around for a while looking at islands and talking to fishmen.

Along the way, I visited a Great Fairy Fountain I'd already been to and caught a fairy in my spare bottle.

Poor captured fairy needs a hug.

Eventually, I got tired of wandering aimlessly and decided to break down and check the Internets for a solution to the elusive magic meter upgrade problem. In short order I had my answer: Two-Eye Reef. The Big Octo I sought was there!

Not my photo. So anyway, I sailed to Two-Eye Reef, fought the Big Octo, and got my doubled magic meter. Unfortunately, the look on Link's face in the following picture seems more akin to "I just blew up an entire city!" than "I just got a magic meter upgrade!"

I can't remember exactly what the fishman was talking about in my next photo, but my original point still stands: I love how the fishmen almost always talk about really obvious stuff when you talk to them, or things that you already know. Some of the things are things you've known FOREVER! You'd think they could update what the fishmen say if you've already discovered whatever it is they originally talk about.

After all that backbreaking hard work (and after eating dinner) I decided to finally set sail for Gale Island. Poor Makar probably thought he was going to be stuck on that boat until the end of time.

I didn't have a chance to take a lot of photos of the Wind Temple. It's kind of hard to take pictures while you're fighting things at the same time. I'd get someone to help me, except then I'd have to answer a lot of awkward questions about why I'm taking pictures of the TV screen while gaming. No thanks.

So Makar and I walked into the first room of the temple. I immediately noted the presence of two patches of dirt that Makar could plant seeds in at the bottom of the hill below us, so I jumped down to investigate and was immediately attacked by Toucan Sam- uh, I mean a Wizzrobe.

The above picture is actually of the Wizzrobe I had to fight later on to get the Hookshot. But enough about that. The only reason I have that picture is because I took the time to take a picture of the Wizzrobe with the Picto Box. That's right - if I'm not taking pictures with my iPhone camera, I'm taking them with the Picto Box instead!

Going back to the patches of dirt I mentioned above, I had Makar plant seeds on them, which immediately sprouted into full-size trees. I imagine deforestation would be a much smaller problem were this possible in real life. In one of the subsequent rooms, I had to have Makar fly to a bunch of progressively taller hills and plant trees on each one. But at the top, one of those thrice-cursed Floormasters popped up and kidnapped Makar! I was not expecting this. I keep talking about how many things I forgot about this game, and this was definitely one of them.

Slightly confused, I decided to proceed alone, and ended up in this room:

Look at those scary spikes. I wonder what purpose they could possibly serve. It's always entertaining to think about how these temples always have puzzles and traps do nothing other than trip up the hero. I guess the most logical conclusion would be that Ganondorf (or whoever the bad guy is) put the traps there to trip up the hero. So...before he got there, the whole place was just a succession of empty rooms, apparently.

At the center of this temple is a very large, circular area that's somewhat like an elevator shaft without the elevator (at first). Various open areas that lead to different rooms in the temple are scattered around the area's edges. I came out of a door near the top of this elevator shaft. I have no idea what room I was technically supposed to go into next, but in an amusing series of events, I accidentally leaped off the edge of the elevator shaft (while trying to drop onto a small platform set into the wall) and fell all the way to the bottom. After that I pretty much had no choice except to fight the afore-mentioned Wizzrobe for the Hookshot. I had also forgotten the Hookshot existed in this game. Good times!

Incidentally, the fight for the Hookshot was a lot harder than I remembered. It started out with the fancy orange Wizzrobe, a normal Wizzrobe and a Darknut. The orange Wizzrobe kept summoning other enemies into the room, such as a couple of Moblins, a whole bunch of Keese and at least two more Darknuts. In retrospect, I should have killed the summoner first (always our mantra in the old days of World of Warcraft) but I kept thinking maybe it would be easier if I just dealt with all the extra enemies first. At one point, I was down to a quarter of a heart left, but I persevered (and broke open a whole bunch of those spoils ball things) to win the fight. The orange Wizzrobe ended up being the second-to-last guy to go down. It was kind of weird seeing him die and then having to finish off a last Darknut before the chest with the Hookshot appeared.

Clearly, whoever wrote the description for the Hookshot was thinking, "Screw this. I'm tired of thinking of witty things to say for this stuff." After I got the Hookshot I was able to free Makar from his prison and proceed through a door in one of the adjacent rooms that had been blocked by a Song Stone or whatever those things are called.

In this picture, Link demonstrates the goofy expression he always has on his face while he's mind-controlling someone with the Command Melody.

After that it was pretty much smooth sailing. I once again managed to get through the dungeon without the use of a player's guide! Not that that should be particularly difficult for this game, but I have a weakness for player's guides.

I didn't have much trouble remembering how to kill Molgera, with him sticking out his giant Clue Tongue and all. So the foul beast was destroyed and Fado showed up while Makar and I were playing the Wind God's Aria.

This allowed the Master Sword to magically grow back its missing yellow stone set in the hilt, and gave it a totally sweet glow!

After I got out of the dungeon, I just had to take a picture of myself with my awesome sword:

Truly, I am...the Hero of the Winds.

That's about it for this post. Next post: The unavoidable rupee hunt. Time to do everything I can for a quick buck!

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