Thursday, July 28, 2011

Twilight Princess Chapter 4: Oh, Right, I Gotta Look For Those Kids

Okay, I got some time to play, so I played.

When I left off last time, I had just been sent to Eldin Province to save it from...something. The first thing I had to do was get there. Good thing they didn't tell me where to go!

I ended up wandering all over Hyrule Field, going down all the wrong roads until the sun went down (enjoying the synthesized singing in the background) and finally wandered in the right direction. Until...I was interrupted.


Okay, meeting him at night wasn't so bad, but I hate meeting this guy during the day. I go into Hyrule Field, the music is all awesome, and I get all fired up to do some cool stuff...and then this fool shows up and interrupts everything.

Oh, I wish I could flee. Because I would.

After I managed to shoo the mailman away (and he ran off like the weirdo he is) I finally managed to find the door to the Twilight.

After I went through the door of Twilight and became a wolf, Midna immediately started in on me again. What a jerk.

Someday...someday I'm going to bite her...and she's going to regret it.

Okay, anyway, we kept running, and found my old wooden sword on the ground abandoned. Midna told me to sniff it, so I did...and BAM! I was on the scent!

I'm not sure if this girl still has a crush on me, but she showed up in my memories anyway.

Yeah! I'm just like Lassie! Let's go!

We followed the scent, sniffing like champions, for like 2 seconds, until this popped up.

Thanks, Captain Obvious. I was just going to run across the gap. Let me guess, that random bridge I saw leaning against a cliff back in Faron Woods is supposed to go here. Midna offered to teleport me back to the forest, giving me two different locations to choose from. On a hunch, I chose Northern Faron Woods...and look at that. What is that I see in the distance?

Yep! Look at that! She teleported me two feet away from it.

So, Midna used her super-strength to magically lift the bridge.

That's some you've got there.

So, she teleported the entire bridge back to where it was supposed to be, and we crossed over and continued to a gate, where Midna had this to say:

Well, clearly they're guarding the way, you idiot. Our task is to kill them!

So we dispatched the enemies and continued to follow the scent trail.

This is so much fun.

Eventually we made our way to Kakariko Village, where the Eldin Province spirit was waiting for me. gave me the new Tears Container thing and sent me on my way, so I promptly broke into the closest house...where most of the town was huddled inside, hiding.

So, this guy is a total douche. Just sayin'.

Look at him. He's scaring the children!

Eventually, as the scary music got louder and louder, Renado shouted some sense into him.

Coward. I've got your number.

After the cutscene got over, Midna chose this time to talk about how no one can see me, and I'm doomed to toil in obscurity forever. Link doesn't care about toiling in obscurity. Right now he's worrying about whether Zelda is going to turn into a shadow beast or something.

Well, thanks for the pep talk, I guess. Let's go find those Tears of Light.

I left the building and explored the town a bit. Along the way I found this helpful sign.

How useful. It's almost like they don't want us to go up this little hill. Or is it the game creators trying to get us to go up the hill? Ohh, sneaky. I decided to go up the hill. You know, because I had a hunch.

Okay, that's it. Rules were meant to be broken, and obviously they want me to break this one. I jumped across the gap and headed inside the building, and...

SUCCESS! There was a bug hiding inside. After I killed it, I explored the building some more and spotted a chest sitting in the corner. I forgot Wolf Link can still open chests.

And this one contained a grand total of...20 rupees! What a windfall.

I figured I might as well wreck up the place some more while I was there, since it was pretty much in shambles anyway. So I knocked over all the dressers.

So I made my way through the town, looking for more bugs, and ended up at the cowardly guy's house, which happened to be packed with explosives. I like how there were signs all over the place saying fire is dangerous, but there's still a convenient lamp burning on the floor just within my reach. So I did the rational thing and set the whole place on fire.

I may or may not have died a couple of times because I forgot you're supposed to just leave after the place starts burning down.

So, I fled the burning building just in time for it to go all explodey, which very conveniently killed three more bugs.

That got all of the bugs in the village area, so I had to proceed to Death Mountain, where the Gorons left one solitary lackey to guard the way. Midna commented about how the path was impassable, but she could get me past it. Doesn't that make it...not impassable? I'm just saying.

That was easy.

While I was wandering up the path to Death Mountain, I found a howling stone!

I have to say I always found the howling stones kind of lame, but at the same time, I'm glad they used the Song of Healing from Majora's Mask for this one. Nice little shoutout to a game a lot of people didn't like.

So anyway, the golden wolf showed up, and we howled our little song, and then after it was over the wolf showed up on the Faron Woods. Nice. So I have to trek all the way back down there after everything's done to get my new ability? Whatever, dog.

So, I continued on my way, and eventually found another Goron.

Nice speech, guy. I can tell why they left you down here to guard the entrance. I mean, no one can get past it anyway.

Well, on to the last bug. I'm glad these things are weak enough to die in one hit, or it would be way more annoying to do this.

So I grabbed the last tear, and all was right with the world. Except for the following picture, which is all blurry because the scene started to shift right when I took the picture.

And then...Eldin showed up. You know, I really like how I get magically transported down to the spirit spring whenever I find all the tears. It saves me a good 15 minutes of schlepping back down to wherever it is I need to go.

Since I was human again, the kids could see me, and there was a tearful kid reunion. And all was well with the world...for now.

I'm outta time, so I had to stop playing at this point, sadly. Next time: Bronco wrangling (I think!) and more Gorons!

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Styve said...

I was unaware you could just burn down the bomb guy's house to kill all three bugs inside!! This alone makes me want to play Twilight Princess again.

However, I honestly have no real desire to help those children (aside from a general moral obligation). Why do Zelda games insist on (1) always having annoying little kids in them, (2) putting those kids into groups, and (3) having all the children alternate speaking when you only spoke to one of them?? (See: "Killer Bees" and snot-nosed kid and brother in Windwaker.)

Also, if Midna can just teleport the bridge back in place, why doesn't she just teleport wolf-link across the chasm? Just sayin'...