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Wind Waker Chapter 6: how i mine for rupee?

In this incredibly exciting blog post, I'm going to talk about the progress I made in making some more rupees, exploring, and getting Triforce charts. Joy! I was too lazy to actually take any pictures of what I was doing, though, so I had to scour the Internets for photographic equivalents for my achievements.

So. I decided the best plan of action would be to explore some of the map squares I hadn't been to yet and talk to the fishmen to find out where the Triforce charts are. I was on Windfall Island when I turned the game on, and as I hadn't yet been to Pawprint Island (gasp) I decided to sail there forthwith.

This is a nice picture. I went into the cavern inside the blue-and-white egg thing and was able to find a Treasure Chest containing a Purple Rupee (50 rupees) another chest containing a Heart Piece, and another chest containing a Treasure Chart. I also killed a whole bunch of ChuChus. If you look at the picture you can see another cave on one of the island's "fingers", but I didn't go into that one. I tried using my Hookshot on the trees, but I don't know if I wasn't standing close enough or what, and there was a bomb boat trying to shoot me, so I gave up and moved on.

Next on the agenda: The square directly north of Pawprint Isle's. This turned out to be Crescent Moon Isle!

Night had fallen when I reached Crescent Moon Isle, and I caught my first glimpse of the elusive Ghost Ship.

That thing used to freak me out so much when I first played the game. Oh, who am I kidding? It still freaks me out. The sun couldn't come up fast enough. I was also attacked by sharks when I sailed into the vicinity, which didn't help at all.

After that moment of "soul-freezing terror" or whatever the fishman says, I ventured onto Crescent Moon Isle, which is basically a crescent moon of bare rock. There wasn't much on it other than a couple of Blue ChuChus and a chest with a Treasure Chart in it. You can really tell the Nintendo people were pretty much just phoning it in with some of these islands.

After I was finished with Crescent Moon Isle, I sailed east, as there were a couple more squares I hadn't been to yet. The next place I encountered was Seven-Star Isles. The Internets say there's a Big Octo to kill somewhere around there, but I didn't encounter it...or anything else worth my time. Did I mention Nintendo phoning it in?

Lame. Okay. I continued eastward, and next I encountered...Overlook Island! When I talked to the Fishman, he mentioned the Triumph Forks! That means the island contained a Triforce Chart and was definitely worth a stop. I had no memory of this island at all. Not even a little bit. Which is kind of sad, considering I have to have gotten the Triforce Chart from the place at least twice before.

Once I got into the cave via using the Hookshot on the trees, I found a circular room with several doors leading to other rooms. There was one locked door directly across from the entrance. I had to clear each room of enemies (easier said than done in some places) and then once I had all the rooms cleared I had to fight 4 Darknuts at once in the main room. That was...not fun at all, but I persevered. Once the last Darknut had died, the remaning door unlocked and I was able to get a Triforce Chart! Yay!

After I finished with Overlook Island, it was time to sail south. The first place I got to was the Flight Control Platform. Two guys dressed like Ritos let you try to break someone's flying record - they never mention who exactly set the record, but whatever. I tried a couple of times but couldn't do it, so I got frustrated and moved on.

Old Man Ho-Ho was also there looking at something in the distance...which turned out to be a Submarine. My vague memories warned me not to go into the Submarine, but I didn't listen, went inside, and was promptly attacked by approximately one million Miniblins. The payoff after I killed them? The Platform Chart. It's a chart that shows where all the platforms are in the Great Sea. The platforms that contain nothing other than a couple of hapless weakling enemies. Why would I care about that? Well, maybe if I was broke and really desperate for rupees, I guess.

Time to move on. The next square down was the Star Belt Archipelago. There was nothing there. Like, at all. Phoning it in! Great job, Nintendo! Apparently the Ghost Ship shows up sometimes, but that's it. Not even a Big Octo! Lame.

Okay, I did get attacked by a bunch of Kargarocs. Those jerks.

Continuing south, I encountered Thorned Fairy Island! Finally, some content!

She gave me the last arrow upgrade. Now I can carry 99 arrows at once! Thanks, Thorned Fairy!

After I was done rejoicing about the arrow upgrade, I sailed southward once more. This time I encountered Bird's Peak Rock! The Fishman mentioned the Triumph Forks again, so I knew a Triforce Chart was lurking within. But first I had to control a seagull with a Hyoi Pear and hit six switches on the aforementioned Bird's Peaks.

Did I mention that the switches were all inside Kargaroc nests? With Kargarocs on them? That I didn't bother to try to shoot down before I took control of the seagull? Yeah. Flying around with six Kargarocs chasing me was pretty fun - I mean, harrowing.

The above picture illustrates what I should have done. I had to fly a seagull to all of those peaks you can see in the picture. For a moment I regretted only having two Hyoi Pears with me, but as it turned out, I didn't even need the second one. I'm just cool like that. So, I managed to hit all the switches and unlock the door leading to another Triforce Chart.

Unfortunately, talking to the Bird's Peak Rock Fishman used up the last of my bait, so my exploration adventures were done until I could get more. I decided to warp to the Forest Haven and turn in some more Pictos. The awe-inspiring Picto I took of the Ghost Ship didn't inspire the Nintendo Gallery guy at all, though, and one of the other pictures I took was turned down because somehow I didn't get the guy's whole body in the picture, even though his whole body was in the picture. Nice. He did accept my picture of one of the guys from the Flight Control Platform, though.

After I was done at the Forest Haven, I decided to warp to Tingle Island and get my three charts deciphered for the low, low price of 398 rupees each. not going to be fun at all.

Who's in charge of the biggest racket on the Great Sea? This guy.

I suppose it didn't help matters that after I was done getting my charts deciphered, I went to Beedle's Special Shop Ship and bought a bottle for 500 rupees. This is going to be a long rupee hunt, guys. Good thing I like exploring!

Next post: Whoring myself out for cash Earning as many Rupees as I can in totally legal ways.

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